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You should doodle allura w a little cockatiel or something bc i just rly headcanon that she'd adore 100% of Earth's animals!!

She would totally LOVE animals  


Guys! Check this ridiculously cool necklace that @metalsmithjenn made for me! I repeat: she made it herself from metal and a stone that I picked out, and it’s the neatest thing I’ve ever seen. I swapped her for a plushie, but I absolutely got the better end of that deal :) Thanks, Jen!

Y’all should definitely go check the rest of her work out

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Painter Richie headcannons maybe?

~Richie is one of those people that could really learn how to do something just by looking it up. Like how to play instruments and all that jazz. And one day he learns that painting is sometimes helpful for ADHD.  

~So he decides that he can do that and just looks up a few pro tips before diving right in for fun. 

~He remembers when he used to finger paint as a child and just starts at it. He buys paint at freakin’ Jo-Ann Fabrics because why not?? And makes a whole trip of it. 

~He gets distracted by the ribbon section and ends up with a basket full of on sale Halloween decorations because Halloween was a week ago. And does he really need a plastic black cat??? The answer is yes. 

~Richie masters painting in seconds flat and is dishing paintings out like it’s nobody’s businesses. 

~You know which Birthday and Christmas and Hanukkah gifts are his because they are usually paintings. He claims it’s only cause it’s cheaper than buying real gifts but the Loser’s know how much effort and money he puts into them. 

~Painting is one of his many cool skills that he can whip out when needed. 

~His favorite quote from The Office? “Everyone said to Vincent Van Gogh, “You can’t be a great painter, you only have one ear”. And you know what he said? “I can’t hear you.”- Michael Scott. 

~He likes to play an album on his record player and just paint throughout each song and see what he has at the end. 

~Stan was so touched when Richie painted him these weird and cool looking birds for Hanukkah. And they were birds he knew didn’t exist and he asked Richie about it. 

~Richie shrugged and said “I made them up for you.”

~Stan hugged him for that.

~Because this boy is a child at heart, for Eddie’s birthday he makes him a mug with his hand print in red paint on the side with his name painted real tiny on the palm. And Eddie drinks out of it everyday. 

~He made the Loser’s come to his house and all they did was drink the wine Richie somehow got a hold of and paint. (Richie bought them all canvases and laid out all his paints.)

(Send me your requests for a head canons list!)

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name: Audrey

gender: female

star sign: Ariess

height: 5'3

what images do you have set as your desktop/cell wallpapers?: Wyatt Oleff because he’s gorgeous

what do you see yourself doing in 10 years?: Hopefully graduating medical school, I also want to minor in writing so many have a book or something??

if you could be anywhere else right now, where would you be?: Australia with Leah because she’s got cool looking birds on her porch and burnt brownies

what was your coolest halloween costume?: I was Eddie Kaspbrak this year

what was your favourite 90s show?: Sabrina, Power Puff Girls, & Aurthur

what was your last kiss?: it was shit

have you ever been stood up?: lmao yeah

favourite ice cream flavour? : Pineapple and Coconut

have you been to las vegas? : yeah

you favourite pair of shoes? : I have T strap 5 inch heels, super cute

what’s your favourite flavour? : pineapple and coconut :-))

what is your favourite book? : Are You Experienxed? By Jordan Sonnenblixk

what’s the stupidest thing you’ve ever done?: Tried to sleep on a cold ass field while drunk in a sketchy area, almost had sex with a 40 something year old (pretty dumb)

which loser? : yes

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