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Eräs elämäm_koululainen tuli kassalle ostamaan kaljaa ku se puolikuiskas siinä kassalla mulle että “tuol makeisosastolla on sit muute noit mamuja”. En oikee keksiny että miten tohon pitäisi vastata, muutenku että “siellä niitä aina aika-ajoin on”. Ei ollu vastaus ilmesesti hänen mieleensä, mutta lähti sit kuitenki sen 8-pakkinsa kanssa jatkaan matkaa.

oscilite  asked:

Top 5 cryptids

no.5. the jersey devil

they seem like they have their life together 

no.4. fresno nightcrawler

sentient pants

no.3. hellhound

a good boy

no.2. flatwoods monster

very fashionable and had a cameo in majoras mask

no.1. mothman

the best cryptid and a really cool dude


The cinfes limited SSR this time is [ End of The Blue ] Kanade Hayami! She is a VOCAL focusing SKILL BOOST card.

The card features an area based off The Lost City of Atlantis

Note: The SKILL BOOST skill, as it would be obvious by its own name, will strengthen the skills of those else that are active when it is active! The boost to skills will be the following.

  1. Score/Combo Bonus skills ( includes Overload/All-Rounder/Concentration ) will gain a 20% boost !
  2. Heal skills give extra 20% Life for every PERFECT note!
  3. Damage Guard Skills gain properties of HEAL skills and will still guard you from damage! 
  4. Combo Guard will have shifted judgement checks! 
    1. ( nice )Guard skills to ( bad/nice )Guard skills 
    2.  ( bad/nice )Guard skills ( including Overload Combo Guard ) to ( bad/nice/miss )Guard skill 
  5. Perfect Lock skills will also have shifted judgement checks!  
    1. ( great to perfect )LOCK skills into ( great/nice to perfect )LOCK skills 
    2. ( great/nice to perfect )LOCK Skills into ( great/bad/nice to perfect )LOCK skill 
    3. ( great/bad/nice to perfect )LOCK skill to ( great/bad/nice/miss to perfect )LOCK skill

The TRICOLOR ABILITY center skill also works similiarly to TRICOLOR STAT BOOSTER center skills but when all types are present, it increases the chance of skill activation by 50%