cool places to visit in ireland

Blarney House | Blarney, Ireland
(Photo by Molly Renee)

This lovely house takes up residence on the grounds of Blarney Castle in County Cork, Ireland.  You can see it from the top of the castle, where the blarney stone is found, and you can find it by exploring the beautiful, expansive gardens.  Unfortunately, this building is only open during the “tourist season” so I was not allowed to study the mysterious interiors.  I imagine them to be just as glorious as the exterior. 

Giant’s Causeway in County Antrim

Famous for its bizarre basalt columns. The shore is covered with largely hexagonal pillars that stick up at various heights. (The day we visited the lower trail it was rainy, so the stones were very slippery - but still climbable!)

Legend says the Causeway was made by a giant Ulster warrior named Finn MacCool, who knew of a rival giant living on the Scottish inland of Staffa. Finn built a stone bridge over to Staffa to spy on his rival, and found out that the Scottish giant was much bigger than him. He retreated back to Ireland and had his wife dress him up as a sleeping infant, just in time for the rival giant to come across the causeway to spy on Finn. The rival, shocked at the infant’s size, fled back to Scotland in terror of whomever had sired this giant baby. Breathing a sigh of relief, Finn tore off the baby clothes and knocked down the bridge. Today, proof of this encounter exists in the geologic formation that still extends undersea: it surfaces at Staffa.

There are many trails to hike at the Causeway - pick what works for you. Personally, I hiked down to the rocks one day, then came back and hiked one of the upper trails another day (which happened to be clearer, more beautiful weather!) Lots to see on any of the trails; the upper trails offer some breathtaking views. If you’re in Northern Ireland, do not miss this experience!

I traveled around Ireland this summer, and I thought you might be interested in seeing a few of my photos.

This is Dunluce Castle, which is on the Antrim Coast in Northern Ireland. It’s perched on the cliffs of the coast, and the views are stunning. Walking through the crumbling walls of the castle took me back in time - a humbling experience. (via awhaleofatrip)

xtopofchaplinx-deactivated20140  asked:

Going to Dublin in March, just a short trip and taking the hpat test. So, anything I should see while I'm there? I love anything historic/nice parks/buildings/art/vintage/landscape. I'm already thinking about visiting Trinity and UCD and Temple Bar.

Well, you should definetely take a look in Trinity College, Temple Bar, Dublin Castle, Guinness Storehouse, Phoenix Park, The National Gallery or The National Museum of Ireland. I think the Leprechaun Museum it’s good too. hahaha Idk, I’m just saying the first places I’ll visit in Dublin when I go. 
You should walk by the O'Connell Street and Henry Street too! It’s really beautiful. If you walk by the centre of the city you will find a lot of cute places like Jam Art Factory, or drink a coffee in this lovely coffee house called Hippetys and you can buy things to make art in the Swalk or buy vintage things in the Quack + Dirk. The saddest part is the blog is in portuguese, but you can see the pictures and the adress of those amazing places. You should take a look if you can!
And oh yeah, take a lot of pictures! I’d love to see.