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Year of Sequels 2017 (Updated Version)

There is a huge amount of sequels that have aired or plan to air this year.  Now that we’re halfway through the year I wanted to make a list of all of the sequels that have already come out and what is to come.

I’ll update this most as more are confirmed for this year!



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Little Witch Academia

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Blue Exorcist

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Super Lovers 2

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Tales of Zestiria

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Yowamushi Pedal: New Generation

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Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu

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Attack on Titan

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Boku no Hero Academia

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The Eccentric Family

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Natsume’s Book of Friends 6

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Shingeki no Bahamut: Virgin Soul

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Seniki Zenxhou Symphogear AXZ

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Saiyuuki Reload Blast

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New Game!!

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Hell Girl

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Hoozuki no Reitetsu

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Osomatsu-san 2

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Blood Blockade Battlefront and BEYOND

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Love Live Sunshine!!

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Himouto! Umaru-chan

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Yuuki Yuuna is a Hero

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Food Wars

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March Comes In Like a Lion

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Kino’s Journey 

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Gintama (Shinsaku)

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Wake Up, Girls!

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I totally get the sentiment going around that people don’t want Percy to be a god’s champion just because everybody’s doing it, particularly because he’s got such a rough relationship with gods.

But I think that’s because he sought out the Raven Queen first, and the Raven Queen and Percy don’t understand each other. The Raven Queen is fatalistic. In her eyes, humans begin their lives imperfect, march toward their fates, and perhaps they achieve greatness, but they all end the same way: they go to meet her. Percy just doesn’t think in those dimensions. He altered the course of humanity with his invention, and blaming that on fate would be to shirk responsibility. He has seen people defy and defile death time and again. When he pleads with the Raven Queen for a way to fix what he’s done to the world, he is thinking of redemption but also that he lives as long as Whitestone lives, and that the impact of his weakness will matter, will change lives and end them, long after he is gone. The Raven Queen comforts him by saying humanity can achieve great things, but that is no comfort to Percy, whose greatest achievement is arguably the very weapon that killed him.

If there is a god who would understand him it would be Ioun. She’s a goddess of knowledge, an inventor, and like Percy she was betrayed and wounded in the course of invention. Ioun is blinded; Percy’s soul is in tatters thanks to Orthax. She lives in a place of uncomfortable paradox, where all knowledge should be shared for the sake of progress, and secrets are blasphemous, even if that knowledge can hurt or break or kill - but even then, even she has secrets she can’t afford to share. We haven’t seen much of Ioun, but I think she would think like Percy. Not along the threads of fate, like the Raven Queen and her champion, but in an impersonal chemical chain of combination and creation, knowing well the unforeseen impacts of discovery. She despises the aspiring god who took Percy’s family. Her domain is profoundly controversial and unsure. Percy asked his questions of the Raven Queen, and she answered the wrong questions. Ioun has probably asked Percy’s questions a hundred times about herself.

And of course there’s something delightful about the fact that Percy could earn the favour of the goddess that Pelor is protecting. 

It’s likely that any number of entities will be fighting over my soul when I die, he says. I know, says the Champion of Pelor, I’ll be one of them.



hello here are some colored sketches I did today and I’m shamelessly smashing two things I like together

lmao where do I even start?? so this is like a Miraculous Ladybug/Hunter X Hunter mash up.

There is a lot of info so if you want to read, look below the cut. Some other versions of the masquerade ball picture are below too!

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Mars & Anger

Your Mars sign indicates anger, reactions, and energy. It indicates what you are like when angry or in arguments.

Mars in Aries: Very defensive and argumentative, they want to get their side across as much as possible. They usually get anger in flashes or moments, it doesn’t last all that long. They get impatient or irritated quickly, and may lash out. They want the action and argument quickly or to be over quickly.

Mars in Taurus: They usually don’t get angry easily or as much, but they let it all build up until they blow up. They take and take things, but then once something small happens they blow up and rage. They need to get it all out and are straightforward. They also get angry when they are rushed.

Mars in Gemini: They have a sharp tongue and talk a lot during the argument, they use logic and their experiences to help them argue. They can usually remain calm for a while, until they get too heated and they start becoming more outwardly angry. They like to resolve the issue and get it out of the way.

Mars in Cancer: They are passive aggressive in anger, and tend to let things build up as well. They avoid confrontation, but want to get it resolved. They blow up and talk about their emotions and how it made them feel, or how they are feeling in that moment. It can drag on for them, or they don’t let it go as easily.

Mars in Leo: They don’t hold back, they will tell you exactly how it is and what is on their mind. They also don’t really think before they speak, so they might hurt your feelings unintentionally or speak harshly without thinking. They may be dramatic when angry or make a scene.

Mars in Virgo: Definitely the type to give the cold shoulder. They are cold and calculated when angry, they like to think about what exactly to say or how to react. They also have sharp tongues, but it is very calculated. They may be silent during an argument or try to remain calm, or they may be arguing and debating forever.

Mars in Libra: They avoid confrontation and arguments in every possible way they can. They try to let it out in small ways or by themselves, or they finally just let it out. They want to come to a solution or resolve it, but don’t like to actually argue or bring it up. They usually hide their anger or feelings to avoid this. They have a good way with words during arguments.

Mars in Scorpio: They may push you to the limit or play games, but they are also very sharp and quick minded during arguments. They may be silent or hard to read during arguments, but they are really just harboring their anger and rage. Once they let it out, it becomes very powerful and consuming. They are pretty hard to get super angry, but they definitely aren’t people you want to make mad.

Mars in Sagittarius: Blunt and straightforward, they argue and argue and argue until they can’t anymore. They know what they are talking about and know what they mean, they don’t stand for any bullshit. They are impatient and restless when angry. They are very persuasive in arguments and know how to get their way or get their point across effectively.

Mars in Capricorn: Also cold and calculated, they keep their cool and are level headed. They are in control of it and keep it under their control, but they do let it out. They are cold and harsh during arguments, they are extremely practical and no nonsense. They are straightforward, but maybe to a fault.

Mars in Aquarius: They are hard to read and decipher during arguments or when angry, they can be fine about something one day and then mad about it the next. They are good at arguments and debating, but they seldom let the other side speak or truly listen to them. They think that they are right and what they feel is the only right thing.

Mars in Pisces: They are sensitive in arguments, but they also play games when angry. They aren’t straightforward and tip toe around the person or issue. They can be unpredictable in anger or angry at unpredictable moments. They like to think about what truly makes them angry or how they feel before they bring it up, or don’t realize what is truly upsetting them.

Mars in ____ House expresses anger with or through….

1st: impulse or physical activity
2nd: talents or spending money
3rd: communication or analyzing
4th: close family or friends
5th: creativity or socializing
6th: work or hobbies
7th: relationships or others
8th: secrecy or passions
9th: religion or deep thought
10th: career or success
11th: friends or social groups
12th: solitude or inner reflection

  • What I Want:
  • Daichi's leadership skills
  • Sugawara's tenderness
  • Asahi's gentleness
  • Nishinoya's loyalty
  • Tanaka's tenacity
  • Kageyama's perfectionism
  • Hinata's enthusiasm
  • Tsukishima's cool-headedness
  • Yamaguchi's drive
  • Oikawa's confidence
  • Kuroo's connectedness
  • Bokuto's excitement
  • What I Have:
  • Daichi's temper
  • Sugawara's self-doubt
  • Asahi's glass heart
  • Nishinoya's impulsiveness
  • Tanaka's stupidity
  • Kageyama's short fuse
  • Hinata's naïveté
  • Tsukishima's lack of passion
  • Yamaguchi's timidity
  • Oikawa's selfishness
  • Kuroo's snarkiness
  • Bokuto's moodiness
the bayard is the paladin is the lion: a season 3 prediction

Alternatively titled: Watch This Child Jeopardize Her GPA in Real Time As She Ignores Her Midterms to Write Yet Another Fucking Meta

The lovely @littleblackchats already wrote an awesome post about the symbolism of the bayards for each of the characters in Voltron. But I was wondering: could we take it a step further and use the weapons - and what they say symbolically about the paladins wielding them - to make an informed guess about who’s going to end up in what lion next season?

(even if the answer to that question is no, i’m already writing this so whatever)

Since Allura, Keith, and Lance are the most likely to be swapped into new lions (or, in Allura’s case, to be put into a lion for the first time), I thought it’d be cool to take a look at what the weapons each of them wields says about their personalities, and whether that can give us hints as to who’s gonna be the Black Paladin next season while Shiro’s gone.

Alright, so in episode 1, Allura tells us that a lion’s quintessence is mirrored in its paladin, and that the paladin shapes the bayard. So lion = paladin = bayard. The lion and paladin should be similar in personalty, and the bayard should be compatible to the paladin’s style of fighting and personality as well. This is shown really well in Hunk and Pidge: Pidge’s weapon is small (like her), electric (reflecting her interest in computers), and made for precision (Pidge is more interested in finding clever solutions than just brute-forcing problems), while Hunk’s is big (just like him), long-range (reflecting his wish to stay distanced from conflict), and packs a punch (Hunk is the strongest character on the team, after all).

So the weapons tell us something about the personalities of the ones using them. But what can their respective weapons tell us about Keith, Lance, and Allura?

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The two types of the rising signs

This is just a theory I have, I’d love to know if others agree! I think people can land anywhere in between the two types depending on the rest of their chart (especially mercury placements), although some can distinctly be one or the other. I labeled which one I have found to be more common :)

Aries, type 1: extrovert - daring and adventurous, comes on strong

Aries, type 2 (more common): introvert - fast, private, and independent

Taurus, type 1 (more common): extrovert - vocally adamant/stubborn about their opinions, silly

Taurus, type 2: introvert - prefers to enjoy the easy things in life, traditional

Gemini, type 1 (more common): extrovert - does not stop talking and sharing information

Gemini, type 2: introvert - cool-headed intellectual, yet still very social

Cancer, type 1 (more common): extrovert - treats everyone like a family, very talkative and open but retreats into his/herself when threatened

Cancer, type 2: introvert - reserved and withdrawn most of the time yet still very sweet

Leo, type 1 (more common): extrovert - loves being the center of attention, friendly and loud

Leo, type 2: introvert - has a lot of inward anger, proud and stubborn

Virgo, type 1: extrovert - enjoys people’s company but is the reserved/practical one of the group, a nervous talker

Virgo, type 2 (more common): introvert - constantly analyzing the world, yet keeps their thoughts to themselves

Libra, type 1 (more common): extrovert - social and outgoing if a bit flirtatious/charming, yet tries so hard to be nice to absolutely everyone

Libra, type 2: introvert - very concerned about keeping the peace, the quiet mediator

Scorpio, type 1 (more common): extrovert - loud, confident, and mature, but a bit intimidating and controlling at the same time

Scorpio, type 2: introvert - extremely private and quiet, has a distinct dark side

Sagittarius, type 1: extrovert - optimistic, freedom-loving, upbeat, seems to be constantly smiling and having fun

Sagittarius, type 2 (more common): introvert - prefers to keep to themselves, runs away from their problems, yet always finds humor in life

Capricorn, type 1 (more common): extrovert - mature and sensible, knows what he/she wants and goes for it, utilizes many connections with others

Capricorn, type 2: introvert - cautious, reserved, quietly reaches his/her goals without needing help from others

Aquarius, type 1 (more common): extrovert - not afraid to be themselves, seems to know so many people without even trying

Aquarius, type 2: introvert - a bit out of touch with other people yet very concerned with humanity as a whole, spacey

Pisces, type 1: extrovert - dreamy and sensitive but so caring for others that he/she can’t help but make connections

Pisces, type 2 (more common): introvert - would rather not face reality, prefers to be in his/her own space alone, very sweet and shy


Make Me Choose:

YoonKook or Jikook - anon

Let me continue praising you more. Humorous. Cool-headed judgement. Charisma. Min Suga is the man who has them all. I want him - Jungkook (bday video for Suga)