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While I have my costume analysis brain on, Bioware has actually done a good, logical design: The flight/shipsuits. I think that this may be a Bioware first.

They appear to be inspired from a blend of bikersuits and protective work gear and good ol’ uniforms, these are actual garments that would be completely feasible to be widely worn in a space exploration setting. Padded and fitted with a high neck they’re neat and functional with a high level of protection when if things go awry. Appropriate for the myriad jobs and scenarios that any individual may find themselves in whilst being uniform. Colours and panelling denote role and status. And there are logical fastenings. All while sitting in that Mass Effect Aesthetic.

Bonus! The ladies don’t seem to have faux-wedgies/-cameltoe via crazy panelling and I think they may be bum-window free. Good job, Bioware.


 Can we all please take a moment to appreciate these gorgeous detailed Yuri!!! On Ice nail art by nail-artist Imuzak (insta because WOW I’M IN LOVE! (/ 。• ♡ •。)/

Images posted with permission of the artist, please show them love!!

Vaughn: Woooow, cool costume! Looks so real!
Pticenoga: Thx.
Rhys: Hey, you must say ‘trick or treat’, not 'money or life’, Jack!
Jack: Fnck off, you faggot!

Bill: C:
It’s a piece that we made for Halloween, but we can post it only today. Anyway!
It’s a crossover between Gravity Falls and Borderlands, but with a small addition of our headcanon xD
Thats why you can see Natalie’s Pticenoga here (dark lady on the left).
Yes, Handsome Jack wears Handsome Jack costume. Just because.

I can’t wait for new halloween skins!!! I hope symm gets a better (legendary) vampire skin!!! Symm being a vampire was so fucking clever!!!

-eyeball turrets

-portal teleporter

-her weapon sucks the life out of you literally, like a vampire

-old timey vampires have autistic qualities like obsessively counting stuff and not allowing themselves into places w.o being invited

-she just looks so fucking good in red!

pls blizz make a legendary vampire skin for symm and give her some skin specific voice lines for once!!!!! I can think of so many just for her ult!

“The portal is open, we move quickly!”

“The portal has been destroyed!”

“The portal is now gone, the path is closed”

“the portal is still up, please proceed”

A bat shaped shield generator!!!

A pumpkin shaped shield!!!

Blizz pls hire me i am a jobless college grad with a lot of ideas and free time, pleaaaaaase!!!


The Greg Universe cosplayer gave me a freebie: a guitar pick! Sadly I don’t play guitar, but I’m keeping it nonetheless~.

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Rosalina and R2-D2 video.

Signing with Dino Andrade.

My New York Comic Con Experience (Or the time I called in Gay to Class)

Whew. Thank you all for your well wishes and excited messages the other day, cheering me on as I traveled to the NY panel! I was a mess but talking with you all helped keep me sane for the most part. I have So. Much. To. Tell. You! 

(Prepare for a really long, rambling mess of a post, but by now you all are used to the things I upload on this blog, haha! :p) 

So, here goes. I spent the night before packing for the day, and I suppose I over-packed, bringing two water bottles and a whole sandwich for lunch. And a packet of gum. And like, a dozen protein bars. I read online that it’s always good to bring your own food to these types of conventions because it can get EXPENSIVE. Not to mention, for those of you who have social anxiety like I do, waiting on line with a bunch of other hungry people is nerve-wracking. But at least I got to share the protein bars with my traveling buddies, so that was nice. 

I’m only ten minutes away from New York by train, and a round trip ticket costs $8 dollars. I’m glad I took the train and not the bus because when I looked out onto the main route to NY, there was bumper-to-bumper traffic. Having been born in New Jersey I’m used to this, but I know for someone who came from the South it would have been hard to handle. Pro tip for traveling on trains: always ask the train conductor before getting on if it goes to your appropriate stop. Beware of express trains, sometimes they completely miss it. Also, don’t stand in the middle of the hallway between the door and the next car while the train is moving, it’s fucking terrifying bro. 

So there I am, ready to go with my fully-packed backpack and on my way. I pull out my phone and decided to tell you all that I’m almost there, typing “New York Comic Con: Or Bust!!!” and guess who fucking reblogs it. @hotladypants had me shook for the entire ride. It was great. 

It wasn’t hard to find my way to the Javits Center because I just followed the crowd of people in cosplay, and made it there on time. Whenever you go to a big convention, don’t be shy to ask the people in uniform questions. They’ll help you if you’re feeling lost/overwhelmed. There’s also a quiet room at Comic Con to hang out in if you need a break–which is smart. I was told that it’s going to be an hour wait before the Javits Center opens so I relaxed on line, talking with the people around me and admiring how cool everyone looked in their costumes. A family of Pikachu’s walked past, Max and Chloe from Life is Strange blessed me with their awesome selves, a young family from Texas dressed up as Star Wars characters (the mom was Rey, the kid was Yoda, and the grandmother was Kylo-Ren, I WISH I TOOK PICTURES) and a couple dressed up as workers from the company Cinnabon. But I had a good time waiting. The kid taught me about Star Wars, when I painfully admitted that I haven’t seen a single movie, but he was gracious and told me what a lightsaber was. 

When I finally made it onto the main floor, my mouth dropped open at the GIANT ASS RWBY POSTER HANGING. Like, holy fuck. it looked glorious. I then contacted @nootvanlis and asked her if she was there, and I excitedly hurried down to 1A24, where the panel was, and met her! I can confirm she’s a beautiful person and so nice. I introduced myself as “mynameisnikki” and she recognized me, haha! :’) Hanging out with her was @princesshollis, who is also super rad. I had a fun time talking with them both and we all shared stories as we waited to get in. 

There were two panels going on before Carmilla’s, so I don’t remember much of them. I took a cat nap. Is anyone a fan of the movie Die Hard? :/ 

When creampuffs started to pour into the room I started to grow nervous and excited. There was so much energy and love in that room and I couldn’t help but look at everyone with awe, struggling to believe that like, holy fuck… this was going to happen. This was happening. I made it

Why didn’t anyone tell me that your heart was going to stop when you saw Elise and Natasha for the first time? That you felt like you couldn’t breathe? That you see your life flashing before your eyes, you are suddenly blinded by how beautiful they both are? I swear I fell over on my chair the moment they ran in, holding hands, and I was already crying. Did anyone else notice the halo surrounding them both or was it just me? I was probably so hyped I was hallucinating. 

I was sitting in the front row next to Gabi and Linds, and I didn’t fully register that I was in Natasha’s direct line of sight until AFTER the panel. I was so in shock by both of their beauty that I couldn’t remember where I was. Or how to speak English. They usually have that affect on people, right? Like I’m not the only one? 

I wish someone told me that trying to stay calm during a panel was easier said than done. My hand had a mind of its own, shaking like a fucking leaf, and I felt bad because I needed someone to hold it the whole time! I now finally know what everyone’s talking about when Elise and Natasha have their “moment”. The way they look at each other. Smile at each other, like no one else is in the room. “Oh, there are other people here.” Says Natasha, and the noise that came out of my mouth WAS NOT HUMAN. MY EYES WERE BLESSED. 

Another wild thing that happened was I think Natasha noticed I was on the verge of either falling onto the floor and dying or crying of laughter, and I caught her staring at me for a solid two minutes. Feebly, I gave her a weak smile and something between a wave/thumb up, AND SHE FUCKING WIGGLED HER EYEBROWS AT ME. LIKE BABE. YOU KNOW I’M ABOUT TO HAVE A PANIC ATTACK WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT. GAAAH. 

When it came time for audience Q and A’s, I’m not sure what came over me. All I knew was that I wanted to say something, anything, and if I didn’t I would never forgive myself. So I ran over to the mic so fast, which I am certain I time traveled because no way do I ever move that fast in real life. I’m glad I had my folder in my hand and I was ready to give them my present. 

There was so much I wanted to say. I wanted to say, “Thank you, Carmilla. Thank you for giving me a home.” BUT I ENDED UP RAMBLING ABOUT HOW GAY I AM LIKE AN IDIOT. WHY DIDN’T ANYONE TELL ME THAT ASKING A QUESTION TO YOUR FAVORITE HUMANS WAS LIKE GOING FOR A JOB INTERVIEW??? Oh my god, now all of you are going to see how I fumbled at the panel. I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to take up so much time, honest! I’m just glad I remembered about the gift I wanted to give and anxiously blurted out, “I have something to give you!” And Elise excited said, “Yeah, we’ll take your art!” I think I peed myself. And I think I repeatedly said, “Oh my god. Oh my god. I’m going to cry.” But I don’t remember, it’s all just a giant blur in my head right now XD Natasha was so excited to have it, guys. She told me, “I’m looking forward to reading this. Thank you so much! Come to the meet and greet later so I can talk to you, okay?” 



Natasha is a fucking gift. A GIFT. 

I walk back to my seat in a daze, and everyone is cheering, and I just turn to Gabi and repeatedly asked, “WHAT JUST HAPPENED?”  and, “DID I JUST DO THAT.” 

I was a mess. A hot, blubbering mess. But it was… oh my god, it was honestly the greatest experience of my life. I waited on line for the meet n greet, still an emotional mess, but everyone was so warm and welcoming and comforted me, which I appreciated so much! I felt like I seemed more calm and collected when I finally went up to them and said, “I’M SORRY I DON’T HAVE A COHERENT MIND RIGHT NOW BUT I LOVE YOU BOTH SO MUCH SORRY FOR BEING A MESS BEFORE.” And Natasha assured me that everything was fine, and she said, “Thank you for sharing your story with us. That was very brave.” And you want to know what I fucking said? 

“Yeah, no. That’s totally cool man.” 

…. *repeatedly slaps head* 

If anyone needs me, I’ll be over in the corner. Crying in gay. Wearing my pride flag. Wishing that I could relive yesterday over and over. Thank you, Carmilla. Thank you for everything

I am screaming rn
I just watched the dinosaur cry episode and-
“can we just talk about this?”
“sportacus, can we just sit down and talk?”
“I didn’t mean to scare you.”
“I’m sorry.”
Robbie says all of this in the episode when he mistakenly thinks he scared sportacus and I’m just- this just fuels my sportarobbie shipping even more.
He doesn’t even hate him that much, he just wants everyone to be lazy, that’s it.
You two just make a fuckin peace treaty and allow kids to go outside, exercise and play, while also eating occasional sweets, junk food and over sleeping. Then you can both get on and be gay together.

Do or die, you’ll never make me
Because the world will never take my heart

ahh i miss mcr i was so sad when i heard they were disbanded, welcome to the black parade is probably my fav song from them and these two heroes too why not


When we are first introduced to Andrew Neiman he is seen wearing white. By the end of the film he is dressed in head-to-toe black. Obviously this can be seen as a symbol for loss of innocence, the more corrupted he becomes. But it can also be seen as Neiman channeling Fletcher’s character, who always appears in complete black when conducting.

Neiman mostly appears in white and shades of blue and green through the film, with this white t-shirt becoming the closet thing to a ‘signature look’ this character has. When he wears a black t-shirt it is with jeans. Even when performing in a black suit he still keeps a white blouse. But the final concert marks the first time the audience sees Neiman in a completely black ensemble, very much in the style of Terence Fletcher. While there is room to point out that black is the most frequently worn colour of concert musicians, the majority of Fletcher’s JVC band retains white somewhere in their stage outfits, while Neiman nonetheless takes the stage in streamlined black, a la Fletcher.

This particular colour progression in film costumes is often an obvious literal metaphor for when a character ‘goes over to the dark side’, and this certainly holds true for Andrew Neiman and his arc. But given how this look is such a noticeably signature choice for Fletcher, the reading can be taken a step further. There has been much debate over the ending of the film, and if it is a victory for Neiman or for Fletcher. But it’s interesting that Neiman was so completely fitted-out like Fletcher. Costuming Neiman explicitly in the style of his conductor shows that he has become a product of Fletcher’s philosophy. And despite a triumphant finish, dressing him like his conductor shows that no matter who cues who, from an audience standpoint, Neiman now represents Fletcher’s methodology, and is a visual extension of Fletcher’s conducting.

Halloween Costume Doodles:
A Mummified Ray Toro for  @iseemtohavefangirledandcantgetup
(the fro cannot be contained)