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for @suguru for their birthday! i drew some simple kuroshou, for i know nothing else. the proportions are wonky and the lines are messy, but i think it’s good for my first time drawing two people being affectionate???? well like touching in some way

So hey because I got a new blog now after having several issues with my old one, I need new people to follow. If your blog consists of any of the following stuff, give me a follow or like this blog and I’ll check your blog out! Nice one.

- pop punk
- gay ships
- gay girls
- gay… everything
- just general day shit rlly
- clexa, hollstein, and supercorp always have a place on my blog
- nerdy shit.
- carmilla in general I guess
- video games (particularly final fantasy 15, kingdom hearts, pokemon and loz. Always good shit.)
- Disney
- anime in general
- tattoos
- skateboarding
- space
- cool aesthetic shit like that
- ummm yeah more gay shit.

Yeah cheers thanks a lot. ✌️

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Too Young To Be In Love
Hunx & His Punx
Too Young To Be In Love

Hunx and His Punx - “Too Young to Be in Love”

This world need more cool gay musicians like Hunx.

I seriously love the vibe in his music. It’s so rockabilly, doo wop-ish and rock and roll. It’s like hes from an alternate past in the 50’s, where the LGBT community was accepted,

“Why won’t you do it with me? I wanna do it with you.”

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i am so sorry you are getting so much shit for the jdronica stuff like??? you're making it really obvious that you don't support it and you're still getting shit like im so sorry teddy that's rough af :/// i hope bearstage does more cool things like gay heathers bc i'd love to come see it, ive got a theater major on my floor who does nothing but gush about berkeley's theater groups and he has a lot to say about y'all ;7; just wanted to say you're doing good and gl on finals <3<3<3<3<3

barestage will absolutely continue making theatre!! i am so excited for bat boy 🦇

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What's wrong with the Human Rights Campaign??

they have a general record of being terrible to the trans community

not allies to the undocumented queer community

they’re supporters of the military-industrial complex and some of their top donors are drone manufacturers

they considered backing a plan to privatize social security if gay couples could get benefits

they hire hedge fund managers who donate to republicans and make their money by preying on developing countries, and they’re perfectly cool with 

and like. more broadly speaking, they’re a gay rights group that only cares about marriage, which is SO FAR from being the most important issue to the queer community!! they don’t want to talk about homelessness, about suicide, about unemployment, about assault, about mental illness, about how our queerness intersects with race or income or ability level - the things that are literally killing us. gay marriage is an issue that only concerns folks who are privileged enough to be in a place where they’re able to get married. gay marriage doesn’t help the queer kids on the street, doesn’t help trans folks, doesn’t help people like me. 

i’m not here for any group that only caters to rich white gays, and i’m not here for assimilationists, i’m not here for activists who don’t challenge oppressive power structures, and i’m sure as hell not here for anyone who says they’re fighting for my human rights and leaves out the most vulnerable people in my community