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My rant: shoplifters community

I have seen a disturbing trend on Tumblr of people using shoplifting as some kind of culture or community then their followers telling them what an amazing job they are doing. 

Lets just get this straight, its not if you get caught its when. Its not cool, its stupid. I wouldn’t be so disgusted by this if the things they were stealing were things to keep them going like food for their family or sanitary products but its high end make up and those heels they want. 

You can’t afford it? Tough. The sooner you realise that life is unfair and you wont have allot of money to get things that your mates get then the easier your life will be. I personally think its selfish and tacky. Supporting and aiding other young people to go down your criminal path and mess their lives up as well is very low. 

I save for the things I need, I could not afford to by clothes so I learnt how to make them. Never once did I think of stealing, I would never be able to wear it or use it with a clear conscience. If your willing to shop lift how low are you willing to sink yourself because you threw your toys out of your pram cos you did not get what you wanted. 

If expensive make up is that important to you then you need to look at your life and think about the person you really want to be and the person you want to be remembered for. 

the moment we’ve all been waiting for?

i know one of the biggest heartbreaks of plus size clothing is that PANTS don’t exist that fit us. they’re all too long, too short, too tight in the waist and loose in the leg, too loose in the waist and tight in the leg, etc. well, i got promising e-mail this morning.

eShakti now has customizable pants.

granted, a lot of the pants are like, psychedelic gauchos, but they have some perfectly acceptable pants ! like, nice pants ! pants !

i’ve always had good experiences with eShakti’s custom sizing, and they’ve made some of my favorite garments ever. i know they can be a mixed bag sometimes, and shipping takes awhile, but they have a good return policy and good coupon codes. please let me know if you try them out for pants.

I am sitting in a Starbucks (unfortunately) in my new neighborhood (waiting while my partner is at the CVS minute clinic) surrounded by manayunk yuppies wearing yoga clothes on top of yoga clothes on top of Tory Burch on top of Tory Burch yoga clothes on top of yoga Burch on top of Tory yoga yoga Tory yoga Burch yoga Starbucks yuppie tiny dog skinny latte yoga yuppie Tory yoga clothes, and I am very happy to be fat and to look cool right now.  Well, as cool as a person can look at a Starbucks updating their tumblr. So, not cool.

I was also unanimously informed that I can’t wear this dress to a wedding today because its white. Wouldn’t want people mistaking me for the bride and accidentally and irreversibly marrying me off.

sammyysamm  asked:

Sorry if you've posted about this before but would you say the quality of We Love Colors tights is good? I'm thinking about buying some.

i love we love colors, but that’s a qualified ‘love’.  my reviews all refer to these tights- i’ve never tried any of their other products. they sent me an e-mail offering me free tights and then stopped following up with me !

the good:
- the tights are super soft and comfortable and come in beautiful colors
- the EE fits me and i am WELL beyond their height/weight requirement.  like well well. send me a message if you’d like to know, i don’t want to post it because it’s serious jerkoff fodder and i’m not nice enough to provide that for free !
- the legs of the tights are super durable and REALLY hard to snag or tear
- they stand up well to repeated washings 
- they stretch over my pretty big legs and are still opaque- normally when i get tights they turn sheer out of necessity. 

the maybe bad maybe good i dunno:
- i’m about 5’8” with a 32.5” inseam and they are JUST the right length for me, maybe with a little slack.  if you are fatter than me and taller, they may not work.  if you are shorter than me, they may be way too long.
- some of the colors don’t match up to their colors online. scout green is more minty in person, for instance.  gold is less of a mustard and more of like, a green bay packers bright yellow.  rubine is definitely more pinky fuschia than purple. orange is like NEON orange. the mocha is not a pale, well, mocha color but more of a gray with a little bit of tan undertone (they’re pretty though !).
- the crotch of every pair i’ve bought has ripped immediately.  i mean it, every pair.  however, the crotch rips don’t spread to the legs, so if you pop some bike shorts over them, they’re fine. another option is to cut the legs off and wear them with garters once the crotch just like, disappears.
- the sizing is occasionally inconsistent- i have some pairs in EE that JUST hit my waist and some that i can pull up under my boobs.
- they have occasionally sent me the wrong color- like, i’ll order teal and get a pair that’s identical to my spruce green pair with a label that says ‘teal’. 

final verdict:
i love every pair i have, and i’ve spent way too much on their tights.  i’d even say they are worth the hefty $15 price tag because you can get so many wears out of them- normally when i buy tights they’re like, one time use. the best colors i’ve ordered are: rust (these are like, a required leg covering for fall, they are beautiful), spruce green (looks almost kelly green on the website but they’re sprucey IRL), teal, maroon, and purple.

p.s. as usual this post isn’t sponsored, though they DID OFFER TO SPONSOR ME and then forgot about dre.