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It's just me who wants to see Camila with some famous and cool boy like Niall? See them posting pics on ig, going to red carpets? Imagine Lauren's reaction seeing them everywhere?

@MarcGallanders: Designed something special for @NiallOfficial performance of ‘This Town’ at #OneLoveManchester… still trying to wrap my head around it 🐝❤️ /  Absolutely honoured to be asked to create a bespoke visual for @NiallOfficial 'This Town’, in memory of #Manchester and #London victims ❤️🐝 / Crazy to see @NiallOfficial stood infront of something you’ve literally just designed especially… 🐝❤️ #OneLoveManchester #MANCHESTER / Thank you to @NiallOfficial and @ModestMgmt for the opportunity to create this graphic, most of all, thank you Manchester #OneLoveMachester

1D Hiatus: Day 553

* Harry meets fans in Mallorca

* More pictures of Harry yesterday come out

* Cheryl posts a picture of Liam on Instagram

* Liam posts a picture on Instagram from his performance at the Kiss 108 Kiss Concert in Boston last night

* Niall posts a video on his Instagram story

* Niall meets fans in Toronto

* A picture of Louis at his aunt’s wedding yesterday comes out

* Liam is active on his Instagram story

It’s Jun 18th, 2017.

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1D Hiatus: Day 550

* Louis’ album is rumoured to be released before Christmas this year

* More tickets for Harry’s 2018 tour go on sale

* ‘Get Low’ is the title of Liam’s collaboration with Zedd

* Liam posts pictures and videos on his Instagram story from the set of the music video shoot for ‘Get Low’ 

* A video of Liam reading filthy tweets out loud is released by BBC Radio 1

* Harry posts a picture of a handwritten note for us on Instagram

* Harry and Louis (seperately) meet fans in London

* Liam posts two pictures on Instagram

* “:60 with Niall Horan” interview is released on VEVO

* Niall posts two videos on his Instagram story

* Niall is coming to Australia on June 19th to perform on The Today Show and Sunrise

* Acoustic version of ‘Strip That Down’ will be released tomorrow, Liam posts a short preview of it on Instagram

* Niall posts a selfie on Snapchat

It’s Jun 15th, 2017.

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