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Happy Third of July

​I might be one of the least patriotic people around. I guess it’s fair to say that I don’t “love” America. But then I don’t really love any countries.I do like to visit Mexico and I think Japan, Spain and Italy and France are cool places to go. I also think the Colorado Rocky Mountains are great in the summer. But I’m kind of a planet-guy. It’s really the earth, the wide, wonderful world, that I feel deserves the love. Once you divide the land up into “countries,” you’re essentially asking for war. Israel and Palestine, for example. Ireland and Northern Ireland. China and Taiwan. I could go on. I don’t care much for flags either. I’m going to take a wild stab and assume that next to religion, more people have died for flags than pretty much any other reason. I won’t wave them and I won’t salute them. I don’t care much for religion either…that’s for another holiday. But you go ahead and wave yours and shoot off your fireworks (?). I guess you believe that’s what you fought for, and hey, to the victor the spoils. But today, July 3rd, in 1608 Samuel de Champlain founded the city of Quebec, which is another cool place to go. 

sex on the beach

warning: smut/fluff/mild cussing pictures are not mine


pairing: Alex/fan 

Alex is on a date with a fan named Rain and gets worried she just wants him for his fame but she sets him straight

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Blarney House | Blarney, Ireland
(Photo by Molly Renee)

This lovely house takes up residence on the grounds of Blarney Castle in County Cork, Ireland.  You can see it from the top of the castle, where the blarney stone is found, and you can find it by exploring the beautiful, expansive gardens.  Unfortunately, this building is only open during the “tourist season” so I was not allowed to study the mysterious interiors.  I imagine them to be just as glorious as the exterior. 

If you were married to The8...

someone requested husband minghao so here we are^-^ my sweet bby minghao he’s super cute aw. hope you enjoy lovely!! ((also i didn’t mean for it to be so long, it just kinda happened))

  • literally the cutest husband let me tell you
  • he was blushing the whole time at your wedding
  • like his face was so red he looked like a tomato 
  • it was the actual cutest thing you’ve ever seen in your life
  • also ate like three pieces of cake cause “y/n this is the best cake have you tasted any yet?”
  • “yes minghao you literally smashed it in my mouth obviously i tasted it”
  • “no but have you TASTED it”
  • also when the rest of seventeen were making their speeches
  • he had the biggest smile on his face
  • like it looked like it hurt to smile that much
  • especially when jun went up there and talked about when they first met and how he helped minghao with his korean and how much he improved
  • minghao actually cried a little
  • it was so cute
  • you were wiping his tears and he’s like “i swear i’m not crying”
  • but everyone knew he was
  • also honeymoon was fun as hell
  • you guys went on a tour around europe
  • it was cool as fucckkkkk
  • you visited italy and greece and germany and ireland and france and so many other places that were awesome and beautiful
  • and you guys got a postcard from every place so you could put it in a scrapbook and show it to your future children
  • also really cute newlywed photos in front of all kinds of landmarks that you end up hanging in your new house
  • also moving into your new house takes forever cause you get the rest of seventeen to help but they start pulling things out of boxes and they find photo albums with baby pictures and stuff
  • and they’re like “aw look at y/n’s first day of kindergarten”
  • and you’re like “guYS STOP OHMYGOD”
  • but they’re all giggling and talking about how cute you are and telling you that you should frame it and hang it on the wall
  • also they end up raiding your kitchen after you’re all moved in
  • so you have to go grocery shopping the day after you finally moved in
  • for the most part your house stays really clean because minghao just mindlessly cleans up anything that’s out of place
  • but when his members come over the house is a wreck
  • and joshua and jihoon end up staying late to help you guys clean up the mess
  • alsO
  • when you finally have your first kid
  • he just can’t believe that he created something so perfect and angelic
  • i’m being serious when i say he cried for like the first three days of your kid’s life because he was so happy
  • and when the members come visit
  • it’s a mess
  • and he’s crying while jeonghan is rolling his eyes and dino is handing him tissues
  • minghao is very very protective
  • he’s like “wash your hands and wear a mask and sanitize every part of your exposed body and just let me spray you with some disinfectant spray”
  • and when your baby gets their first cold
  • also whenever he;s holding them and they fall asleep
  • he usually falls asleep too
  • like you have a lot of pictures of him sleeping with the baby in his arms
  • and when they start walking and talking
  • he cries
  • and when the go to their first day of school
  • he takes four hundred pictures and hangs them up around the house
  • and he cries
  • then you have your second kid
  • and he’s more laid back, but he still cried
  • he goes to every sporting event and dance recital
  • asks them how their day went/what they did at school everyday
  • is part of the pta
  • still finds time to take you on really thought out and nice dates too
  • like even better than the ones you went on before you got married
  • all around just a gr8 dad and a hella cute husband ok

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Any tattoos do you want? - - - I always thought getting the cover of Bring Me the Horizon’s Sempiternal cover on my inner arm would be cool

How old are you? - - - 19

Place you want to visit? - - - Ireland

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Name: Gillian
Nickname: Gill
Zodiac sign: Libra
Height: 5′5
Orientation: Straight
Nationality: Canadian eh
Fav fruit: Bananas
Fav season: Fall, especially the first day it’s cool enough to wear a sweater
Fav flower: Daisies!
Fav scent: any scent that reminds of places i like
Fav colour: blue
Fav animal: probably elephants?
Coffee, tea or hot cocoa: tea anytime all the time
Average hours of sleep: pretty much 8-9 year round because i literally can’t function with less than 7
Fav fictional character: this is a hard question idk man
Number of blankets you sleep with: 2
Dream trip: I would love to go back to England and also visit Ireland and Belgium
Blog created: June 19 2017

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Just curious if you had ever been to the Mütter Museum in Philadelphia. I went there a few years ago and your blog reminds of some of the things I saw there.

I wish! This is actually one of the first questions I ever got on this blog, and it’s a pretty regular one. Anyway, no, I haven’t, but when my husband and I find the time and money to travel out east I absolutely am going to visit!

Other related places I definitely wanna see before they’re gone/I’m gone:

Museum Vrolik

Hunterian Museum

Horniman Museum & Gardens

Musée d’Anatomie de Montpellier

Musée d'Histoire de la Médecine

US Army Medical Museum

Musée d'Anatomie Delmas-Orfila-Rouvière

Alnwick Gardens

Add to that all of the historical sites, abandoned places, archeological collections, and I have more than enough to last me until I’m no longer extant!

Where do you want to visit? What are some cool places outside of England and France? I’ve been to several in Ireland and the upper midwest United States, but nowhere else!