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@MarcGallanders: Designed something special for @NiallOfficial performance of ‘This Town’ at #OneLoveManchester… still trying to wrap my head around it 🐝❤️ /  Absolutely honoured to be asked to create a bespoke visual for @NiallOfficial 'This Town’, in memory of #Manchester and #London victims ❤️🐝 / Crazy to see @NiallOfficial stood infront of something you’ve literally just designed especially… 🐝❤️ #OneLoveManchester #MANCHESTER / Thank you to @NiallOfficial and @ModestMgmt for the opportunity to create this graphic, most of all, thank you Manchester #OneLoveMachester

  • Liam: Okay, all right, so let’s hear about the kiss. Was it like… was it like a soft brush against your lips? Or was it like a, you know, 'I gotta have you now' kind of thing?
  • Harry: Well, at first it was really intense, you know? And then we just sort of sunk into it.
  • Zayn: Okay. So, was he holding you? Or were his hands, like, on your back?
  • Harry: No, actually. First they were… they started on my waist. And then they slid up, and then they were in my hair.
  • Liam and Zayn: Awww!
  • *meanwhile*
  • Louis: And, uh, and then I kissed him.
  • Niall: Tongue?
  • Louis: Yeah.
  • Niall: Cool.