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The Minister of Magic is on her way to visit Hogwarts. Don’t forget that its Black Friday sales in Hogsmeade, see you there!

Ps. Did anyone spot me at the Warner Bros. Studio?

anonymous asked:

Has a fan ever made you something? Like, a drawing, figurine, food, etc?

Red: You’d think! My bros and I have been at this for a while now, and yet we got nothin’! I mean…

Black: C’mon, Red. That shouldn’t even matter.

Green: Yeah, as long as we’re having fun here… Right?

Red: Fun?! There’s no time for fun! We gotta try harder to aim for the top!… Yellow, what the heck do you got there?!

Yellow: Koopa Buns!

Red: I know that!!! I’m talking about the bow! Is that a gift basket or something?!

Yellow: Ah, yeah! I found it on my bed in our room! There was no way I could turn down free food! You want some?

Red: Ugh, no! Anyway, we’re gonna train twice as hard, first thing tomorrow morning, got it?! We need to get more attention!

Black: You’re doing it again. Calm down, for Stars’ sake!

((Red’s rant aside, I’m happy to announce that this blog has indeed hit over 100 followers. Thank you to everyone for following and I hope our favorite NinjaKoopa group will continue to entertain~<3<3<3<3))