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finally listened to “I Can’t Fix You” by The Living Tombstone!

such a catchy song!!


I always love seeing other harpists covers. Everything about this is what I strive to do eventually.


The Petite Ceinture is an abandoned, circular railroad track in Paris. It is full of long dark tunnels, gypsies, graffiti, secret passages and other marvels. Entry is illegal. I walked the entire track. This is part 4 of the series. To see previous parts, go to my page titled Petite Ceinture. Click ‘keep reading’ to see some of my photos from this walk.

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Actually, a slightly more cohesive thought before I dive into work:

My issue is very specifically targeted at the marketing of Andromeda, not the game itself. I might end up loving the game. It might end up being my favorite Mass Effect or even BioWare game. Who knows? Not me, because I haven’t played it.

And the thing is, my hopes for this game were very basic:

  • I wanted to be able to play as a lady.
  • I wanted to explore some cool new locations that are vast but not overwhelming and big with purpose.
  • I wanted gameplay that’s similar to the original trilogy, but tweaked and enhanced as needed.
  • I wanted to be able to enjoy a romance with a character as a lady Ryder. (Vetra has caught my attention the most, but I have no explicit expectations. I’m honestly open to exploring any organically developing relationship between any available romance regardless of gender.)  

I know I can play as a woman. But so far, I’ve only seen her in the field taking action once. Our first introduction to her was as a soft, breathy, very pretty lady waking up. Our most recent meeting with her has her relegated to a damsel in distress type position. 

I know that the locations look amazing, although I’m apprehensive about having them as big as they’ve been bragging about. The combat does look fun, but I won’t know for sure how I like it until I’m in control. But the marketing in this regard is as expected. 

I have little to no idea who I can romance as a lady Ryder. In and of itself, I am actually not at all bothered by this. I was actually kind of excited when it was announced (by Flynn, I think) that they were going to keep the romances a secret because I was really looking forward to going into this blind. I remember how thrilling it was finding out that romances were a thing when I first played Origin–I was totally up for experiencing something similar.

But then they release two major story trailers showing bro Ryder intimately involved with two female companions? 

Romances aren’t even the most important part of the game to me. Yes, I thoroughly enjoy what they can add to a story, but I play plenty of games where it’s not available. Sometimes I even opt out in games where it is. But if you’re going to show us that it is integrated into the story and promote it as a major selling point for the game, acknowledge that your fanbase is far more diverse than players who want to play a guy romancing a woman. 

I’m just tired of having to trust developers that they’re aware that I’m a part of a demographic that supports their games. Fucking show me that players like me aren’t a second thought and I’ll happily pre-order your game. Entice me with your trailers and I’ll pay full price and then some for DLC. Keep sidelining us and I’ll just stick to Steam sales and Origin discounts. 

ETA - Just because a few people have mentioned this: I’m aware that EA likely plays a greater role in the marketing decisions than BW. Nevertheless, my complaints are directed towards whatever teams and individuals have made these decisions regardless of affiliation, and my tags are for easy blacklisting purposes. “bioware critical” is more commonly used than “ea critical.”

Zootopia, 2016

In celebration of Zootopia passing $1 Billion at the box office and being released on Bluray today!

I’d like to think Zootopia would make for a great world in Kingdom Hearts! They’ve already acknowledged the movie in KHX, and while that isn’t necessarily a world confirmation it makes me optimistic to think the team at Square has looked into the series already. Zootopia would be pretty different from other worlds because of how varied the setting is, going between the arctic, desert, rain forest and the big city all in one location. How cool would it be to explore areas only touched on in the movie? Also, it would be the only world where Sora would have to change into a different form but Donald and Goofy could stay as they are.

I’m fairly sure world-specific party members are confirmed for KH3 and I’d hope to see Nick and Judy as alts for a Zootopia world. Partially because they could easily be a unit like the Ice Climbers in Super Smash Bros, and partially because I really want to see Nick fight with a popsicle like he does in Disney Infinity, because that was easily one of the best creative choices that game made!

So where are our favorite officer and key-bearer? They’re pursuit of something across that bridge… with any luck we’ll catch up to them soon!

Something recent
I’m adventuring in Las Vegas and I was fortunate enough to meet up with Roxy Chan at Otakon Vegas. Vegas is fantastic for really cool photoshoot locations, but super great for the cosplay or cons though. You’d think it’d be huge right?
Naaah. :<
It’s really different out here.

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Badab e Surt | Iran (by Mojtaba Shadman Rad)

This beautiful red like mineral spring is located between Semnan and Sari near a village which is named Malkhast. These beautiful colors are because of several different mineral salts like iron and calcium salts that are surely in the way where water comes up from the source reservoir under the ground. Upper pressure and temperature of water inside the reservoir than the surface leads to crystallization of salts during cooling and specific location of spring against the local winds has made such a different small pools.