cool pictures really

I just had this really cool picture in my mind:

Shouto is getting involved in a melee fight, with innocents too close to really use his quirk in fear of hurting them. It look like he's in a really though spot, because up until now, he has mostly relied on the superior range and power of his quirk.

But bad luck for the villain - Shouto got trained by Aizawa and All Might and has trained with Izuku on top of that.

So right when the enemy feels secure of his own win, Shouto smiles, actually smiles as ice creeps over his right hand like a glove and he takes a swift, strong and well-aimed swing straight at the villain’s face with a short “Smash”.

(Seriously, I would love to see Shouto fight with punches and kicks, too, for balance.)

au where instead of being in space everyone’s high school teachers

*Crawls back into window. plops this on the table.*

I couldn’t help myself after the whole gangster thing. XD

Sorry, not sorry! (Actually very sorry for bugging you again ;^;)

I will uh… Just let myself out.

*Jumps back out window*

(by Mary Kate)


kuttiesstuff: Stop jumping out of windows! 8,-D I’m worried about you!

Awww, that’s a really cool picture. You’ve even thought of LanternDay Sans’ “inner human”. His real name is “Chance” btw.

Just because of reasons and because “Chance” spelled by a baby Papyrus sounds like “Shansh”. ;-) (Or “Shonsh”.)

And thus, “Sans” was born in this AU. (Spelled like “Sons”.)


Clark wanted to join in the fun and needed a partner, he asked his boyfriend.

Tried to draw the New 52 Supe’s hairstyle

Pocky, pocky~~!

Alright so the context for this is that I was painting something really beautiful on the train to my university–but as soon as I tried to finish it once I came back to my dorm, I ended up messing it up !!!! I was so pissed off and angry that I decided to freehand something random because I’d given up trying trying my best on art for the day.
This is what came out.
I’m not sure what to say…