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And thank you Mark, for being one of the most awesome, inspiring people on the planet. Here’s to the next million, huh? [x]

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The beginner principle is extremely true for birds too; far too many people get a big bird like a 'too or a macaw and are unable to cope with such huge, high-demand animals ('toos ESPECIALLY) and that's how we end up with miserable, self-mutilating pass-the-parcel birbs. Starting off with a budgie or a 'tiel is a great way to see if birds are for you, before moving to conures and bigger. Same with reptiles. I have 'tiels and I KNOW I couldn't handle a 'too or anything bigger than a caique.

Yep! OP said it was more about ball pythons but even ball pythons IMO aren’t good for someone who’s never kept any kind of reptile before. While they are hardy and have a wide temperature tolerance, they do need to have constant humidity and their finicky eating habits if the environment isn’t right can cause problems.

Plus, there are lots of reptiles you can start off with that aren’t a leo or a corn snake. Children’s pythons are cool as hell and they’re great for people just starting out.

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I have this funny thought of Ocelot and Kaz being in an argument on who is the best friend to John (with John and Venom watching from the sidelines). Then Python (from Portable Ops) shows up and shuts them down as he is John's oldest friend (they're war buddies/old friends as BB said after fighting Python in the game).

Sorry, to answer this I kind of had to watch at least the MPO cutscenes ehehe…so…I changed it at a little because I thought it’d be cool to have Python in the MSF!!! (AND I do think Ocelot spends at least a year there to be up to date with whatever BB was doing so…)

bonus baby jack & python with hair from when the boss was still training them?