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Yooo, so. Came to my attention that there is a wonderful person on Instagram taking a whole bunch of images on here and cutting them to work in their context. If I may–

I am a roleplayer, as are a great many of the people that the images were taken from. However, to take a picture from an artist who made a story and cut it to fit in your context is wrong. It’s disrespectful to the artist who worked hard to portray a character and give them a unique outlook on the life the character leads.

To take that art without asking, shy or otherwise, isn’t right. Talk to the artist! We’re all pretty Cool Kids™ and like to talk to our fans.

Also, please don’t post this on your Instagram. Send me a message on Tumblr, either through the IM or an Ask (and please not on Anon). I won’t block you, I promise. I just want a straightforward conversation so we can all talk about this like adults and stop it from happening in the future.

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What are you afraid of, Klutz?

and also Ground types

how am I going to explain to my future wife that watching Kung Fu Panda 3 at 1 in the morning on a school night brings me immense amount of joy? Or the fact I’ve seen Zootopia 5 times now. Or that I don’t enjoy Criminal Minds but I will sit down and watch Young Justice for a whole day, or that my ideal date movie at the moment would be to see the lego batman movie

like, I’m honestly not that big of a nerd anymore, I’m an intelligent young woman, how will explain a love for children’s cartoons ugh

Gem Things Steven Has Inherited.

1.) A malleable, stretchy form.

2.) A natural protective instinct for his homeland.

3.) Personal space? What’s what?

4.) A talent for dancing and singing.

5.) Like other gems we’ve met, an urge to hide darker emotions.

6.) Very independent for a boy his age, especially compared to other children. When he wants to do something important, he wants to do it alone.

7.) Magic, of course.

8.) Stronger than most humans his size.

9.) His body ages with his mind.

10.) Sense of humor, while more advanced, is still very literal; relies on puns, and is not always understood by those around him.

11.) T E E TH

Riko is not only Chika’s girlfriend, but she’s also basically her mom. I find that both weirdly endearing and adorable.

I shall name ye Rogues

@fetacheeseandsoup Good things should to happen to you. I love how you love the things and people you love. You are a dew drop in moonlight. I hope you always keep loving, and know that you deserve to be loved in return. You have some quirky cool aesthetic. It is, in actuality, a joy to see you blog. I look forward to getting to know you. I am beginning to love Danny through your love for him.

Zara, your art is gorgeous, often invoking a sense of midnight wonder when I should probably be getting to bed.

Cass, I look at what you create and I feel stories told, forming, promising.

It is very obvious that you both care about your art, @ritzy-biscuit and @perditionxroad, along with those you are depicting whether real or fictional. Thank you for sharing with us. I hope that you know your own beauty inside and out.

Sarah, @nygmaz , I haven’t had the chance to talk to you much…and I see that you might not be coming back. I hope that you are taking care of yourself, and that the bullying on this isn’t reaching you. You don’t deserve that.

@jonathan-cranes-mistress-of-fear, you are…extraordinary. Your imagination and openheartedness work wonders hand in hand, and I admire the way you use them to weave the shadows into a resplendent quilt. You are wildly creative and, at least in part, the reason I fell in love with Jon as fast as I did. You deserve love and comfort. I hope you know this, and I hope the dark things you might come across in your life are there to tell you that you are worth it.

@theriddlerisanerd. You make me smile so damn hard. You are honestly curious to know who someone is as a person, and I think that that is a super cool thing about you. The way I see you interact with others via blog is indicative of one who is understanding, or at least seeking to understand, and one who is loving and in possession of wonderfully warm sense of humor. You are so damn imaginative, and I love your fancasts. When I think of you, I think of cats getting into silly and clever spots, and I think of a happy Eddie drinking hot chocolate.

Bara…Your name is @smokedcapybara…that’s an automatic cool point. I just started following but, right off the bat, I could tell that you care…about animals, people, social issues…you care beyond the issues posted and reposted. You care, even when caring might not be the “cool” thing to do (like about feline obesity being an issue). I love your snapshots of pillow forts, and pictures of cats. I love your night skies, and heart like a canvas speckled in stardust. You are poetic, and worthy worthy worthy of love, praise, attention. Always.

Jay, @thoughtscascade , you found me before I followed you. Sorry it took me so long XD! You’re really neat, you know that? Your meta posts intrigue me, and I look forward to interacting with you more. I love your passion for your fandoms, and characters, and I look forward to reading your fics. I hope you know that you are important and, even if you don’t always feel that way, know that one star in the sky can inspire stories and legends and hope…can be the final stitch in a constellation…would make the sky a bit darker if it wasn’t around.  

Amy, @enygmass, I don’t know much about your comic yet, but I’m looking forward to finding out. You are brilliant, like a crow with a gem. I don’t know why that image stuck in my mind, but crows are super smart and gems sparkle so together they are two types of brilliant. You’re heartwarming, and you sparkle. So there. XD You also have a heart that feels, a lot. I hope you know that you are creative, and skilled, and an absolute wonder to follow. Remember to take care of yourself, and that you are worth that care. You love people, and you know that their thoughts and feelings are important, but yours are, too

Indy, @canadian-riddler, you are pretty much the reason I ended up here. I didn’t even know Scriddler was a thing, or that Eddie would be so damn loved anywhere on this site. But, that aside, you don’t want people to sell themselves short and that’s…something special…because you don’t tear people down if you disagree with them. You are very honest with your perspective on things. And you are supportive and encouraging, but you do not praise just to placate. You want people be the best versions of themselves, and you want them to be okay. You are a good person. I hope you know this. Also, I’ve been listening to EDM. What the hell did you do??? XD

I’ve never really been fans of villains as a group, and tumblr isn’t a site that generally encourages this…so, coming into the rouges fandom, I was initially intimidated. I felt messy, and anxious, and insecure in the presence of the people I’ve mentioned. I was the new bird at the joint, listening to them interact, wishing I could find a word or two to contribute. I saw a couple of the quiet one’s sitting, communicating through smiles and inquisitive quirks of brows. I saw some of them dancing and laughing and playfully poking while the guards grumbled. A couple of them noticed me sitting alone in the common room, and scooted next to me to share some of Arkham’s hidden secrets. Some, I believe, might have thought me to be…annoying?? But they still tolerated my presence. (This part, I admit, might be my own insecurities gaining foothold.)

I haven’t been touched by the toxicity or the hate that many of them seem to contend with in this fandom, but I want them to know that I love them, they are genuine as hell, some of the nicest people, and I think it is really rad to see them “hang out”…and it’s awesome that they not only look out for one another, but can disagree…they can, for the most part, tease and discuss and respect…on a site like this, that’s wild. It really is an honor to follow your blogs.

 Also, like Eddie, you are adorable.

This past weekend I had the pleasure of meeting the boys from Stranger Things at the Days of the Dead convention in Atlanta (2/4/17) and seeing their panel.  I thought I’d share some cool things the kids talked about:

  • Finn got his first acting jobs off of Craigslist ads.
  • Stranger Things was originally called Montauk and took place in Long Island.
  • Before auditioning, the kids were sent movie clips to watch from Jaws, The Poltergeist, Let Me In,  E.T., and  The Goonies to get a “feel” for how the Duffer brothers wanted the show to be like.
  • At the auditions the boys read from the script of Stand By Me.
  • Stranger Things was originally going to be a mini-series.
  • Gaten was the only person the Duffer brothers auditioned for Dustin.
  • Noah originally auditioned for Mike.
  • The cast (with the exception of Gaten) complained that the 80’s clothes they had to wear were uncomfortable. They were even given “tighty whities” to wear, which they said they refused to do.
  • When talking about the technology from the 80s that they had never seen before, Finn said that Millie had never seen a record player before prior to filming the first season. The boys couldn’t believe this, because as Finn said, “you can get one at Urban Outfitters.”
  • Gaten said the worst scene for him to film was the scene where Dustin and Mike are being chased by the bullies in the quarry because he hates running. When told he needed to keep up with Finn, Gaten said “then Finn needs to slow down.”
  • In the last episode, the scene where Jonathan picks up Will from playing D&D was improvised. Lucas says that Dustin farted, but he originally said “Dustin sharted.” However, the voice was dubbed over in the final cut because the Duffer brothers said that nobody said “sharted” in the 1980s.
  • Gaten said that his favorite movie is Saving Private Ryan. Finn’s is Trainspotting, and Noah’s is Castaway. Caleb couldn’t pick a favorite movie.
  • Gaten’s new charity, CCD Smiles, should be up and running in the next month or so.

Plus some cute things:

  • Finn said when he went to his audition he was excited because the Duffer Brothers had bought him business class plane tickets, much to the disbelief of Noah who said he was given an economy class ticket. 
  • Caleb corrected his own grammar once when answering a question.
  • Noah recently bought Dungeons and Dragons, much to the delight of the others who can’t wait to play and they all exclaimed “let’s play tomorrow!”
  • When the panel moderator said no more questions and thanked the boys for coming, Finn said “Wait, we’re done? No we can take more questions.” When the other boys joined in the moderator allowed 10 more minutes of questions.
  • At one point a lot of static came out of the microphones, prompting the boys to say things like “hello?” and “it’s here.”


         A small call meant for people who would be INTERESTED in DISCUSSING a possible MAINS connection between our blogs! 

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         So hey, hit that LIKE or REPLY and I’ll hop into your IM / Discord ( If I have that ) and discuss possible stuff w/ you. :^)