cool g rap


Meeting and chatting with the goat G-Eazy was a very dope experience. He showed me the cool shit on his tour bus and the spot where he records while on the road. The room had this dope ass double sided mirror automatic door that would close it off from the rest of the bus… “Yeah that gets the girls hype” young Gerald said with a grin. He had a killer sign too had to get that #fistemoji


Thank you for your question.  I have a couple of answers and I am afraid they’re not going to be funny.

  • I like the idea of unspecified rap music as some basic elemental force of our culture; I especially like how in early eighties films it is treated like a new force.  If they introduce a character who is new, young, about it, rap music starts playing.  Like a weird Curtis Blow beat, with some dude “huh huh huh”-ing over it
  • I like [rap music playing] because when something triumphant happens in my life, or when I need the power, [rap music] usually “the symphony” starts playing in my head.  Especially the Cool G Rap verse.  When they buried me in that shallow grave in 2006 it was the Cool G Rap verse that gave me the power to bust out.
  • Also I like [habla en chino] for similar and totally different reasons

This video made my day. I love Bert and Ernie and now that I know their gangsta side I love them even more.