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So Jerome is probably one of my favorite Jokers out there just saying

Here’s a photo of my (bad) attempt at a nimrod pancake! The other day I saw the post where @gstringofsuburbia and @mikedirnts-sideburns were talking about a nimrod restaurant/nimrod pancakes so I thought, since it’s pancake day, I should try making one!

(Sorry about the bad writing, piping Nutella with shaky hands is hard 😂)

Foodie Friday: Vanilla Dutch Babies

Servings: About 8

-3 tbsp butter
-3 eggs
-¾ cup all-purpose flour
-¾ cup warm milk
-1 tbsp sugar
-2 tbsp pure vanilla extract
-pinch salt
-pinch fresh ground nutmeg
-pinch cinnamon
-confectioners’ sugar for dusting

1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees (Fahrenheit)

2. Put butter in a large ovenproof, non-stick saute pan and place in the oven.

3. Meanwhile, combine the eggs and milk until the mixture is light yellow and no longer stringy, then gradually whisk in the flour, sugar, vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon, and salt until you have a smooth batter.

4. Carefully remove the hot pan from the oven. The butter should be completely melted. Swirl it around to coat the inside of the pan completely (in the picture above, you can see that my pancake has a slight tear on the right side… this would have been prevented had I ensured that the pan was completely coated), then pour the remaining butter into the batter and whisk to blend. Pour the batter into the hot pan and return the pan to the oven. Bake until the pancake is puffed in the center and golden brown along the edges, 20-25 minutes.

5. Using a spatula, remove the entire Dutch baby from the pan and place on a cooling rack for a few minutes (this will allow the pancake to cool while still allowing steam to escape, preventing sogginess).

6. Dust with confectioners’ sugar and add toppings (fresh fruit, preserves, honey, syrup, whipped cream… the possibilities are endless) and slice into wedges to serve!

Magical Ingredient!

From ice cream to cookies to chocolate and scented candles, it’s difficult to imagine life without the presence of vanilla. It is without a doubt, everywhere in our lives, and it has become one of those ingredients that we sort of take for granted. But it may be surprising to note that at one point, vanilla was so difficult and expensive to obtain that the primary flavorings of choice in the western world were nutmeg and rose water.

Vanilla extract (when pure) is the flavoring pulled from the vanilla bean, a fruit of the orchid of the same name, which is native to Central and South America. One of the ingredients introduced as a result of the Columbian Exchange, it was greatly popular with the wealthy and nobility, though virtually inaccessible to those of lower station due to the difficulty in cultivating it outside of the Americas. This problem would be solved in the mid-19th century when it was discovered that the plant could be hand-pollinated in the absence of the symbiotic bee species of the native plant.

Today, vanilla is still cultivated by hand and is the second most expensive spice on the market (saffron being the most expensive) due to the intense labor and import costs (the majority of today’s vanilla being cultivated in Madagascar).

The uses of vanilla even after being introduced to Europe by Hernan Cortez were not limited to cuisine. The oils of the pods could be used as an aphrodisiac, dabbed behind the ear to encourage attracting a lover.

As a magical ingredient, we’d have to look at the Totonac legend regarding its creation. According to the legend, the Princess Xanat was prevented by her father from marrying a mortal man. But love ultimately won out and she fled into the forests with her lover. Both she and her lover were then hunted and beheaded, and where their blood mingled on the ground, the first vanilla orchid sprouted. Though rather depressing in its beauty, it gives natural vanilla an interesting place in magical use.

In general, vanilla (from here on out, I’ll simply be saying “vanilla” as opposed to “natural vanilla” because it’s clearly what I’m focused on… I’ll get to talking about artificial vanilla in a bit) is considered to be an excellent ingredient for love, lust, healing, and luck spells. The scent helps to calm the senses and open one up to romantic suggestion, while also serving to heighten libido both in men and women. In healing, the scent and flavor tends to promote calm and relaxation (there’s a reason why it’s the main flavor of many comfort foods), and on top of that, the oils were once believed to help treat stomach ailments.

Because the vanilla pods were used in tributes to the Aztecs after the Totonacs were invaded, the spice has come to also be associated with luck and money, and is often uses in sachets and food spells that encourage both in one’s life.

But say we take it a little bit further. Keep in mind that at this point, I’m focusing on some of the ways I use it in my practice, as vanilla is easily unique from witch to witch in its usefulness. In addition to love and healing, I also associate vanilla with cleansing and beauty. The calming properties of vanilla are excellent in helping to reach the state of mind needed to help dispel negativity, and the plant itself is rather beautiful (though I may be biased due to my love of orchids). Vanilla cosmetics therefore are excellent for glamour spells!

The majority of products today that are labelled as “vanilla” are artificially flavored, using a chemical called vanillin, and at this point, the witchy community is often a bit divided. Many, including authors such as Scott Cunningham, consider the artificial extract to be magically inert and encouraged acquiring natural extract and pods. On my end, however, I see it as a more or less decent substitute for the frugal, thrifty, or budget-oriented witch. This is because of the flavor and scent associations. They help trigger the memories, emotions, and mental states that we associate with vanilla, and therefore serve much the same purpose as the natural thing. So if you’re reading this article thinking “how the hell am I supposed to afford that,” know that you’re not required to buy natural vanilla.

That said, those who have access to the natural thing have much more versatility in how it can be used. Place the seeds or the pods in sachets, jars, bottles, and bags; use vanilla oils and extract for offerings, consecrations, candle dressing, or as an aphrodisiac; bake or cook to your heart’s content, taking advantage of the flavor, properties, and even vanilla’s ability to enhance and lift other flavors!

So when looking at that vanilla Dutch baby during breakfast, consider how amazing vanilla truly is before taking that first bite!

May all your meals be blessed!
Blessed Be! )O(

Fallout 4 Companions As Parents

- Cait is the token ‘hot mom’, would definitely burst into the school like a hurricane if she found out her child was being bullied and demand the principal got up off their fat corporate funded ass to do something about it, if they didn’t she’d go to the kids houses and ask to fight the fucking parents, wouldn’t be able to cook to save her fucking life so your prime source of nourishment would be pizza she ordered (she’d be cool about it and let you pick whatever toppings you want), bedtime would be nonexistent and vague and she’d pretty much just tell you to go to sleep whenever she figures out it’s actually pretty late, you’d find her the next morning passed out on the couch with a bag of pretzels tucked into her side, ‘sex ed’ mom who all your friends come to for help even before the actual sex ed teacher or their parents, everyone’s kind of scared of her so you don’t really have to worry about anyone bullying you, let you have your first sip of alcohol, once you get older lets you have some drinks as long as you stay in the house bc she knows kids always find a way to drink, when you wanna try out for a sports team she helps you work out and trains with you, when you go on your first date and they come to pick you up she glares a hole into their head but tries to be polite bc you’re her fucking baby, gives you the coolest hand-me-down clothes

- Hancock, ‘the Cool Dad’, one time you came home in tears after getting dress coded in Jr. High and he was genuinely flapperghasted (’you look fine? The fuck you mean they said ‘you were distracting the boys’?? You’re eleven???), busts into the school and gives the principal AND the teacher who dress coded you the scare/tongue lashing of their fucking lives, lets you wear whatever you want within reason, takes you shopping and if you pick up something weird that tangibly no one else would wear he looks at you dead serious and says ‘i love it.’, the ‘fuck yeah stick it to old people while eating cereal in his jammies’ dad, totally respects and adores your rebellious phase bc you’re teaching yourself that the system is corrupt, always went to all your daddy/daughter or father/son dances and events and scared the shit out of all the other parents despite being the friendliest person there, picks you up from school blasting rock music and takes you to get ice cream after a game/performance/bad day, ‘auntie fahrenheit’ who comes to visit and always stays up watching true crime and law and order with you, she teaches you practical self defense as opposed to hancock’s ‘here’s a knife stab em until they drop’ take on it, occasionally picks you up from school to go play laser tag with hancock and all their friends, has an entire hanse of friends who all think you are a fucking angel and would probably die for you, he helps you clean up after a wild party so your other parent doesn’t find out, when you come home drunk as a fucking skunk he makes you a sandwich gets you some gatorade and tucks you into bed only promptly to wake you up at 6AM to mow the lawn to teach you a valuable lesson, when your first date comes to pick you up he greets them in his signature ‘hancock’ coat draped over his jammies eating chocolate rice krispies with a ‘sup dude’ no matter what gender they are much to your utter embarrassment, always the first to hug you after someone breaks your heart

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imagine if P doesn't want to talk to Harry to whatever reason and he finds it funny and start to do the same and at one point he only talks with Alfie and said "you are my favorite because you pay attention to me I love u" so P gets jealous and it's like I'm sorry daddy I still love u!!!!

It would happen one morning when Harry eats the last chocolate-chip pancake for Pancake Saturday; the pancake that Persephone was eager to have after she finished the one that was already on her plate, doused in honey and bananas and had bits and pieces missing from where she’d pulled it apart with her knife and fork. The missus walking around the room with a baby nursing from her chest, cradled to her body as she let the fresh and few-week old baby eat till his heart was content, occasionally munching on her own pancake that was sat on the breakfast island. 

As he drizzles honey across the pancake and tops it off with strawberries and bananas and blueberries from the bowls on the kitchen table, Persephone whines out and pushes his hand away from the bowl of strawberries, eyebrows furrowed and forming a dip at the top of her nose. Confusion sitting on Harry’s face.

“S’the matter, Poppet?”

She falls silent, staring at her own plate, a frown on her face.


“M’not talkin’ to you, daddy. You ate the last pancake,” she grumbles, refusing to look up from her plate. Hands in her lap as she twiddles her tiny fingers and kicks out her legs, narrowly missing Harry’s knees, as he moves them from her movements, “wanted to eat it.”

“Do you want it now?”

“No,” she sighs, “no. M’not talkin’ to you.”

“You’re not talking to me now?” Harry chuckles, her head lifting up as she gave him a glare. Green eyes fiery and filled with annoyance, “that isn’t a good look, is it?” She keeps her glare on him, nose scrunching up as she sniffles, “are you sure you don’t want it? I’ll eat it otherwise?”

When he gets no response from her, he sets his plate in front of her and take her empty plate from the table, knowing that, deep down, she really wants it and he doesn’t want to upset her or make her sad by eating something that she wanted. But, she still ignores him, picking at the pancake as Harry starts washing up, standing beside the missus as she begins to burp Alfie, blanket draped over her shoulder as she began rubbing his back as she sways her hips, humming softly to the baby.

“Can you give P her shower this morning? She’s going out with Gem and your mum to get some holiday clothes and I want her nicely dressed and fresh,” the missus questions Harry, as he nods softly, “thank you. Alfie really doesn’t want me to put him down today.”

“Mumma’s boy, he is,” he hum, pressing a kiss to Alfie’s temple, “you’re my favourite lad, Bugger. You gon’a have fun with mummy today, yeah? She’s got some nice stuff planned for you.”

“Nice stuff including feeding, pooping, sleeping and bathing. Most of which are not nice for me. The bathing is definitely my favourite,” she smiles, “you wan’a take him for a bit? I want to do something to help with breakfast this morning. Even if it is washing up and stacking the dishes away,” she hums, transferring the happy and burped baby into the arms of his father, pressing up to kiss his lips.

Behind them, and during their little moment by the kitchen sink, they would be oblivious to Persephone strolling across the kitchen with her plate in her hand. Empty and laden with thick droplets of strawberry juice and blueberry mush that stuck to the ceramic with leftover honey. Passing it over to the missus who thanked her and let the plate and cutlery disappear beneath the soapy water.

“Daddy? M’I still your favourite even though I didn’t talk to you? Still love you, daddy,” she looks up to him with green eyes, “am I your favourite?”

“Always gon’a be my favourite girl, Poppet,” he coos, her arms wrapping around his legs, her face pressed against his bare thigh that showed from beneath the hem of his shorts. Her lips, sticky with honey residue, pressing against the skin of his leg, “are you talking to me now? Are we cool after the pancake situation?”

She nods against his leg.

“Shall we go and get you in the shower? You’ve got a busy day with nana and Auntie Gem today, haven’t you?” xx