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The two types of the rising signs

This is just a theory I have, I’d love to know if others agree! I think people can land anywhere in between the two types depending on the rest of their chart (especially mercury placements), although some can distinctly be one or the other. I labeled which one I have found to be more common :)

Aries, type 1: extrovert - daring and adventurous, comes on strong

Aries, type 2 (more common): introvert - fast, private, and independent

Taurus, type 1 (more common): extrovert - vocally adamant/stubborn about their opinions, silly

Taurus, type 2: introvert - prefers to enjoy the easy things in life, traditional

Gemini, type 1 (more common): extrovert - does not stop talking and sharing information

Gemini, type 2: introvert - cool-headed intellectual, yet still very social

Cancer, type 1 (more common): extrovert - treats everyone like a family, very talkative and open but retreats into his/herself when threatened

Cancer, type 2: introvert - reserved and withdrawn most of the time yet still very sweet

Leo, type 1 (more common): extrovert - loves being the center of attention, friendly and loud

Leo, type 2: introvert - has a lot of inward anger, proud and stubborn

Virgo, type 1: extrovert - enjoys people’s company but is the reserved/practical one of the group, a nervous talker

Virgo, type 2 (more common): introvert - constantly analyzing the world, yet keeps their thoughts to themselves

Libra, type 1 (more common): extrovert - social and outgoing if a bit flirtatious/charming, yet tries so hard to be nice to absolutely everyone

Libra, type 2: introvert - very concerned about keeping the peace, the quiet mediator

Scorpio, type 1 (more common): extrovert - loud, confident, and mature, but a bit intimidating and controlling at the same time

Scorpio, type 2: introvert - extremely private and quiet, has a distinct dark side

Sagittarius, type 1: extrovert - optimistic, freedom-loving, upbeat, seems to be constantly smiling and having fun

Sagittarius, type 2 (more common): introvert - prefers to keep to themselves, runs away from their problems, yet always finds humor in life

Capricorn, type 1 (more common): extrovert - mature and sensible, knows what he/she wants and goes for it, utilizes many connections with others

Capricorn, type 2: introvert - cautious, reserved, quietly reaches his/her goals without needing help from others

Aquarius, type 1 (more common): extrovert - not afraid to be themselves, seems to know so many people without even trying

Aquarius, type 2: introvert - a bit out of touch with other people yet very concerned with humanity as a whole, spacey

Pisces, type 1: extrovert - dreamy and sensitive but so caring for others that he/she can’t help but make connections

Pisces, type 2 (more common): introvert - would rather not face reality, prefers to be in his/her own space alone, very sweet and shy

(In which Reyna has no idea that she could possibly be gay, and takes a while to figure it out)

  • Every time the hunters stay at Camp Jupiter, Thalia always insists on training with Reyna
  • Reyna is usually cool-headed and collected but always gets really flustered around her
  • The other hunters always wink at Thalia and give her a nudge and Reyna can’t help but feel like they’re talking about her
  • Thalia constantly flirts with her and finds it adorable how oblivious Reyna is
  • Every time Reyna needs to make an announcement to the whole camp, she has to avoid looking at Thalia in the crowd or she forgets what she’s saying
  • She tries talking to Jason about it and it’s awkward
  • ‘Why is your sister so..I don’t know. Intimidating? But, like, in a good way…’
  • Jason goes kind of pale and pretends he needs to ‘talk to Piper about something really important’ because he can’t breathe from holding back laughter
  • Reyna going to literally everyone and asking them about Thalia because seriously, does no one else get this really weird feeling when they’re around her?
  • Everybody except Reyna knows that she totally has a crush on Thalia
  • ‘Just let her figure it out in her own time, okay?’
  • Eventually Nico sits her down and is like….look…
  • Reyna has training with Thalia the next day and can’t even look at her without melting from embarrassment
  • Oh my gods was it really that obvious?’
  • She tries to admit her feelings to Thalia and expects her to be really grossed out or disturbed but she just smirks and says ‘well it took you long enough’ before pulling her in closer and kissing her.

i know that the fandom’s main love is pining Keith with oblivious Lance and i’m for that but I totally see Keith as not knowing what the fuck a crush is so Lance is the one that’s pining first but he has no idea he’s doing it, like he still flirts with all the other aliens but he tends to be the first one to volunteer for a mission that Keith’s going on, and he sulks when Keith goes places without him, and he gets kinda anxious when he goes without Keith because as reckless as the guy is, his presence makes Lance feel like he can be more clear-headed (I think Lance is just as foolhardy as Keith is when he’s by himself or with more cautious people but he’s one of those people who becomes more cool-headed the more reckless the people around him are)

and Allura is the first one who notices the way that Lance keeps putting his little defense drone into more dangerous situations so that he can be fighting next to Keith, and Keith starts complaining to Shiro or Pidge that Lance is being like, super competitive lately and won’t leave him alone?? What is happening all of a sudden he was always like this but now he’s extra like this??

And meanwhile Lance is complaining to Hunk about how annoying everything Keith does is but all he does is reveal just how much he’s been paying attention to Keith

and finally Pidge gets really frustrated listening to Keith whine and they just throw their tools across the room and shout “oh my god, Keith, Lance has a crush on you, like it’s so obvious has no one else noticed??” and as luck would have it, everyone else is around except for Lance, and Keith is like “what the fuck no?? I’ve seen him flirt that’s not how he does it he’s not flirting with me he doesn’t have feelings for me” but everyone else is around and they’re just like son.

Shiro just kinda shakes his head with his head in his hand, and Coran is like “well it’s not like they did it on Altea but it’s very clear that Lance is experiencing a severe case of feelings for you” and Allura’s like “I mean it’s obvious that he wants to be around you like 24/7″ and Hunk affirms that Lance talks a lot about Keith’s eyes and he might think he’s complaining but no one complains that lovingly about the color of someone’s eyes

And Keith just

stands there and stares like

everyone else knew?????  what is crush how do??

but he starts paying more attention to Lance then, and agreeing to let him come on more solo missions and volunteering to go on ones that Lance is going on because he wants to figure it out for himself, and they bicker a lot cause that’s what they do but Keith realizes that hey yeah they actually get along really well? And Lance keeps like, absently touching him, like giving him shoulder bumps or high fives or even like fixing Keith’s hair when it gets into his eyes like a mother hen and Keith’s like holy shit actually yes i think i like him is this what a crush is??

but the fun part is

Lance still doesn’t realize his own feelings

and it doesn’t come out until Keith, red-faced, blurts out in the middle of an argument that “I REALLY LIKE YOU AND YOU KEEP ACTING LIKE YOU LIKE ME SO STOP TEASING ME AND MAKING ME QUESTION WHETHER OR NOT YOU DO” and Lance is like ????????? and Keith storms off to hide in a ball in his room and Lance just looks helplessly at everyone else like “what’s his deal??” and they all just shake their heads at him like “dude….you’ve had a crush on him….for weeks…all the signs are there….”

And very very slowly it all dawns on Lance and he’s like

“how the fuck am I the always last to know everything???”

  • Is a super kind person
  • Is literally a very chill person until provoked
  • Has a short temper but is not a generally angry person
  • Is quite conscious about the fate of the universe and the importance of their mission
  • Has a decent degree of emotional intelligence because he is able to react well to Shiro’s PTSD and is constantly on the lookout for his episodes
  • is a team player and works really well with his team members
  • Generally only attacks Lance when Lance is being irresponsible with his part of Voltron
  • Is reckless but usually does it with good intentions
  • Is reactive to Lance and generally doesn’t start shit himself (episode 9 being the only exception)
  • cares VERY deeply for his friends
  • Can be very cool-headed when needed
  • Laughs and has never sulked on screen
  • Tolerates Lance’s quips at him a lot in the beginning and only starts getting angry once Lance proves that he’s not gonna stop
  • Can look at the bigger picture and make selfless decisions
  • Is cautious with his friends’ safety but not his own
  • Is a good, mature, kind person
  • Is standoffish but not socially inept
  • smiles a lot

Keith is more than just the team emo p l       s 

How to Get Away with Murder (Sun Signs) pt.1

Laurel Castillo - Pisces

shy and quiet at first, intuitive, smart, fights for equality, independent, know-it-all, keeps calm during crises, underestimated, neither good nor bad, loving, creative, quick

Frank Delfino - Leo, Capricorn

stubborn, self-indulgent, independent, inscrutable, secretive, viewed as a player, very intelligent, empathetic, manipulative but self-loathing, cunning, caring, mostly controls his emotions

Wes Gibbins - Cancer

curious but shy, sensitive, caring, tries to help others, quiet, passionate, cool-headed in dangerous situations, obsessive, trustworthy, introverted, typical “nice guy”, overthinker

Annalise Keating - Aquarius

confident, authoriative, direct, incredibly driven, impatient, intimidating, tough, competent, tends to drink when upset, determined, caring, overwhelmed, control freak, loving, lonely, strong

Scorpio Decans

~ Scorpio Decan 1 (October 23rd - November 2nd) 

I am ruled by the planet Pluto. My personality is characterised by outer coolness, inner passion and ambition. I am driven and ambitious and love the idea of competition and challenge. I work tirelessly to fulfil my ambitions and I am driven by the thought of success - both emotional and financial. I need to feel completely satisfied in all aspects of my life and will not accept second place. I appear to others as cool, collected and at times calculating. I have the ability to manipulate situations and people to my own advantage in an apparently rational and cool headed way. However, under my cool exterior there is fire and passion underneath and this is my powerful driving force to get what I really want from life. As with all Scorpios sex and sensuality are very important to me and I seek high levels of satisfaction when it comes to sex.

~ Scorpio Decan 2 (November 3rd - November 12th)

I am ruled by the planet Neptune. My personality is characterised by seductiveness, shyness and artistic talents. I can be quite shy and don’t like expose too much of myself even to close friends and family. I prefer to work quietly in the background and shy away from the limelight. I also don’t mind being alone and pretty much enjoy my own company where I can fantasize and dream my imaginative dreams. I am a generous and attentive lover and use my powers of seduction to get what I want. I am very intriguing, mysterious and seductive to others. People can easily become beguiled by me. I have a great deal of artistic talent and can become a successful artist, writer, or musician. However, my shyness might hold me back in seeking celebrity fame and fortune. I can experience great highs and lows and will be adversely affected by mood swings. the mood swings can be very intense and often frightening to those around me - they think they have figured me out but are shocked or surprised by another side of me that they don’t know.

~ Scorpio Decan 3 (November 13th - November 22nd)

I am ruled by the Moon. My personality is characterised by great will power, a caring nature and sensitivity. I have tremendous will power and will resist temptations that can lead me astray. Once I have decided on a cause or project I will be driven to do my utmost to make it successful. this includes relationships where I will relentlessly pursue happiness even if it means self sacrifice. I love to nurture those close to me and even if I am not a parent, I will act as one. I care deeply for those I love and derive great pleasure and satisfaction from looking after their interests. In turn, I need to be nurtured, but will seldom allow anyone to do this for me. As a Scorpio from the element of Water, I feel things very deeply. I am more sensitive and mysterious than I would like to admit and can hurt very easily. Unkind words or thoughtless actions trouble me deeply and wound my soul. I will never show how hurt I feel and prefer to hide my feelings away privately.

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@Marauders Describe each other with 3 words.

James: I’d describe Remus as kind, smart and caring.  Peter as calm, friendly and hungry (all the time).  Sirius… annoying, childish and dumb.

Peter: James is cool, confident and big-headed.  Remus is clever, a chocoholic, and sarcastic.  Sirius is irritating, stupid and cocky.

Remus: Peter is relatable, easy-going and cheerful.  James is eccentric, loyal and great at Quidditch.  Sirius is… frustratingly attractive, strangely funny and just generally weird.

Sirius: WOW GUYS.  WOW.

Sirius: James is ugly, needs to brush his hair and smells.  Peter is ridiculous, boring and always has food in his teeth.  Remus is… *looks at Remus and sighs* just perfect and wonderful and amazing and I love him.

fandom vs. book

fandom ralph: cynical no-one-touches-him prince, all aloof and cool and level-headed, always finds witty insults for jack, tough, smarter than everyone, everyone’s love interest, popular with everyone, good at everything

book ralph: quite airheaded and oblivious, moderately smart, often pissy, confused a lot, sad a lot, looks tough but is not, taunted by jack, moderately decent person, tries to be righteous, no one actually likes him except for a couple of people, mostly wants to go home

fandom jack: always stupid, either extremely hot or extremely cute, either punk rock or weirdly woobified, unpopular with other characters, always softer than his book version, either complete nerd or complete jock, no one takes him seriously, his whole purpose in life is to impress ralph

book jack: moderately smart but mad, scary, ugly af, ambitious af, agressive, both nerd and jock, obsessive, very manipulative, knows how to make himself popular, his purpose in life is actually stepping over anyone who gets in his way

fandom simon: always feminine and small,  flower crowns, always needs protection, sometimes sarcastic, sometimes smokes weed, is the epitome of the woobie

book simon: vulnerable child because of health problems, very smart, very wise, always knows the real cause of the problem, brave, strange af, looks like mowgli from the jungle book

fandom roger: either emo or goth, wears makeup a lot, weirdly has feelings for things other than murder, is inexplicably in love with either simon, jack or maurice, also sarcastic af, always has deeper backstory than other characters

book roger: small but scary, loyal to anyone who likes murder, doesn’t react much, stoic and quiet, you literally don’t know anything about him except that he’s a child sociopath

fandom piggy: quite accurate most of the time, except that he is in love with ralph and is brave enough to confront jack, often forgotten

book piggy: tries to be useful, knows a lot of useful and useless things, p smart but not the smartest, quite dislikes ralph, is terrified of jack, also wants to go home, is thrashed by everyone through the entire novel before he gets murdered, is literally the saddest case

My ideal Mr.Right

-heart as golden as Newt Scamander
-friendly and helpful as Remus Lupin
-intelligent like  Artemis Fowl
-inventive and funny as Tony Stark
-sexy as Loki
-chivalrous as Captain America
-righteous as Doctor Strange
-loving unconditonally like Edward Scissorhands
-gothic as Morpheus (from Sandman)
-cool-headed like Sherlock
-protective and cheeky as Tom Ellis’ Lucifer (that sounded so wrong)
-adventurous and nice as the 10th Doctor
-adventurous and quirky as the 11th Doctor
-faithful and brave as Aragorn

no wonder i’m still single af

Gryffindor x Ravenclaw Relationship Would Include:

Requested :)

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  • The Gryffindor’s inborn boldness and general spontaneity to do outgoing, outrageous and reckless moves making the Ravenclaw not only have multiple heart attacks, but become more of an extroverted character
  • The Ravenclaw’s individuality and acceptance clashing brilliantly with the Gryffindor’s fervid and audacious qualities 
  • The Ravenclaw’s cool-headed and wise thought process rivalling the Gryffindor’s brash and impulsive one but in a rewarding way
  • not only allowing the Gryffindor to be who they are, but providing an original and witted perspective on them
  • The Gryffindor always finding ways to get the Ravenclaw’s attention whilst they’re doing something of importance
  • Putting their head in the Ravenclaw’s lap as the Ravenclaw reads
  • If it’s an exceptionally tense part, the Ravenclaw placing the book atop the Gryffindor’s face as they frantically whiz through the reeling chapters.
  • The Gryffindor wrapping their arms around the Ravenclaw as they study for the end of year exams
  • “You’ve been neglecting me all day! How do you expect me survive without your cuddles??”
  • The Ravenclaw eventually giving in and abandoning their work for the night. 
  • “You’re adorable when you’re clingy.”
  • “I’m not clingy, i’m fabulous.”
  • “That is completely unrelated.”
  • “It’s a valid what do you call it…? Justification. See? I know things.”
  • shakes of heads, face palms and exasperated sighs though many fond smiles and laughs being common expressions to be seen on the Ravenclaw.

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  • The Gryffindor always persuading the Ravenclaw to sneak out; knowing that it drives them into conflict with their morals
  • “Experience the thrill of surging exhilaration pump through your veins!”
  • “Hm…so hypothesising that I do go, what is your plan should we get caught?”
  • with a nonchalant shrug and a bold whisper filled with titillating ardency:
  •  “Run.” 
  • that genuinely being the Gryffindor’s only plan.
  • hands clasped as they abandon all impulse to keep quiet and clamber down multiple corridors as Filch hobbles after them
  • The Ravenclaw impetuously pulling the Gryffindor into an obscure passageway 
  • “H-how did you find this place…?”
  • “I noticed a slight draft coming from there when we tip-toed passed it earlier.”
  • “So you had no idea it was actually a hidden doorway?!”
  • “I suppose not.”
  • “You’re bloody brilliant.”
  • The Ravenclaw being mostly reticent at first about their views and intricate thoughts for fear of disinteresting the Gryffindor
  • But the Gryffindor surprising them being enraptured by what they have to say and offering their own views on the matter
  • or otherwise just listening intently with the utmost as the driven words fill their ears
  • on the more grounded topics of the world, the Gryffindor holding the Ravenclaw in their arms and reassuring them with either the most humourous comments or determined remarks
  • “Do you think i’d let them get even within any distance of you? I didn’t buy one of the Weasley’s boxing telescopes for?” 
  • them cheering up the Ravenclaw, immensely by being so endearingly idiotic
  • “But in genuine seriousness, i would never let them hurt you. You never have to be scared as long as i’m there with you.”
  • the Ravenclaw finding themselves becoming more confident and passionate as well as teasing
  • “we’ll…what was it you once said? “Raise hell together and watch as it rains on them all”, yes?”
  • “the snakes were pissing me off that day…stop judging me!”
  • “Never, you ridiculous twat.”
  • “You love me for it.”
  • the Gryffindor tickling the Ravenclaw until they admit they’re undying love for them
  • “yes, yes, i love you!”
  • many smug grins from the Gryffindor
  • “Told you.”
  • “That was blackmail. It could’ve been a lie for all you know.”
  • “Was it?”
  •  “no…”

In case anyone was wondering what denial-of-platform means:

Hateful ideologies are not spread through logical discourse, they’re spread memetically.  Let’s say you get into an argument with a fascist, on your blog, in front of God and everybody; you’re not just wasting your time, you’re being actively harmful, because if cool-headed debate could defeat those arguments, it already would have.  You should address fascist talking points independently, divorced from their source, because if you do otherwise you’re just devoting your own time, resources, and labor towards increasing their visibility and helping them spread their message.  (see also:  Donald Trump’s entire presidential campaign)