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Gods walking among us (X)

I tried to do this and it felt as though I was facing my death. Please take a moment to appreciate how much skill, upper body strength, footwork, bravery, and confidence this move requires. I mean their entire bodies are straight, they have to twist on their feet, fall effortlessly forward without flinching, and then catch themselves too. 


The Kings! X Clan Ending Poses

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140728 G-Dragon mentioned on 4Minute HyunA’s documentary show, Free Month!

PD: Do you know how many celebrities in South Korea have the black card? 
HyunA: How many? 
PD: Only one. 
HyunA: Who?
HyunA: Wah! Really cool! (sings Crayon’s lyrics) My card is black, is it? So cool!

trans: byh9630, Joey Lim on Youtube