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are either pan or pepsi interested in having kids down the line?👀

sorta!! pepsi is a lil more hmmmm but demi would definitely want a whole slew of kids so pepsi would compromise in the end… and pancake is very much NO WAY at this stage in her life but would warm up to the idea of having a lil nugget around !!! or adopting an older kid :’-)


PANCAKE: so cool! there’s nowhere like this in Windenburg!

OLIVIA: if you think Windenburg is bad, never go to Willow Creek. since we’re here, does this mean you’re going to dance?

PANCAKE: i suppose i could… i have to tell you though, i’m a pretty good dancer so i might just impress you too much…

OLIVIA: oh, this i have to see! show me your moves, party girl~

SONG: when will this torment end


Day 65/365: March 6th 2017 | Free Pancakes + Clinical Psych Midterm 

Woke up at 8 in the frigging morning to get free pancakes in CCIS with Kristin. I was so insecure about my skin today so I piled on so much cream foundation… but because the weather was so cold and dry, my makeup ended up looking so fucking cakey and gross. Ugh. The person from ISSS who was serving the pancakes gave me THREE PANCAKES (!!!!) instead of just two like they do to everyone else because they thought that they’d given me a “fat pancake” lmao when in reality it was just two pancakes that were stuck together!!!!! Anyway, the pancakes were super yummy. I was at CCIS L-2 with Kristin studying for clinical psych from 9:30am to 3pm. It was SO cold there jshfsakjdgh like… as if we didn’t suffer enough from revising all that material, the temperature of the floor had to be negative 200 degrees too -_-” ;; Anyway, the clinical psych midterm went decently, I think. Hopefully I did ok!!!! 

After school, I went home, ate food, helped Ryan scan his transcripts + passport, went to the library and worked on my lifespan nutrition assignment on the 5th floor of Rutherford (outside of the library). It was SO cold there as well. Most of today was spent being cold. Ugh. It’s literally March and it’s going to be (feel like) -30 later this week……. wtf?!?!?!?!? Winter, you have overstayed your welcome. D:<