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Alex is on a date with a fan named Rain and gets worried she just wants him for his fame but she sets him straight

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Happy Third of July

​I might be one of the least patriotic people around. I guess it’s fair to say that I don’t “love” America. But then I don’t really love any countries.I do like to visit Mexico and I think Japan, Spain and Italy and France are cool places to go. I also think the Colorado Rocky Mountains are great in the summer. But I’m kind of a planet-guy. It’s really the earth, the wide, wonderful world, that I feel deserves the love. Once you divide the land up into “countries,” you’re essentially asking for war. Israel and Palestine, for example. Ireland and Northern Ireland. China and Taiwan. I could go on. I don’t care much for flags either. I’m going to take a wild stab and assume that next to religion, more people have died for flags than pretty much any other reason. I won’t wave them and I won’t salute them. I don’t care much for religion either…that’s for another holiday. But you go ahead and wave yours and shoot off your fireworks (?). I guess you believe that’s what you fought for, and hey, to the victor the spoils. But today, July 3rd, in 1608 Samuel de Champlain founded the city of Quebec, which is another cool place to go. 

Blarney House | Blarney, Ireland
(Photo by Molly Renee)

This lovely house takes up residence on the grounds of Blarney Castle in County Cork, Ireland.  You can see it from the top of the castle, where the blarney stone is found, and you can find it by exploring the beautiful, expansive gardens.  Unfortunately, this building is only open during the “tourist season” so I was not allowed to study the mysterious interiors.  I imagine them to be just as glorious as the exterior. 

beevean  asked:

1. Do you have any guilty pleasures? 2. If you could travel anywhere without having to pay a cent, what places would you visit? 3. What's your favorite Sonic character? (totally not stealing this one from you)

1. Whaaaaat?? Of course not!! *cough*Soknux*cough*

2. My mom’s family lives in Ireland, and we try to visit as often as we can (I live in the US), but it’s very expensive. I would take my mom to go see her family as often as she liked. I would also love to visit Japan, their culture is really cool to me! Plus, quite a few of my friends have been there that speak Japanese, so I would take them along with me so they can show me around! It’d be a cool trip with them!

3. (Of course not ;)) Sonic is definitely my fav, but I also really love Espio and Knuckles! I wish Espio had more games where he was playable!

Thanks for the ask! :D

anonymous asked:

Just curious if you had ever been to the Mütter Museum in Philadelphia. I went there a few years ago and your blog reminds of some of the things I saw there.

I wish! This is actually one of the first questions I ever got on this blog, and it’s a pretty regular one. Anyway, no, I haven’t, but when my husband and I find the time and money to travel out east I absolutely am going to visit!

Other related places I definitely wanna see before they’re gone/I’m gone:

Museum Vrolik

Hunterian Museum

Horniman Museum & Gardens

Musée d’Anatomie de Montpellier

Musée d'Histoire de la Médecine

US Army Medical Museum

Musée d'Anatomie Delmas-Orfila-Rouvière

Alnwick Gardens

Add to that all of the historical sites, abandoned places, archeological collections, and I have more than enough to last me until I’m no longer extant!

Where do you want to visit? What are some cool places outside of England and France? I’ve been to several in Ireland and the upper midwest United States, but nowhere else!