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Is2g one of my favourite things of all time...

…in HQ is when a new “mysterious” character is actually revealed to be

a) a complete dork

b) a little shit, salty af


see what I mean?

no really SEE WHAT I MEAN??



SHIT MATERIAL THROUGH THE ROOOFFF!! (I love him already can you tell?)

there’s a reason (WHOLE FUCKING TEAMS OF THEMM ACTUALLY) why I love this manga so so much

and oh yeah



Yurikuma Arashi (ユリ熊嵐) character designs with Life Sexy, Life Cool and Life Beauty by Etsuko Sumimoto (住本悦子), scanned from the Yurikuma Arashi Official Starting Guide (Amazon JP).


Gator Machete - By Gerber Gear

Gerber’s Gator Machete is a great thing you can use in the wilderness or in the backyard, since it’s a dual purpose machete. On the one side there’s a 15-inch fine-edge blade and on the other, a 18-inch high performance saw blade. Gator Machete has an excellent grip since the handle is covered with a rubber. The blade itself is made from rugged black oxide coated steel, it’s extremely sharp and won’t bend when cutting tough trees. It’s also ideal for cleaning brush, sticks and clearing your way in the forest. 

So I was at my Moms in my dream last night.

I remember near the end of it I ran outside and was met with a sky that looked like the universe, with swirling galaxies, nebulas of green and purple. That wasn’t the coolest part though.

There was a gigantic Black Jaguar in the sky, it took up most of it along with a huge aura of green, then purple. I looked at it with a telescope and saw its spots and the vast space behind it, so it was slightly transparent.

It sparkled with stars along it’s borders. Like a constellation. The way it looked in the sky, with the colors wrapped along the prephial, looked a whole lot like an eye. With the Jaguar as the center. (I should mention that these are the colors I often see whenever meditating.)

I was in awe, I knew this was a dream. I looked at it and had feelings of wonder over the unknown, exposure, and fascination wash over me. So many feelings I can’t even begin to describe!

It turns it’s head to look at me with its starry eyes, and in a flash I woke up.

(Either this is one of my power animal totems, a spirit guide. Or me looking back at myself. I’m not entirely sure which is true, but I feel more like I was looking at myself. Ahhhh)

I feel like this symbolizes many things.
I’ve seen this Jaguar in my dreams before, but never like this. In dream symbolism, The Jaguar represents victory, power, and spiritual growth.
There are more meanings, but I feel like those three are most significant from my dream.

My Mom apologised to me yesterday, which was a great surprise. She never apologises for anything. So it was a big deal to me, since I’ve been having escalating nightmares from texting her back a week ago.

I feel like this dream is telling me that everything will be okay, that I’m always protected. That I’ve met one of many goals and have made impact on Mom and those around me.

That I’m more powerful then I realise.

At least that’s how I feel about it, hehe…. TvT


Old North Church. I didn’t see Deacon, @solas-you-nerd, but … that doesn’t mean he WASN’T there, right???


The Art of Eating through the Zombie Apocalypse: A Cookbook and Culinary Survival Guide

The art of getting food when surrounded by weird half-dead creatures running (or walking in a creepy way) around your town – and the world – may be a much harder thing to learn than you think. Thankfully, someone thought of it in time and provided a book with over 80 recipes, as well as instructions on how to scavenge, forage, and improvise with what is available at the moment – or for the rest of eternity.

i’m starting to give out mini books to friends, family, and clients as thinking of you gifts. since what to wear is a stressor for many, these style guides are perfect.

a cute fashion dictionary for women by christian dior: and cool style guide for men by mr. porter:

get more beauty, simplicity, and creativity inspiration for creative entrepreneurs and lifestyle brands here: