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*squints* I recognize this map


Located just a few short miles from the hustle and bustle of Atlanta, Georgia, lies a nature preserve called Constitution Lakes Park. Inside this nature preserve is several ponds surrounded by wetlands. Meandering through the lakes are little trails for visitors to walk down. One such trail is the aptly named “Doll’s Head Trail,” which is the work of a local carpenter, Joel Slanton. Joel strongly encourages visitors to the preserve to bring along their own doll heads and trinkets to add to the unique trail. However, everything added to the trail must be found in the nature preserve thus cleaning up the preserve and recycling!


I always love seeing other harpists covers. Everything about this is what I strive to do eventually.

I decided to put together in one drawing some of the things I luuuurv about Star Trek:

-Space husbands!

-Vulcan kisses! 

-The wrap-around shirt!

-Jim tearing his shirt!

-Jim using said torn shirt to bandage Spock!

-Cool alien locations

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also just to add to y'all, as someone who knows a tiny bit about budgeting, what most of the money goes on in any production is PEOPLES SALARIES and SETS. the more staff needed, the more expensive filming. so like, a small budget film would have fewer locations and sets built, and fewer actors. also, TIME. you pay 100 dollars a day to someone? 2 days doubles it. nightshoot raises it. simple as that. to say that the skull was changing because of the budget, is... insane and completely ludicrous.

Anonymous said to inevitably-johnlocked: The Budget Couldn’t Have Been Small, Or If It Was, They Have Never Budgeted For A Tv-Show Before - a story by me, who has has like, fucking eyes and knowledge about this stuff. the budget was clearly pretty same as before… i can go in depth about this if you want but basically, you can all notice some of it, for example: a trip to marocco for a plotline that didn’t need to be shot, as it was read out anyway… if the budget really was a thing, they spent it on the episodes 45/45/10 lmao

Hey Nonnies!

Oh, absolutely, we totally understand the actors and cast / crew / filming locations changes based on budget. I think what bothers most folks is that SHERLOCK is a show that BBC literally throws money at… I mean look at the production quality of T6T and TLD: They rented a stunt driver, an Aston Martin, a helicopter, a drone or two, an aquarium AND hospital wing for several days;  REBUILT SETS FROM SCRATCH – one of which was a rotating one; went to and filmed in Morocco and probably other small locations to film the travel scenes; recced in Canada and never did anything with it; paid SFX people to set off fireworks for ””””Ben’s birthday”””””; took up an entire island or beach for filming; REMADE a whole new skull painting that glowed (backlighting) ergo would have been screenprinted on canvas or paper (I can’t tell what it is in the photos for Sherlocked US); BOUGHT AN ENTIRE NEW FURNITURE SET for a 30 second ending sequence in TFP; working with children also probably comes with additional fees and insurance (I don’t know for certain, just speculating here), wrote new music and FULL SOUNDTRACKS FOR EACH EPISODE (usually the songs all get recycled throughout the season); THEN  had to pay for all the post production and editing, which then required updating hard and software ………

But they didn’t have the 500 or so dollars to rebuy a painting they had for 3 fucking seasons? Sure Jan.

Salaries are the LEAST of their worries. If Mofftiss said “oh, we spent a lot on sets and all the cool locations”, then MAYBE I would believe them…. but they literally said they didn’t have the budget to have A PAINTING, from what I’m understanding.


tape 1

-shawn’s pov-
present day

Pain is exhausting.

Pain is all-consuming.

Pain has the ability to pick you up and submerge you in it’s rough, frigid waters and drown you.

Pain was lingering on the wet case of my pillow. Pain was lingering in the dirty clothes on my floor. Pain was lingering in my greasy hair, my chapped lips, my puffy eyes.

And then all at once, I was numb.

You want to know why?

I lost the one thing that causes pain.


Pain makes you feel everything. Pain makes you cry and scream and pull at your hair, but only because hope fuels it on. Pain thrives off hope. And as soon as you lose hope, you lose pain. As soon as you lose pain, you go numb.

I still haven’t decided which feeling is worse.

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ok now that my meltdown is somewhat over i’m gonna analyze shots in the last jedi teaser, as well as stills and info they released

probably rey coming out of a vision

if you look in the background she still has the lightsaber. i’m trying to figure out what else is going on in the background though, what is the patterned thing on the right? the sole of her boot? if so what position in she in lmao

i really like this shot, the map is similar to holograms in the prequels and it’s good to see the resistance in a location that isn’t inexplicably overrun with vines

i really hope this is the result of a tantrum and not an undeserved redemption arc. there’s broken glass around it so idk… also it’s smoking

ok lmao did i not CALL the tree of time force tree having ancient secrets that rey would unlock. has there ever even been a physical book in star wars before

the jedi symbol presumably in one of the books although it could easily be from somewhere else and they’re just tricking us into thinking it’s from one of the books

whoever is perusing it is wearing gloves for some reason. i really wanna know what lore is going on here

this is PRESUMABLY rey with anakin’s lightsaber and luke watching… but some people have commented that the rock next to her looks like yoda is sitting on it

which would make no sense lmao like if it is him i feel like he should be translucent and glowing… that does call into question the person watching though

because that’s definitely not the outfit we’ve seen luke in. like obviously he can change clothes but we haven’t really seen anyone with that length of coat yet

;___________; i’m guessing this is from the VERY beginning of the movie. all i’m saying is they better have something really cool they’re hiding

ok at first i was gonna ignore this generic falcon flying/fighting shot completely but i realized… the fact that it’s in action at all tells us something. because it came to ahch-to with rey and chewie and now it looks like it’s… not there… i mean i guess that could be ahch-to on a nice day but idk. wherever it is it seems to confirm they’ll be leaving ahch-to which is great imo

i love this shot. aggressive and athletic. and is it just me or is she also not on ahch-to here? it seems like flat landscape… again assuming it’s anakin’s lightsaber. speaking of which his lightsaber has only featured in two movies in each trilogy so i’m assuming it’ll be removed from the picture in this one

another shot i like. definitely another flashback to the destruction of luke’s academy or whatever it was supposed to be

let’s lighten this one up first

in the tree, rey’s staff propped up against the wall. this also brings me to the AUDIO of the teaser

kyle: i only know one truth

luke: it’s time for

from a different scene, luke OR maybe someone else: the jedi

from another different scene, luke: to end

as dramatic and mysterious they’re trying to make this i’m not that interested because you know disney won’t end them so

ONTO the stuff we learned OUTSIDE the crappy trailer

first of all i just wanna remind you of this interview from a year ago

And besides, Ridley already knows who Rey’s parents are – and she doesn’t think it’s that big of a deal. “I think the amazing thing about [Episode VII] is that Finn and Rey don’t come from anywhere, and they find a place,” Ridley, who’s currently filming Rian Johnson’s Star Wars: Episode VIII, said. “So to me, it’s funny that people think it’s so important because I don’t really think it is.”

then during the panel yesterday they asked her “are you and luke related by blood” and she shook her head and the interviewer’s straight up like “ok no to that one”

THEN during this interview she says

and rey, i thi– obviously he doesn’t even know who she is when she turns up, like, with this frickin’ lightsaber that he’s not seen in however long

and during THIS interview she first of all said she thought it was already answered in tfa (which she has also said multiple times before), AND there was this from rian

interviewer: are we going to find out who her parents are?

rian: uhhh [high pitch] mmmmmm it’s

interviewer: you don’t have to tell me

rian: it’s, it’s something that is absolutely going to be addressed in the movie

interviewer: it will be addressed but there won’t be clarification?

rian [talking at the same time as the interviewer]: um there won’t be

rian: it depends on… i’m, i can’t say, i was about to say something, you almost got me!

like LITERALLY idk what else proof you need that she’s not related to anyone. the question was already answered in tfa. “[your family] are never coming back”. like rian is specifically saying it’s ADDRESSED, not that we’ll find out who her parents are, because we’ll never find out who her parents are. this is honestly becoming so annoying

moving on


<3333 rose! ok so she’s a resistance mechanic… interesting… but there were rumors she did screen tests with mark hamill and when he came on stage the two of them seemed really close so i think those rumors are true! which is great because i’m so glad they’re leaving that damn island lmao. (if you don’t know my prediction is rey runs off on her own at the end of the first act so luke joins up with the resistance). another thing is how close mark and john seem so it would honestly make sense to me if he’s with rey for act one and then with finn, rose, and the resistance for act 2 and 3. i can dream…

anyway the same source that said she did tests with mark also said her role was “juicy” and it’s “subversive” for her to be not white so that’s interesting… obviously she wasn’t in the teaser and finn pretty much wasn’t either so idk their part could be really cool, hopefully i mean.

my prediction is that she’s a first order spy meant to bring finn back, but then she turns good while on the missions with him. because i’m not quite sure how her character could be so big and important if there isn’t something more to her

john filming with gwendoline adds more credence to the rumors finn will infiltrate the first order (with rose?)

daisy filming on a green screen set PROBABLY just means they did action stuff indoors for safety and secrecy but i also hope it means they go to cool cgi locations lol

i’m not even gonna do the poster cuz it sucks.

ANYWAY overall none of this contradicts my predictions but obviously finn was very absent from this all vs in my predictions he has a big role. so hopefully they’re just hiding it for now idk, i just need them to respect his position as the MALE LEAD who is equally main characters with rey. and for him to be a jedi k bye