cool new roommates


idk if any of you saw this on facebook but one of my roommates is moving out so we’re looking for a new housemate! we live in flemingon, really close to everything and 10min from the city. 

if any of my mutuals are planning on moving to melbourne/live here and wanna move out/know people who wanna live innercity, please send them my way and we can have a chat!!! we’re aiming for a move in at around mid-february. 

rent is $1006.67pcm, bond $1390 and we will need this immediately before you move in. bills are around $100 a month each including internet, gas, water and electricity (this is a rough estimate based on seasons).

pleas share this as we need to organize a Cool New Roommate for the new year!!! andrew (my housemate) and i really like gardening, food, art and we love taking care of the house. 

msg me if you’re interested!! 

Three’s Company

Desperate for money to complete their Camp Pining Hearts vinyl novelty figurine collection, Lapis and Peridot consider subletting the barn to an additional roommate. As luck would have it, Buck has moved out of his family’s house after a disagreement with his father, and Steven sends him to the barn. While Lapis and Peridot are initially thrilled to have a cool new roommate, their tune begins to change when they realize Buck considers himself too cool to work for “the man” and actually earn money to pay rent.