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7 simple water spells that use 2 ingredients or fewer

Not everyone has the time or money for a busy, involved spell. It takes practice, a quiet place to sit down, and often a lot of meditation or introspection before you can create a really POWERFUL spell. However, sometimes what you need isn’t power, but speed - these spells answer just that need combining water and no more than TWO other ingredients to create useful, flexible spells. They’re not the most powerful bits of magick you can perform, but they work fast, they don’t need a protective circle to cast them, and they can be re-performed easily and with almost no ingredient costs! 

  1. Fill a glass with water, and invoke the healing elements of Water and Earth. Pour healing energies into the water, and add a sprinkle of salt to cleanse out impure energy. Drink this water in one go for a fast and easy noticeable healing spell. Please note, however, that it is not a super-powerful spell! If you really need healing, perform a proper, strong spell after going to a doctor

  2. Dip your finger into a glass of saturated salty water, and use the water to draw a pentacle upon your table or altar. When the water evaporates it will leave the salt behind, creating a perfect salt pentacle perfect for keeping your altar free of harmful energies. This also means that it can be washed off in seconds with a damp paper towel or wash-cloth, making it easy to clean up and easy to dispose of in an instant if you are a secret or hidden Witch in an unfriendly environment.

  3. Mix sugar and a spice, such as vanilla* or cinnamon, into water and bless it under moonlight. Dedicate it to the moon and to the cycles of nature. Then, before the sun rises, pour the water out over any plants in your garden that need a little extra help staying healthy and strong. 

    *Please only use vanilla extract, vanilla paste, or vanilla bean for this! Vanilla essence is NOT real vanilla, and has never seen the inside of any herbs at all. Vanilla essence is a chemical called vanillin, which was created synthetically in a factory - it is NOT a real herb!

  4. Add rosemary and sage to a jug of cool water, and leave it to sit in the fridge for three days. Take the jug out and dip a paintbrush into this water, and then paint the potion upon the top of any doors in your house that face the outside. This will prevent negative spirits from entering your dwelling, and will help prevent you bringing stress in from the outside world with you too!

  5. Add together 3 parts dried rosemary (or 5 parts fresh), 6 parts water (8 if using fresh herb) and 2 parts salt, boil together in a pan for at least 10 minutes, then leave this to sit in a cool place away from as much sunlight as possible. Leave this potion to sit and infuse for at least 2 weeks, and then during your showers measure out about a quarter-cup (~60ml) of the potion. Apply this to your scalp and hair, massaging vigorously, and then after at least 1 minute of leaving it in wash it out with shampoo and water. This potion is extremely nourishing for the hair, and will help your hair stay stronger for longer. Soak your hands and feet in it for 10 minutes twice-daily as a nail strengthener, too! Keep refrigerated when not in use!

  6. Under a full moon, step out into nature and bless a bucket of water. Add a handful of salt, and command the salt to dispel all impurities and harmful energies in the water, and then use whatever incantation or wording you choose to tell the water that anything washed within it will be cleansed of foul energies and made new again. Then use the water to wash down any items in your house that might have negative energies attached; for example a necklace that was given to you by an abusive ex; a favourite toy from your childhood before you moved away and couldn’t play with it anymore; or perhaps a ritual tool that has not been cleansed in a long time and has energies built up inside it. This water will remove all the bad energies, and leave the good ones, allowing you to make the object’s energy “new” again and remove bad associations. 

  7. Fill a glass of water and dip your thumb into it, before pushing your Will into the water to infuse it with creativity, confidence, and innovation. Drink this water, or give it to someone you think needs it, and for a little while it will infuse them all the tools they need to be strong, confident, assertive and make their points well. Drink it before anything that requires these skills, such as a job interview, a presentation for school, or before asking your crush out on a date. It will fill you with confidence and help you get the job done right!

I hope this helps a lot of Witches who might be busy or secret or poor or forgetful, or maybe all of them together! Good luck my wonderful Witches, and may the Goddess bless you all!

– Juniper Wildwalk

My thoughts on the Riverdale finale

* I knew the second Cheryl gave Veronica the Vixens she’d commit suicide. Anyone seen 13 reasons why? The first sign of suicide: Giving away things that you love

* I was ready to tear Archie into shreds but nope, came out he just wanted to be Veronica’s soul mate. You are, Archiekins

* Ronnie ships Bughead, guys

* I hate Hermione Lodge and Penelope Blossom. Worst parents of the year award goes to them

* On the other hand, FP wins best parent of the year award. He gave Jug Hot Dog and made sure he wasn’t alone. I want him out of jail NOW

* Have y'all seen how vulnerable Alice looked when she told Betty about her son? No makeup, no fancy clothes. Just her. I love her.

* I’m not the biggest fan of Ronnie but I like how she took care of Cheryl and tried to befriend Jug

* Josie is a good person. I like her. And looking at her parents, I understand why she’s a bitch sometimes

* I want Cheryl to leave her mom and move in with Ronnie. Then I want Ronnie to bitch slap her mom for being a heartless whore

* 10 bucks it was someone hired by the Sheriff or the mayor to hang that shit up on Betty’s locker

* Another 10 bucks it was someone hired by Hirem to kill Fred

* I need a gazillion gifs of that love reveal and another gazillion gifs of that make out session. I knew Jug wasn’t awkward during sex. He’s a fucking man

* Btw can I have a copy of Jug on my front door? He’s so fucking hot

* I like Varchie but tbh I screamed all the time to get back to Bughead. That shit was hot and I was surprised they’d go all the way THAT fast

* Btw Kudos to Betty for that speech. And of course the love of her life was the first one to applaud

* Betty stop worrying about Jug being a Serpent now. They proved time and time again that they’re loyal and good people. I mean, have you seen the kids laughing with Jug? They’re cool. Also, now you have a hot biker gang boyfriend who punches assholes who dishonor you (I’m jealous)

* Did anyone get a glimpse on Hot Dog? He looked like a Lab or a Goldie but FINALLY HOT DOG

* I need Archie’s song as MP3


Did I mention Jughead Jones was so fucking hot this episode?

Shut up and listen to my romance headcanon, please.

Teb: He’d try to marry you ASAP, would stay up late sewing your wedding attire, would be the best damn wedding garb any Nora has ever seen because a gift from the Goddess deserves the best you can offer and more.

Would want children, but he isn’t going to pressure you for them, has baby clothes put away just in case. Knows that you need your time in the wild, and that you can handle yourself, but would still be a worry wort.

A very loving husband indeed.

Varl: Would take things slow, wanting to know everything about you before he even mentions the possibility of marriage. Would be your best friend before, during, and after the wedding. Would look forward to hunting with you, and might even stir up some friendly competition while you’re out together.

Would be a total goof who flirts with you while you’re trying to focus on your tasks. Eventually wants children, would like to name them after his sister and mother.

Would follow you to the ends of the earth and back with only minor to moderate complaints.

Vanasha: She isn’t one for committed relationships due to her role as a spy for the King, but would happily spend her down time with you. Would always try to help you out with your quests, pulling strings and send aid whenever she can.

Will always be grateful for what you did to help her, and will happily show whenever you swing by.

Petra: Is down for whatever, but don’t think she’s going by ‘forgewife’ if you marry her. Her work is her baby, but wouldn’t mind adopting an older child as her forge apprentice, and she would definitely spoil them whenever they did well with their training.

Thinks of you as a gift to the Heap. With the amount of hunting you do, she never has to worry about running out of supplies, and that helps her rest easy at night.

Knows how you need to wander, and only fusses at you whenever you’re gone for too long.

Erend: Would take things slow, show you around, treat you to all the wonders Meridian has to offer. Isn’t ready for marriage, but the idea is certainly nice. Would insist on you staying with him once you two start getting serious.

Would try to make his house more accommodating for a Nora: cool water filled jugs, open windows with think shades to block out the blazing sun. He’d even try decorating with Nora carvings and knot work, only to be told that most of it is Banuk carvings.

Knows you’re highly capable, but still wishes you wouldn’t wander off without at least telling him where you’re going.

Avad: Things would be awkward between you two at first, he still feels terrible for trying to have you replace Ersa, but after a while, he’ll move past it.

After all you did for him, his city, and his people, he definitely wants to marry you. The people can’t help but approve of the idea after all you’ve done for them.

However, marriage to the king comes with many inconveniences: Needing a personal guard wherever you go, the political enemies, the political debates, the lack of freedom to go and do whatever you choose without hassle.

Nil: He isn’t looking for a committed relationship, just a hunting partner. He knows wherever you go, challenges arise, so he’s inclined to follow so long as there’s bandits to be fought. His affection doesn’t come easy, but after months on the road and some bonding over the hunt, he eventually begins to see you as more than a hunting partner.

He doesn’t want to marry or have children, he just want to wander with you until the end. He’s still waiting for that duel, but he’ll settle for a kiss instead.

For Them || Jughead Jones

Originally posted by matthew-daddario

word count : 727

pairing : Jughead x Reader

warnings : BULLYING!!! he’d die for you? endless friendship love???

 summary : You and Jughead have been best friends since you were basically born; he’d do anything for you as would you. So when Reggie started on you, Jughead steps in.

    Jughead and you had been best friend since you could remember. You could remember taking him on your family retreats, him taking you on ‘adventure’ days with his family, you being there for him when he came out as asexual, him being there when you and your boyfriend broke up. You two have been inseparable since you meant and you wouldn’t have it any other way. 

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The Accident Part 5

Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4   Part 5

I know this part is a little bit on the short side, but I’m busy tonight. I’ll post part 6 tomorrow, and it’s going to be a good one ;)

Fandom: Riverdale

Ship: Jughead x Reader

Characters: Jughead, Archie, Veronica, Betty, Kevin

Warnings: mentions of the car accident; major fluff moment

Like/reblog if you want a part six! I also accept all requests, so please do not hesitate to drop one in my ask. Let me know if you want me to tag you when I update or for other Jughead one-shots/stories!


You both made your way back to the lunch table, where now Betty, Veronica, Kevin, and Archie sat, but Archie held an ice pack to his eyes. An uncomfortable silence wove between the six of you, most of you not even understanding what had just happened.

You were the first to speak. “I want both of you to apologize and for this stupid rivalry to be over,” You pressed. Jughead rolled his eyes and Archie just stared at you like you were an alien.

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anonymous asked:

Imagine little Jughead sitting Archie down to tell him that he's asexual and Archie happily flaps his hands in response before giving him a half hug

Okay this took me so long bc I have zero attention span but here!!! Is a thing!!

Jughead was distracted. Archie wasn’t always the best at noticing when other people were out of sorts, but he knew Jughead almost as well as he knew himself. Which meant he also knew that the other would open up when he was ready.

It was the weekend after Archie’s fourteenth birthday, and they were having their regular Saturday movie marathon (this week it was Spider-Man, Monters Inc, The Wrath of Khan and then A New Hope), Archie bundled up on the floor with countless pillows and blankets, Jughead sitting on the couch. Both of them were fiddling with finger spinners, and that’s really how Archie knew something was up. Jughead never really felt the need to use them unless something was on his mind.

When the current movie finished, instead of getting up to change the discs, Jughead sat down beside Archie on the floor, chewing on his lip.
“Arch, I need to tell you something.” His friend murmured, pulling his beanie off and holding it in his hands.

Nodding, Archie turned himself to properly face Jughead, giving him his full attention.
“Of course, you can tell me anything, Jug.” He assured, his fingers flicking fast at the spinner in his hands. Jughead smiled slightly at that, but went back to biting his lip.

“I… I’ve thought about this a lot, and I really think this is right, and- and I wanted to tell you because you’re my best friend. I’m ace, and I’m pretty sure I’m aro too.” Jughead said, his voice tighter than normal. Archie smiled, and dropped his spinner in favour of flapping his hands.

/Cool, Jug!/ He signed, that kind of reply automatic and natural. His hands went back to flapping as soon as he finished signing, making sure to use his voice for his next reply.
“I’m glad you told me. I’m really proud of you.”

Jughead looked up at him, his shoulders dropping as he let out a breath.
“Thanks, Archie.” He murmured, pulling his beanie back over his head. Archie leaned forward, wrapping his arms around his best friend, smiling when Jughead returned the gesture.

“You’re always gonna be my best friend. No matter what.” Archie promised, pulling back and resuming the flapping. Jughead’s smile widened into a grin, and he gently knocked Archie on the shoulder as he stood to change the DVD to Wrath of Khan.

“Same here, pal. No matter what.”

FPxReader Starting over (Part 1)

Originally posted by shellyjohnsson

Riverdale. The place I grew up. The murder of Jason Blossom brought me back. I sat staring out at the old cars driving past Pops as I sipped on my milkshake. The town seemed quiet nothing like when I lived here. I grew up with my dad until he went to jail when I was 14. The only family willing to take in a former Serpents daughter was Fred Andrews and his wife. Shortly after they adopted me and had a son of their own.  I never planned on coming back to this insane town but I needed to be here for my family mostly just for my dad. He was struggling with his job and called me down to help him. I turned around in my seat seeing Archie walk in with dad. “Y/N oh my god you’re actually here!” I took him in my hands hugging him tight. “of course little bro you guys need me! took some time off to come help.”  “Well I’m very thankful but we do have more people joining us today for Dinner.” he added in introducing me to Jughead which of course I’ve meet a few times before. “And this is FP Jugs dad.” I shook the mysterious looking mans hand smiling at him. How have I never met him hes…hot. I shook my head sitting back down in my spot making room for Arch and Jug. I couldn’t keep my eyes off this man as he smiled and laughed about his past. “Y/N so are you here for your birthday?” Juggie asked me. “um kind of but really just here for my dad.” i smiled at him. “Birthday when? You have a great daughter Fred.” FP said looking at me. “Three days I turn 27 crazy right?” I said laughing at my age. Fred joined and talked about the day he adopted me. “Oh so thats why you look nothing like him.” FP laughed looking at me. I nodded taking the cherry in my mouth. I gave my dad a wink and put the stem down. The atmosphere changed when my dad took the bill to pay for the food we had just finished. Fp got mad calling Pops back paying for it himself. “You owe me this.” He stated. Fred tried making it better only to make it worse. “So you play guitar? You should teach me some things!” I said offering for him to join us at our house. Arch agreed and we all got in our cars to go to my old house. I pulled up before them staring at the two story house I used to sneak out of every night. Everything looked the same like mom had never left, like I never left. i turned off my car walking to the garage with the boys. “Here you can use Y/Ns guitar.” My youngest brother said to the older man. “You play?” Jug and his dad asked. “I did. left that behind with everything else.” I said taking my phone out and answering all my friends. “What I never knew that. cool.” Jug said taking a seat next to me. As they played I couldn’t help but look at Fp having fun. laughing and talking to us. “Arch you got so much better than me.” I said laughing and taking my old guitar from him. “Didn’t know you kept all my instruments. So, you ganna  teach me now?” I asked laying it on it’s stand. Fp got up asking for a beer and thats when it changed again. Arch being the curious boy he is asked him what he meant at the dinner which I was also curious to know. He explained to us what he meant and got up walking to his jacket. “Think I need something a little stronger than beer.” He said taking a drink. I saw Jugs face drop as he watched his dad drink. I walked outside sitting on my old swing. “So 27 huh?”I heard a slurred voice ask. “Yeah.” I said bluntly watching him take a seat near me. “So how did you end up with Fred?’ “Well my father was a piece of shit did a lot of bad things, not only to me but other people too. He went to jail when I was 14 and I came here.” I said gripping onto the chains harder. “Why did he go to jail?” He asked the curious one now. “His name was Jake Knowles look him up and you will know why.” I got up when Jug came out to get his dad and go home. I never liked to talk about my dad which was understandable. I walked up to my old bedroom opening the door to see everything I left still in its place. “Dad never changed it.” Arch said walking in next to me. “Why I told him I’d never come back.” Archie nodded and took a seat on my bed. “You ganna finally tell me why that was?” I didn’t say a word and he got the hint to leave. I laid down looking at the fairy-lights that light up my childhood. My eyes started to fill heavy so I closed them and drifted off into a deep sleep. 

I think I want to make this a series type thing should I?

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cats + columbo | jughead jones

I orginally posted this on a Riverdale blog that I started ( @rivervixen9) but then I deleted it because I don’t really want to get bogged down with another blog. But I figured I’d keep it here, in case any of you enjoy Riverdale and wanna give it a read. 

“I know it’s 3am but I can’t find my cat” 

You hadn’t exactly lost your cat, per say. You had been attempting to sneak out of the house and your cat, Matlock, had slipped his pudgy body through the doorway with you. So now, instead of the much needed sleep you had been looking forward to, you were trekking around in search of a fat grey Scottish fold whose parentage likely consisted of a pack of wolves.  

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Getting past the fact that Jughead's further suffering drives me nuts

I can’t help but to think of the possibilities.

Betty sneaking into Southside territory to be with her bae.

Much hiding and protective!Jughead

Turns out the serpents are cool

Jug becoming a sort of leader among the Southside kids

Betty hanging out with them. They probably make better friends than her current BFFs

Betty’s street cred shooting up, lol, no one’s gonna mess with her for sure.


Jughead having sarcastic quips at his new pals and actually having someone get the reference. Think Bughead - Rebel without a Cause inside joke but with bros.

Alice Cooper actually having to go to the Southside because she has to pick up her daughter. Hahaha

Much Alice/FP banter.

Hal being bros with FP. Why do I get the feeling that he’d be a better friend than Fred?

Another Cooper-Jones sit down dinner minus the hidden agenda.

Friend For Life : Archie Andrews


a/n: Hi love!! I really hope you love this. It’s a tad bit awful, but maybe that’s because I hate most things I write. Love you!! xx, aubree. 

warnings: a little sad.

word count: 348 (sorry it’s short)

(gif not mine)


Originally posted by dobhennig

Emmy was a foreign exchange student staying with the Andrews family throughout the school year. They had been nothing but hospitable and kind to her. Archie and Emmy had grown close, but alas, the school year was ending and she would be heading back home soon. Archie was sad that his newfound best friend would be so far away. 

“Hey, Emmy?” Archie called from his locker.

She made her way over to his locker, “Yes, Archie?”

“Since tonight is your last night here in Riverdale, we should make the most of it. Arcade, Pop’s, then bowling, how does that sound?” 

Emmy smiled and tucked her hair behind her ear, “That sounds like an excellent way to end my stay here!”

“Cool. Maybe Jug and Betty could come too?”

The bell rang for class as Emmy answered, “Yeah, I’ll see you later, Arch.”

Later that night, Archie, Emmy, Jughead, and Betty were wandering around the local arcade.

“Face it, Archie, Emmy is just better than you at everything.” Jughead laughed, putting his arm around Betty.

“This is true.” Emmy smirked, “I am better than you.”

Archie laughed, “Yeah, yeah. Can we just go get food?”

“Yeah, I’m starving.” Betty added as they walked through the front doors of the Arcade. 

Laughter filled the car as they drove to Pop’s. 

“I am going to miss this.” Emmy sighed. She had made these amazing friends that she now had to leave.

“So are we.” Archie gave her a reassuring smile as he parked the car.

The rest of the night the four kids sat in their booth at Pop’s, sipping on milkshakes and enjoying each other’s company. 

The next morning, everyone was filled with sorrow as they had to say good bye to Emmy. 

“We’ll miss you, kiddo.” Fred Andrews hugged her. Fred, Archie, and Emmy were all standing at the terminal.

“I’ll miss you guys, too.” She hugged them both again and left to get on her flight.

There was one thing she knew for sure as she boarded her flight: Archie Andrews was a friend for life.

leaalda  asked:

I just thought of a scene i want to see in season 2 : jug acting "cool" around his friends when betty comes to the southside like danny in grease and then apologizes when they are alone and goes back to his cute, smol self.

Omg even better I want Jug acting all cool around his friends but as soon as Betty turns up he goes back to his usual soft self, and when they tease him about it he just flips them off and kisses her because hell yeah he’s completely gone for this girl and he doesn’t care who knows it

The Valkyrie- Chapter 3

[Full Chapter List] – [Read Chapter 2] 

You stood high on the balcony overlooking the starlight-soaked city of Asgard as raucous revelry echoed through Valhalla behind you. The night was crisp, the air sweet with the scent of wine and smoke.

Your swords had their their fill of enemy blood, your limbs sang with the ache of a battle well-fought. Tonight belonged to you and your sisters, for you have brought Odin victory.

Your sisters had gathered the bravest of the fallen warriors from the ragged battlefield and escorted them into the legendary halls, where the wine was ever-flowing and the pits always crackling with meat. The men had been brave in the face of death, but it was your refusal to retreat when all hope was nearly lost, your rallying of the troops and sweeping the fields with your tactical precision that turned the tide.

Nothing could ruin such a wondrous night for you. Not even Loki, who had just minutes ago whirled a tender, blushing nymph out onto your balcony and pinned her against the railing not 5 feet from where you were standing.

“Lovely,” he murmured, conjuring a blossom of starlight in his palm and tucking it tenderly behind her ear. “From the moment I saw you, I knew there was none lovelier than you.”

“We’re not joining the celebrations?” The nymph giggled. “The men have just started singing battle songs in honor of the fallen.”

“Leave the warmongers to their self indulgence, and hollow victories,” he muttered, kissing the hollow of her throat, his hand wandering up her thigh. “There are far sweeter things I would rather preoccupy myself with.”

“…But we’re not alone!” She squeaked, peering at you from over his shoulder.

He smirked. “Let her watch. We’ll give her a show so thrilling that she’ll realize there are more wondrous things in life than murder.” He paused, then laughed cruelly. “Nevermind. Who am I kidding. She’s Valkyrie after all.”

You ground your teeth. How wrong you were. Loki had managed to ruin your night. You stomped off in your spiked boots towards the celebration, before he managed to ruin it even further.  

Your sisters welcomed you to their table with a cool jug of honey ale. Without a second thought, you grabbed the jug and downed it to their deafening cheers.

“Another!” You cried, and your sisters roared and obliged..

It was late into the night when Odin rose from his gilded throne, scepter in hand. All of Valhalla fell silent as he began to speak.

“Valor! Loyalty! Honor!” His voice boomed through the air like thunder. “The qualities of a true warrior! In the eyes of your fathers, your forefathers, your brothers. You all have proven yourself WORTHY!”

The air was thick with electricity, and you shouted with your sisters until your throat was hoarse.  

“Tonight, I wish to honor a very special warrior. A Valkyrie I have trained since before she knew how to walk. She was instrumental to our victory today, and there is no one prouder of her than I.” Odin beckoned to you, beaming. Your sisters thumped their fists against your armor as you made your way to the throne. Odin grasped your hand, and raised it high, and the hall roared, tens of thousand of fists and weapons plunged high in the air. The air was alive, and for the first time, you knew what it meant to be truly happy.

“For such exemplary valor, for your unparallelled deeds in battle, you will be granted the highest honor ever bestowed upon a Valkyrie. Come here, my son.”

Thor slammed down his chalice of ale, and leapt over the table towards his father.

“Thor. My pride and joy. You have lead many of my armies to victory, and will be king of Asgard someday. I give to you the hand of this most worthy of Valkyries, so that you shall have dauntless, warrior sons. May your progeny strike fear in our enemies’ hearts, and may their seed scatter and prosper!”

“…Wait. What?” You spluttered, all the buzz from the ale gone in an instant..

Odin clasped your hand in Thor’s, and the hall erupted in cheers.

Thor frowned in confusion. “… Are we getting married?”

You could have been Captain of his guards. Master of his army. Of all the honors Odin could have bestowed you, of all the titles and power he could have granted, he made you his daughter-in-law. So you could breed him grandsons.

You wrenched your hand from Thor and backed away.

“Fearless in the face of death, yet a shrinking violet when faced with matrimony! See how she pales like the bashful moon.” Odin laughed, grabbing your wrist and yanking you back towards Thor. “Tonight, we drink to to their union!”

“NO!” You shouted, and the hall fell silent. You felt the eyes of all in Asgard boring into you.

Odin’s voice was low, and deathly quiet. “…I beg your pardon?”

You swallowed hard, heart pounding in your chest. “…No.”

“…I know you only ever had eyes for my brother,” Thor murmured, eyes soft. “But I am sure, in time, those feelings could change-”

Odin silenced him with a raised hand. “…Very well,” he muttered. “The Valkyrie has spoken. I offered her my eldest son. My one greatest treasure. And she has rejected my goodwill. Shamed me and my son in front of all the warriors of Asgard.”

Thor’s eyes widened in alarm. “Father, please-”

“So be it,” Odin growled. “So be it!” He jabbed his scepter in your direction, eyes ablaze with fury. “If you refuse to play your part in the great history of Asgard, then you shall be stricken from it!”

In an instant, you were seized by his guards.

“Let her deeds, her name be forgotten. Erased from the books, the songs, the monuments. Tomorrow, she shall be executed, and no one will remember her name.”  

“You love war. He loves war. You love disemboweling people. He likes bashing skulls.” Loki leaned against the amber force field of your cell, eyeing you intently. “You and my brother were a match made in heaven, literally.”

You said nothing, staring listlessly at the wall in front of you. It had been three days since you were to be executed. Yet no executioner came.

“I must say, I am impressed with you. No one stands up to my father. I never saw you as the type. I am bewildered though, at why you balked at his offer. Think of all the superpowered nephews I’d have. Thor would expect at least a dozen mewling little babes, a menagerie raining lightning storms and death upon my father’s enemies-

“-Go away,” You whispered hoarsely. “Why are you even here?”

“Being my father’s second favorite person after my brother, you have been, by default, my second least favorite person. But now that you’ve fallen from his favor, I feel compelled to save you any way I can. In all honesty, the easiest way to be pardoned is to marry my brother and give my father what he wants.”

“…What of my legacy? Will my honors be restored?”

Loki shrugged. “The archivists have been deleting your records; it’s taken them some effort, as there were many. I doubt the records will be reinstated, even after your release. But all hope is not lost; there’s still a good chance you could be remembered – as the mother of Thor’s children.”

You leaped to your feet and slammed your fists against the force field. “I would rather die!”

Loki studied you, his eyes bright with calculation. “I think I’m starting to like you, Valkyrie. Perhaps I could offer a solution to your current predicament.”

Suddenly, the forcefield to your cell was gone. Loki extended a hand to you, a devilish grin wide across his face.

“Forget Asgard. There is a universe out there, waiting for us to conquer. Serve me, and I promise you, we will become more than battle songs and bedtime stories. You and I, we will mold the universe to our will. We will truly become gods.”


Chapter 4

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Thermo Kettle Jug - By MENU

Give us a kettle that doesn’t drip, keeps beverages hot for a very long time, and looks stylish any day. Swedish company MENU and Danish architecture / design studio Norm Architects (Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen Kasper & Ronn) have collaborated again, and this time around they have designed a combination of a kettle and a jug that is drip-free, easy to clean, functional and original in appearance. The result is MENU’s Thermo Kettle Jug, a product inspired by both Asian and contemporary Bauhaus teapots with Nordic touch.

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003 "give me a charectar...." for Jughead

003 | Give me a character & I will tell you

  • How I feel about this character:

I love that he’s surly and rough on the outside but sensitive on the inside. I regularly want to cuddle him and tell him everything will be all right. I think he’s so much stronger than all the whole noise - I just wish he knew how worthy he was of love.

  • All the people I ship romantically with this character:

Betty Cooper has the only lips I want to see on his lips. She loves him. See:

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  • My non-romantic OTP for this character:

I like Jug & Cheryl and Jug & Veronica as friends (With absolutely no Starbucks involved at all). I also think Jug and Kevin are amusing friends. I’d be cool with more Jug-Kevin interactions.

  • My unpopular opinion about this character:

Not Asexual. Just not interested in anyone other than Betty Cooper. Maybe one he moves on to college or New York - then he would have been interested… but really, there’s only been one girl and she was in love with his friend - so he was content not to settle for anyone less. (this isn’t really unpopular in my corner of the fandom - but other than this - none of my feelings are controversial) 

  • One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon:

I would like him to have one single day - of just plain happiness. One day. Maybe the beach with his girlfriend where they can make out without worrying about sleuthing and murder and homelessness. One day, RAS.

  • my het ship:

Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones (of course)

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  • my fem/slash ship:

Um… Juggie isn’t gay in my head. He’s strictly  Bettysexual.

  • my OTP:

Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones (forever and ever and ever)

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  • my OT3:

I honestly don’t have one. I am a monogamous shipper when it comes to Juggie.

  • my cross over ship:

Again. Dude. I only ship him with Betts. 

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  • my kink:

Dom!Jug. Hands. Dirty Talk. Leather Jackets (does that count?)

  • a head cannon fact:

Jughead Jones has been in love with Betty Cooper since the first time she stood up to a Reggie Mantle (who made fun of Juggie’s crown beanie and jeans with holes in the knees) and then shared her cupcake with a shy Juggie on their second day of Kindergarten.

  • my gender bend:

Michelle Trachtenberg as a girly Jughead.

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Please?! Meme Me

hello friends let me tell you how i do the khernips thing

gets two sticks of incense one frankincense and one myrhh motherfucker

then get super hot water and put in in a jug k






extinguish it in the hot salty water bam

this is how i khernips

you can khernips however the fuck you want to idgaf

i usually start by having the khernips in a super cool plastic jug but then i put it in this super cooler-er glass vase yeah

His Hair

A short fic about a scenario I’ve thought about for a long time, involving long-haired Erik and the loss of his long hair. Set in canon-era Persia. The verse is kind of irrelevant, but I definitely used a lot of information from Kay? CW for large amounts of blood. Not blatantly Pharoga but definitely what I was thinking.

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DIY Detox Drink

I admit it, as a broke college student I tend to put a lot of junk in my body throughout the school year. In an effort to be healthier, I’ve vowed to make myself an all-natural detox drink every Sunday morning in hopes of flushing out all of the toxins still lurking in my system from the week before.


Watermelon – (Part of 1 watermelon sliced into cubes) Contains citrulline helps the liver and kidneys flush out toxins.

Water – (1-2 liters depending on how strong you want it to taste) H20 is just plain good for you!

Lemon/Lime – (1 lemon or lime) Lemon and lime juice helps stimulate and regulate the digestive tract.

Mint Leaves – (10-12 fresh leaves) Helps add flavor to your drink and allows you to digest more effectively by improving the flow of toxins out of your body. Mint also helps relax cramped stomach muscles.

Ice Cubes – Keeps your drink chilled

Directions: Cube a good amount of watermelon and put it into a jug or pitcher.

Cut 1 juicy lime into wedges and toss in with the watermelon. Add a handful of fresh mint leaves and pour in 2 liters of cool water, filling the jug all the way to the top. Let this sit overnight in the fridge and let all the yummy flavors steep and infuse the water. When you want to drink it, put in a generous helping of ice cubes, pour, and enjoy daily.


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