felt the need to draw @gittana’s voltron lovechildren cause they’re pure and beautiful aaaaa 💜  Luna, Kai, Sana, Jojo and Thomas

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The cool kids are so underrated

Okay but I just?? love them so much???? hosting a potluck and inviting people they don’t know very well just because they can, always supporting Steven’s interests even if they don’t fully understand the whole gem thing, talking highly of Lars and inviting him to things despite not really knowing him, making Sadie feel welcome and just?? they’re so nice and?? i love how they’re still considered the “cool” kids despite having a few weird interests (like. they drive around in a pizza van) i just rlly love them okay

Και μη ξεχνάς που και που, να πάρεις μια ανάσα.

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