cool old men

“My very cool grandpa in the 1950s holding a fish, smoking a cigarette, with a book tucked into his pants and cigarette pack in his sleeve.”

your appointment to fema should be finalized within the week. i have already discussed the matter with the senator. i take it he was agreeable? oh yes! has he been infected? oh yes! i hope youre not underestimating the proble– oh yes! when i mentioned we could put him on the priority list for the ambrosia vaccine he was desperate. this plague - the rioting is intensifying to the point where we may not be able to contain it. why contain it? ’s cool. old men. warning. warning. ive received reports of armed attacks on shipments. there’s not enough vaccine to go around, and the underclasses are starting to get desperate. your turn. desperate. desperate. desperate. desperate. desperate. the sound theyll make rattling their cage will sound as a warning to the electronic old men. hmmm. i hope your not– get the hell out of here denton. the others may not go as quietly. intelligence indicates theyre behind the problems in paris. old men running the world. a new age. we have other problems. unatco? formed by executive order after the terrorist strike on the statue. i have someone in place though. im more concerned about savage. unatco? savage. unatco? no, savage. u- unatco? savage. our biochem corpus is far in advance of theirs. our electronic old men and their flexibility has allowed us to make progress in the mythical city on the hills. mhm. we may not be able to contain the augmentation project. among other things but i must admit that i have been somewhat disappointed in unatco. quit screwing around. yes. the secondary unit should be online within six months. its currently undergoing preparation and will be operational within six months. my people will continue to report on its progress within six months. we’ve had to endure much, you and i, but within the week there will be old men running the world. no. within six months. yes.
old men are the future.

McCoy in a support chair. Imagine how McCoy is sitting down, minding his own business, reading a novel or doing a crossword puzzle when Jim comes out of thin air and crashes into his support chair and manages to wrap his hands around the man’s thin, smol frame. And McCoy is half started half alarmed and he is still not used to it, “Damn it, Jim, stop doin’ that!” as Jim nuzzles the man’s neck. Spock usually puts McCoy to bed, bridal style, despite the man’s protests. Jim finding ways around it to please his husband and making him feel useful that despite having a support chair instead of walking around he can literally hover above the floor. Spock and Jim dotting the older man in kisses and adoring over him like he is the center of their solar system. Spock making sure that the support chair gets updated. When McCoy is on the bed, he is spread out between the two. Jim decides to tickle the man’s feet, which sometimes wakes the retired doctor laughing. Spock traces ‘taluhk nash-veh k’du’ in vulcan calligraphy on the doctors back when he is supposedly asleep not that he is deep into his hundreds.  Jim and Spock both work together to help McCoy get into the sonic shower so one of them takes a shower  with the doctor while the other makes breakfeast which is usually Jim and sometimes it is  Spock.  Some people think their dynamic as a married couple would change because of McCoy losing control of his lower limbs but, lol, it doesn’t. Not at all. They adapt and change to it accordingly.

1. McCoy, in his support chair, will just grab Spock while he is talking from a random conversation at the admiral banquet ball regarding possible future missions in star fleet  and he drags the  Vulcan in and just wheels away leaving Jim just laughing at his two lovable dorks. The other admirals and captains laugh. McCoy moves Spock to the science nerds group and just dumps him on the officers who happen to be big fans of him. McCoy gets a drink.

2. Jim and Spock adapt their anniversaries to accommodate McCoy’s support chair. With their guidance holograms. McCoy is worried how he is making them lag. Spock and Jim deny that because they are taking life slower and as it turns out, it’s very fun. 

3. McCoy gets worried about Spock’s seven year curse. Spock endures it because of his T'hy'lara and he largely considers that the legs have nothing to do with their sex life. Jim and Spock pamper McCoy during The Vulcan’s seven year important three day periods. Jim gets the worst of it.

4. McCoy can still swim. His husbands make the best of it. To their advantage and credit, they didn’t expect to find a city underwater on a new federation friendly planet. For once, McCoy likes this planet.

5. McCoy is still McCoy. He frets over his boys and how aging is effecting them. When Spock is driving, the two men have McCoy in the front seat pinned between them with the support chair in the back. Spock considers himself how lucky he is to have two beautiful, adorable, and cute men as his mates every day. Majestic, purely. They are getting more attractive as the day wears on.

6.  McCoy watches Jim garden. Spock showers McCoy, tenderly, with images and loving thoughts, while helping Jim garden. They use the garden hose to spray their husband  when he is dozing off looking into space. Jim and Spock decide to “clean” him by taking turns. McCoy has no say in their “cleaning” because they are the ones dirty from gardening not him! He enjoys it despite complaining about it. The three men are cuddling on the grass together with McCoy between Spock and Jim. Spock and  Jim share a knowing look as McCoy is resting perfectly happy. And they know it’s too good to last. They pledged long ago to make their days with him golden.

7. McCoy gets his boys lemonade when they are doing yardwork. McCoy drinks the bourbon not the wannabe synthenol version of it. He takes pills that repair his liver from drinking, once a week, to undo years worth of damage done by drinking. Jim worries more about McCoy’s physical state than McCoy worries about Jim’s health. Spock worries more about his husbands continued physical health just as they worry about each other. They are the worrying triumvirate.

8. They are pretty happy together. Pretty relaxed, cool old men. Nothing can possibly go wrong—OH SHIT, DID SPOCK BUY A RUSSIAN DOG BEAR FOR MCCOY’S PROTECTION? McCoy is terrified at first within the first week with the ginormous bear dog. The bear dog wins him over when Spock and Jim are away. They find McCoy fast asleep on the bear dog. McCoy loves it.

9.  Spock and McCoy continue to bicker/debate. It’s Jim’s favorite activity every day. He just loves hearing them. He can’t picture them not bickering together. McCoy wins more often not because he is support chair bound but because he is right, damn it.

9.1  the dog lets McCoy ride it to closeby places that are notably spas and it doesn’t even mind. Spock got a harness for the man. He doesn’t use it. McCoy has a tight grip apparently. 

9.2 Jim teaches the bear dog to stop in traffic. Future problems taken care of.

10. Spock sings to McCoy in Vulcan when Jim has all ready gone fast asleep and it’s “my little sunshine.”

Did I just break your heart? The hell I did.