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I totally didn’t expect the lovely feedback my little silly cross-over comic got, so to show my appreciation - and of course I heard the Sidon whispers - have one more of the sort. :)

Part 1: Urbosa Reaction

There’s three things I got a real problem with: guys that hit their wives, sexual assault on children, and the scum that deal death to kids.

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omg imagine papyrus and undyne borrowing each others clothes and trying different sets and wondering what looks best on whom and holy cheezits picture both of them in dorky outfits going all "cool dude and cool gal"!!

I’m really diggin’ this idea, anon! I’m thinking battle body/royal guard armor next? NYEH!

Part 1 // Part 2

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Ooohhh nice background and pagedolls!! Where'd you get them ? :)

Thank you <3 I heard the Goodnight song and thought aaaa <3 If anyone needs to hear something relaxing I hope they come to my blog!! So I just added sparkles to make something night-ish.

And, the pagedolls. //CRACKS KNUCKLES

These are all the ones I got. They’re commissions I ordered from the super talented and sweet Wynnchi, my GOD her art is so so SO cool I just WOW I don’t know how to express how much I LOVE her work. She’s got SO much more super cool types of drawings more than pagedolls and her style is very flexible, really she’s amazing!! You should check her out!!

(Look at that bouncing Inky omg <333)


A couple pictures from my trip to Bangkok! I took A LOT more than this, but these are my favorite as far as scenery goes.

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Coffin Wolf loves you. But not like love love you. More so love being like a 7ish. If hitting you with a rock is 1 and holy butt fuck marriage is a 10. Then yeah 7 maybe 6. <3

Don’t tell them about the dream, dont tell them about the dream, don’t tell them about the dre–

“Nice! I dreamt about him last night but like, he was kinda squishy and my dreamself got stuck on that for like five dream hours or something, then I woke up to Angus snuggling me heheh~ He seems like a pretty cool, kinda hot dude though, not gonna lie!”