cool guys dont look @ explosions

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I'm so hip, I hate how the artists take away feAtures that poc of colors have and then come Up with bullshit response of "oh no that's just the artists style!!!1!1!1!) yet all the whites have defining features I hate it so much lmao. I hate what they do to Kamala and Robbie all they do is try and say there features aren't beautiful, and it's disgusting

lmfaooo i know! the artist w kamalas main series rn draws r good, like i love the way they do expressions and bodys, etc. but they cant draw a big nose?? u can do all this cool shit, draw explosions, mutants, etc. but u guys cant draw big brows/droopy noses/etc. ? its so sad and like…u know damn well they can they just dont want to and dont see it necessary and want to “upgrade them” like make them look more white but keep their skin color so if u call them out they whine about never being able to please “””those damn sjws”””