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Can I request some headcanons (nsfw or sfw) about Kakashi and Genma being in love with the same girl?

OHHH THIS IS WHAT I LIVE FOR, THANK YOU FAMMMM. I did it more on them having a crush on the same girl, I hope that’s okay? But thank you for the perfect ask!!! ~Admin Shadow

Kakashi and Genma Loving the Same Girl

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• Genma is the type that when he sees a person he likes, he falls pretty hard and is infatuated with them – he can’t get her out of his head and it will drive him silently insane until he does something about it.  He’s right away going to use his composed charm and find a way to approach her, mostly to see how much information he can get out of this women that has turned his gaze. Of course, he’s going to try and smooth talk his way into a private outing, he won’t flat out ask for a date because he doesn’t want to look desperate.

• Kakashi on the other hand, isn’t the type to make a move unless there is something specifically gravitating and appealing about her that just makes it unbearable for him to stand not being involved. He’s more likely to play it cool and gauge how interested she is in him first. Even if Kakashi is aware of Genma’s feelings for this girl, he’s going to still stick with the ideology of ‘slow and steady wins the race.’ Kakashi’s going to keep things natural between them, rushing it would just ruin any relationship depth they were building. He also uses his own type of mysterious charm on her to try and draw her in

• I feel like Genma would be the first to pick up on hints that Kakashi is interested in the same girl, he’s just a little more astute at detecting romantic feeling. Genma wouldn’t hesitate to right away make a move to try and block Kakashi. Like, he will press to be alone with his crush and won’t deviate from that.

• Kakashi wouldn’t make a move to stop Genma, he would rather play it out and see which is the better man. Kakashi will just be kind and sweet at every opportunity he gets when he’s around his crush, and he won’t push for alone time unless it’s her idea.

• Once he’s aware of Genma’s feelings, it won’t stop Kakashi from making some cheeky remarks to Genma about how she will want to know what’s under his mask, and that mystery will always draw women in. He just will say stuff like that to get in Gemma’s head and try and break his cool facade.

• Eventually things would get so tenacious, and Kakashi would be the first one to call a cease fire. He would then proceed to tell Genma, ‘yeah, you won, you should take her on a date,’ in which Kakashi would spend the whole time covertly trying to sabotage this date he allowed Genma to have with their crush, in hopes she would reconsider her decision. Those two would probably keep fighting until she either picked one of them or she gave up.

Everyone slowly dropping TAMB bc Elias is acting in accordance to his character is the craziest thing to me.

For You ~ pt. 5

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~ Oppa ~




I click the shutter on my camera causing the obnoxious sound as I had an assignment to do. Have I ever mentioned that I dislike assignments?

Having found the field a good start for taking shots of, I was roaming around and waiting for dancing class to begin after break.
Since yesterday our class had moved to the field because some students had convinced that we should use the sun for its’ benefits and not stay holed up inside the rooms.
We don’t have mirrors so I didn’t exactly think it was the best idea but I’m not the teacher.

I was jumping around already having changed out of my uniform, trying different angles, wanting to get the best shot.
“~Good luck, baby good luck to you,~” I was moving and also singing to the ‘Beast’ song we got, at first I didn’t like it that much but it has grown on me ever since.

Wanting to get a more special feel to my photos, I sit down onto the grass and put the camera as low as possible without getting the grass into the shot.

Thinking that this will be a pretty one, I snap away totally immersed into my assignment when someone tickles me from behind.
“Ah, you surprised me (kkamjjakiya).” I yelp, surprised by the interruption.

A breathy laugh comes from behind me, I turn around and find Jungkook to be the culprit, having a big grin on his face, who succeeded in surprising me.

Suddenly feeling the inspiration, I aim the camera at him and take a shot, catching him off guard.
When his smile drops and an unreadable expression is replaced, I instantly feel bad. “I’m sorry (joesonghaeyo). That was rude, I shouldn’t have done it.”

Just as I am about to put the camera away, he reaches for my hand and takes it from me, in return aiming the lens my way.

I quickly stand up to retreat a few steps and raise my arms to cover my face. “No (andwae-yo)!”
When he clicks on the shutter anyway, I squeal and run away. “Don’t do it (hajima-yo)!”

“I won the bet.” He shouts behind me.

I skid to a halt and spin, facing him. “I get it (frm. arasseo-yo), I mean arasseo.” I correct myself, my voice gaining in volume towards the end when he takes a picture again.
With me pouting and glowering up at his beaming face, he unexpectedly puts his arm around my shoulders and turns the camera so its’ lens is facing us.
Being this close to him was doing weird things to my stomach and my heart was erratically beating in my rip cage.

“One, two, three (hana, dul, set).” Not knowing what else to do, I pull a funny face.


Turning the camera around, we both look at the photo with anticipation and both burst out laughing when we see each other’s expressions.
Funnily enough he also chose to pull a funny face, his eyes both looking into their inner corners and he had puckered his lips like a duck.

“Didn’t know you were into photography.” Jungkook still had his arm draped across me without putting his entire weight on me, it was a nice feeling, though.

Not knowing what to do with my own hands, whether to hug him back or not, I choose to do the latter and let them dangle by my side awkwardly.

“I’m not usually,” I face him when I speak, he looks blissful and relaxed. “It’s for my photography class, an assignment.” I almost roll my eyes at the word.

He shakes his head trying to move away the hair that was covering his sight. “What assignment is it?”
His frown, when it doesn’t work makes me smile, he might be older than the three of us but sometimes he can still look like a little child.

“'The most beautiful moment in life’” I say in a dramatic voice, mimicking my teacher.

“Oh, daebak. That’s our albums’ name.” He reveals as his voice sounds higher, I’ve noticed that his voice will be like that when he’s excited. We arrive at the big steps and take a seat.

“Our (uri)? You’re not a soloist?” I ask surprised at myself for never thinking that he might be in a group. He shakes his head.
“Oh.” My mouth shapes into an 'o’.

Jungkook moves next to me, so I look at him curiously. He takes out his phone from his pocket and after a moment of tapping on it, he offers me his phone.
Puzzled, I take it from his hand and focus on the music app he had opened for me.

“Is this the album?”

“Yeah, this is part 1, there is a part 2.” I look at him for a second to see that he was looking at me a little bit anxious.

When I look at the cover, I can’t help but gasp. “Wuah. The album cover is really pretty.”

The cover had a dreamy feel to it, with peach and white colors spread as the background, kind of like smoke but not exactly. “But it’s Chinese? What does it mean?”

“It means 'the most beautiful moment in life’,” Jungkook smiles at my expression. “'Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa”’

Word for word he repeats it again and I follow the movements of his mouth, eager to learn it. “Hwa.. Yang.. Yeon.. Hwa…?”

“Eoh (infrm. yes=yeah).” His eyes sparkle beautifully in the sun. How is that enough to make me breathless? Dropping my eyes to my hands I try to gather myself.

Clicking through the songs from the top, I can instantly tell that their music, stylistically, was different from the ones that Lee always blared out when she was with me. Some of the songs she played were too much for me to handle, too much was happening at once.

I hadn’t said anything throughout the album only listening to each song half way and I could feel that he was watching me.

During the last song, I get mesmerized by a deep soulful voice, somehow I didn’t really hear it much in the previous songs. I listen intently to it and ask Jungkook whose voice it is because I was pretty sure it wasn’t his.

“Ah, this voice belongs to V-Hyung.” He was fidgeting and to my eyes looked a little bit disappointed.

I giggle at him and when I stop he looks lost. “You want me to talk about your voice?” I tease him with a cheeky grin.

He looks caught of guard and plays it off, waving his hands in denial. “Aniya, aniya (infrm. no).”

“No?” Skepticism clear in my tone. I shrug. “Well, then. This one,” I show him the last track. “Is my favorite.”

Now, he looked a little skeptical. “Really?”

“The voices sound great together, and I can hear them more clearly, I really like these kind of songs.” I pout a little. “It’s so short, though.”

Jungkook stretches out his legs in front of him. “It’s an Outro, that’s why.”

“Do you write your own songs?”

He nods. “We do, mostly the rapper line. But in this album and also part 2 we all helped out a lot.”

Song writing must not be easy, a lot of things go into it that us listeners don’t know about.
“You don’t rap?” Somehow I really wanted to get to know more about his profession, which seemed more like a passion to him. At such a young age to be so disciplined is astonishing.

He had closed his eyes and was enjoying the sun lights. “I used to rap a few lines in our older songs.” His voice sounded far away as if he was drifting off, his voice a little sad, reminiscing.

“Then you must have not been that great at it.” I provoke with a teasing voice, wanting to bring him back from the sad moment.

For a second I thought that instead of lifting the mood, I might have touched upon a sore subject but when his eyelids open slowly and he turns his head to the right where I was sitting, I forget what I was saying.

I catch his ear gauges changing color. “Uwah,” I make a sound in awe. “Fascinating.” I stand up and move around him, making sure that I wasn’t just seeing things.
When I notice him looking at me in question, I show him by touching my own earlobe sans earring. “Your ear gauges look cool (meosisseo).”

“Gurae (is that so)?” He looks up at me since I was still standing but has to pinch one close when the direct sunlight hits him. Noticing this, I move a little bit over so my shadow is covering him, he smiles at that. “You like the gauges?”

“Yeah, they look different, in a good way.”

At my words his ever constant eye smile deepens and his entire face lightens up. “I’ve been told they look weird.”

“Aniya, jinjja meosida (no, they’re really cool).” I give him two thumbs up to reassure him.

When Jungkook suddenly pushes to his feet, I take a quick step back to give him some space. He looks at something pass my eye and I wonder what he sees. “You don’t wear earrings?”

Subconsciously, I reach for my earlobe again, rubbing at the spot. “Oh, that.” I’m surprised that he noticed, my hair was usually covering my ears.
“No, I’m not supposed to wear them at work, so I don’t bother at all.” That wasn’t the real reason I didn’t wear them anymore but it’s a reason also.

It seems like he wanted to say something after pondering and opening his mouth but our conversation gets interrupted.

“Ya! My friends!” Our heads turn towards the obnoxious sound coming from none other than Joon, signaling the start of dance class. “Annyeong (hi)!”

Joon comes barreling down the field with his arms spread wide, his intent clear.
Oh, no. Not here, not today. Not me.

Sighing loudly, I grimace, Jungkook looking from me to Joon and back several times, having somewhat of an entertained look on his face.

Just when Joon is about to squish me in his embrace, I duck and hide behind the tall frame of Jungkook, successfully making Joon stop before crashing into him full force.

“You party pooper.” Joon says dis-encouraged. “You’re no fun.”

Fearing that Jungkook might do the same and betray me just like Joon had done so many times before, I gingerly hold onto Jungkook’s shirt, just in case. I peek around him and poke my tongue out at Joon, responding the same way I always do.

“Fun was never a condition in our friendship description.” Crossing his arms defiantly he arches one brow, I laugh at him and I continue. “Your girlfriend knows how it is. I tell her all the time.”

Jungkook looks down at me his face being very close. “Girlfriend (yeoja chingu)?”

Not knowing exactly why he was asking, I look at Joon who has a knowing smile on his face, which was even weirder so I just nod simply.

Again looking from Joon and back at me, he looks baffled. “You’re not his girlfriend?”

“Me?” The tone of my voice shocks even myself, revolted at that thought almost choking on my eagerness to correct this.
“No, only Lee could bear him.” I shudder from the thought and shoot daggers at Joon who was laughing at my expression.

“Ah…” Jungkook trails off and leaves it at that, spiking my curiosity even more.

Once again someone yells for us. “Students!” Seems like our dance teacher has arrived as well. Joon quickly rushes towards the growing group of people.

Jungkook moves to turn around but stops when his shirts gets stuck. Because of me.
Letting go oh his shirt like my fingers were burnt, I apologize.

Now that he can turn freely, he faces me and our gazes meet, his eyes seem to be a bit somber. “I won’t be coming to classes as regularly anymore.”
Suddenly it hits me that he was still in his uniform and ask him about that. “I have to go now, my schedule is in a while.”

“Ah, really?” I look down at my feet at his words, and nibble at my lower lip as I process that I won’t be seeing him much anymore, feeling hollow at that thought.
As I raise my gaze back to his, he seems to be watching me, his eyes not smiling anymore, grave now. “Hwaiting.”

Distantly, I hear my name being called, I pay no attention to it, not straying away from his face. His face, even though still just as beautiful, I much prefer it when his cheeks are raised, the sharp corners of his lips lifting because he’s smiling so brightly.
When he smiles, he radiates happiness, his eyes the window to his emotions and right now I was missing that. I don’t want this to be my last memory of him.

So, I smile softly and try to avert from this feeling we both have. “Do well and take care of yourself, O-Oppa.”
'Oppa’ coming from my lips sounded awkward and embarrassing to my own ears, I have never called anyone beside my brother 'Oppa’.

He doesn’t seem to pick up my unease though because when I finish talking his face transforms into the most joyful and endearing grin I’ve ever seen on him.
He is breathtaking, literally.

Jungkook was still grinning and wrinkling up his nose cutely when he places his hand on the top of my head to tousles up my hair. “Don’t worry.”

I cross my arms and turn my head away. “Great, then I won’t worry.”

He takes a step towards me and turn me towards the direction of our class. “You should go, Joon has been shouting for you.”

Not wanting to part from him, I press my lips together, hesitating. “Arasseo, see you then.”

Widening the distance between us, he walks backwards while waving both of his hands. “Annyeong.”
I wave and after a while turn my back to him and lightly jog away when I see my teacher looking at me sternly. Oops.

Feeling the urge to look behind me, I can’t hold it in and peer over my shoulder. Jungkook had turned around, walking the opposite direction to mine. Even tough it was childish, I felt a hint of disappointment when he doesn’t turn around.

Just as I am about to look away from him, he turns his head and searches for me, when he sees that I’ve already been looking at him, he walks backwards again with a grin and waves for me to hurry.

From a far, I could tell that he was moving his lips, saying something, but the distance prevented me from actually hearing it.
Not looking where I was going I bump into someone and look away from Jungkook to apologize when a pair of arms engulf me in an embrace.

“Ah, ya. I don’t want to (shiroh) .” I exclaim and push at Joon who was barking with laughter.

Usually I would have hit him but today felt like a good day so I laugh with him and together we walk towards the awaiting group.

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Happy #BTS1000Days everyone!!!! And then tomorrow #HappySugaDay or whatever tag we will be using, I wonder what derp pics the boys wil be posting… or maybe they will be too scared hehe…
Did y’all see all the selfies Kookie took with the fans in Hongdae *sings* this will never be meeeee… hehe anyway he is such a sweatheart, my love for him can only grow <3

To come back to my response earlier, the reason why feedback is so appreciated is because the many months I started writing this until even today, being an author is really lonely actually, you get excited about scenes by yourself, you gush over the characters by yourself..
And I suppose that’s why reader comments are so important. It’s not about the compliments. It’s that we’ve been alone with our thoughts this whole time…. It’s an awesome feeling when a friend shows up to share them with you. (took this from a post I saw)
Also, it’s kind of like putting a part of yourself out there, sometimes it makes me feel vulnerable, because I’m giving you a glimpse of what goes on in my head… and I just kinda ..worry… if it’s well perceived or not..
I just wanted to explain in more depth why authors appreciate or sometimes even need feedback… I should probably make a seperate post about this… huh ^^