cool graphs

Hay if you’re starting testosterone any time soon or ever plan to, there’s an app called Voice Pitch Analyzer that’s meant to help you record your voice progress. It gives you this cool analytics graph so you can even see how fast it dropped.

I started at like 220 Hz and started using this app a little into my voice drop, I wish I’d used it earlier cause seeing the full graph woulda been pretty neat.

teen math!joe headcanons
  • joe’s the only freshman in his precal class when he starts high school
  • he buys an extra copies of his math textbooks to lighten his backpack
  • joe buys a cool color graphing calculator and spends half of his time in class programming on it instead of listening
  • his notes are all scribbled in shorthand and have weird symbols and stick figure drawings of metallica on it and no one can understand it
  • his math teacher forces joe to improve his handwriting or risk getting 0s on the homework
  • they get a really mean and bad math teacher during joe’s sophomore year and everyone hates them, including joe
  • the entire class bonds and joe and a few other top classmates pull their wits together and teach everyone else the material because the teacher couldn’t do it and saves everyone’s grades
  • joe meticulously arranging all his math books in his bookshelf by alphabetical order and ordering all his notes
  • joe has to hide the fact that he loves math a lot when he hangs out with his hardcore friends, since he thinks they probably won’t understand
  • joe plays guitar too much and neglects his math homework, and the next day he frantically does it the period before class
  • he names his calculator and his textbooks after his fave band members
  • joe uses his hands a lot when he’s explaining things, so some of his classmates ask him questions just to see him passionately explain stuff
  • he ends up taking calculus classes at the community college during the summers because he’s bored and jumps way ahead of everyone
  • joe getting so nervous for his first mathletes competition
  • he’s kind of sad that he couldn’t take a class the summer he toured with arma, but in the end it was worth it
  • pete teases him and calls him arma’s ‘residential nerd’ but that following christmas joe recieves a math book he’s been coveting forever from him
  • joe goes to borders to pick up on some math reads, but ends up in the music section and meets patrick
  • joe looking up cheesy math pick up lines to make patrick laugh, because he likes patrick and patrick’s one of the only friends who joe thinks genuinely enjoys being with him