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i’m gonna solidify my aesthetic™ by the beginning of next school year. i’m gonna get a bunch of punk pins and patches and get a black jacket to put them on. i’m gonna dye my hair a bit more elaborately. maybe i’ll pierce my ears n stuff. maybe i’ll start wearing more extreme makeup.

shoutout to all the like 14 and 15 year old punks rocker. Its stressful and hard to get into the scene sometimes especially with all of the fashion punks and drunk ass adults at shows treating you like you dont belong there. Im proud of you, stay strong and stick to the beliefs that drew you to punk in the first place.

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Found some old bio study notecards while I was cleaning my room! Look at that color coding though (y) Gonna be gone on a short day trip with my family today, but still trying my best to finish up as much work as I can. Also, SO OVERWHELMED by the amount of love our freshmen advice post got. Thanks so much, and we’ll definitely be posting some more asap ;)

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could you write something to do with baby chad?

[origin story

All freshmen year, you try to change your name. No 18 year old boy wants to be known as “Baby Chad” during your years of college. Particularly when you never seem to be far from a teammate and you are constantly introduced to girls as Baby Chad. 

You try everything. You tell them that “Chad R2″ has a nice ring to it. Or that your middle name is Travis and you wouldn’t mind going by that. Or, fuck, you’d be cool with just “Freshie” for the first year. Chad R is graduating next year. You could put up with it for a year. 

It doesn’t work. You are Baby Chad. And, honestly, the more you protest, the more Chad S seems to delight in calling you Baby Chad. 

Sophomore Year, you remain Baby Chad. Even though the original Chad R left. Chad S and P and T are still there and you think that if you don’t say anything, maybe it will fade out (protesting hadn’t done a whole lot of good last year) but it doesn’t. Even the fucking freshmen call you Baby Chad. 

You roll your eyes but accept it. It’s not that bad a name. And, if you’re being honest, you’ve gotten used to it. You don’t even really think about it anymore. Junior year, you don’t even think about trying to get it changed.

Now, it’s senior year. Or, it’s almost senior year. Actually it’s before the semester actually starts– only the sports teams are here to start practice early and therefore, the cafeteria is pretty empty.

It’s why you can see him, even though, as has become tradition, the lax team and the hockey team sit at opposite ends of the cafeteria. With the football team to act as a buffer in the middle. 

Whisk had been your first friend at Samwell. You’d lived in the same dorm and you’d offered to help carry his boxes in since there was nothing better to do and you didn’t know yet that he was on the hockey team and you were supposed to hate each other. He was quiet and shy and only had four boxes, none of which contained any food, so it was natural to offer him a bag of chips when you finished and–

He was cool. Calmer than the guys on your team. Smart and sharp with a sense of humor that when unleashed was a force to be reckoned with. 

The beginning of your freshmen year was coordinating to take the same classes so he could help you through them and laughing over television shows and youtube videos and complaining (mostly) good-naturedly about your respective teams and sharing your food and care packages from home because Whisk never seemed to get any and had just helped you actually pass your math class. 

Even after you two learned you were supposed to hate each other, you didn’t. Whisk kept coming around to hang out and the other lax bros accepted him in a mostly-dismissive way that said as long as he didn’t rock the boat or try to defend his teammates, he was chill. 

In the beginning, that’s what it had been.

But, it couldn’t last. 

Maybe a part of you had always known that. It didn’t stop you from trying. 

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I was walking in the halls at school today when is overheard this conversation between two freshmen:

“Yeah dude we’re totally friends with benefits now”
“What!? You’re so lucky”
“Yeah I know, we buy each other bagels. It’s great.”
“I wish I had a friend with benefits. How else am I supposed to get bagels!?”

Those kids have it figured out

(inspired by strife’s playthrough of slenderman, which is a thing of beauty you should watch if you haven’t, and these beautiful headcanons by catatodrawsblood and blackrain707.)

warnings for peer pressure, bullying, claustrophobia, panic attacks, psychological horror, vomit, and drug mentions.


“It’s only a harmless bit of enchantment, Will,” says Xephos – and Will isn’t sure how he’s so calm about it, about the prospect of Will allowing the upperclassmen to cart him off to the surface of the planet far below the lazy orbit of their college for some twisted initiation ceremony. “No one’s ever died from it or anything, it’s perfectly safe.”

Oddly enough, the comment’s not exactly comforting. “I’m not sure ‘no deaths’ is the definition of safety,” he says, slow and anxious, falling behind the familiarity of technicalities to try and calm himself. “I mean- what if there’s been illnesses, or maimings, or-”

Sips is less gentle in his attempts at persuasion. “Oh come on, Strife, you big babby!” he says, cutting across the other man effortlessly and grinning a troublemaker’s grin. “We’ve all done it, and nothing bad happened to us. Well. Xephos lost a toe, but…” He shrugs.

“I did not!” says Xephos indignantly, flushing luminous sky blue with indignation even as Will goes an unhealthy shade of pale at the mental image of severed body parts. “Honestly, Sips, stop bullying him.”

“You wouldn’t want to be a chicken, would you?” Sips railroads across Xephos effortlessly, doesn’t even look at him – just grins wider and claps Will across the shoulders. “Or… maybe you would.” His face falls, a carefully crafted act that doesn’t quite hide the amusement dancing in his eyes. “Perhaps you wanna be known as Chicken Strife instead. Huh?”

Will gapes at him, mouths silently for a helpless second, before finally spluttering, “No! No, I’ll- I’ll do it.”

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happy troyler homecoming! unfortunately I got the dress code mixed up and read the invite as “halloweencoming” so I’ll be attending as a backwards centaur.

…get it? Cuz my body’s normal but my head is horse? So it’s like reversed?


i’m gonna go now

Decision - Liam Dunbar

Pairing: Liam x Reader

Word count: 3290

Request: Hi do you think I could get a Liam fic where the reader is a hunter and her crew is after Scott’s pack and she is supposed to get Liam and get him to trust her but then she falls for him and he finds out and turns against her and then her crew turns against her for falling in love and she has no one but then stiles and Lydia sees she needs someone and help her and then Liam sees she’s actually falling for him?? Thank you 

A/N: Sorry this took so long! I absolutely loved writing this!! Also thanks everyone for 400+ followers, means so much! 

“Hmmm, what about that Dunbar kid?” James, a member of the crew, suggests.

“What? He’s like fifteen.” Someone giggles from across the room.

James rolls his eyes. “Sixteen, actually. Which makes him the perfect target. What kid doesn’t like having an older women go after him?” James winks.

“Okay I’m not that much older.” I roll my eyes.

“Perfect.” James smiles. “Here’s your application files for Beacon Hills high school.” He hands me some documents. “You start next Monday, all your classes are the same as Liam’s. Make sure you spend as much time with him as possible. Get to know the pack, get them to trust you, and then, when the time is right, we will kill them off, one by one.” James smiles. He’s clearly done his research already.

High school is so much different from what I always imagined it’d be like. Being born into a hunters family, I’ve been homeschooled to hunt. No math, no foreign language, only a bit of biology. From an early age, I was taught how to handle weapons, how to tie someone up, and how to fight myself out of any restricting situation. That’s what’s always been important, and even though it still is, I realize now that I’ve never been properly educated.

“Excuse me.” I say to no one other than Liam Dunbar. He may have no idea of who I am, but I’ve been studying him for four days now. He turns around, and his eyes are as blue as they are in his picture. They’re definitely his best feature.

“Hi, I’m new here and I was wondering if you know where this class is.” I point to the class on my schedule.

“Oh, yeah sure. I’m Liam by the way.” He smiles.

“[Y/N].” I say. Then smile at him because after all, I need him to like me. James needs Liam to like me.

“And it looks like we’ve got all the same classes, so just follow me.” He says.

“All right, that’s fine with me.” I giggle. Oh god, I haven’t giggled in years. Sure, a laugh here and there is fine, but giggles make me look so vulnerable. At least it’s all play pretend. Guys like giggling girls, right? If I compare a guy chasing after a girl to a hunt, it would only work in his advance if the girl, aka the prey, was vulnerable. If getting Liam to like me is like a reverse hunt, this could get interesting.

In class, I sit next to Liam. I manage to do that every day for the next couple of weeks. We hang out after school, and he even invited me to a party with the pack. By now, I think I can call us friends.

“How’s babysitting?” James asks, smirking.

“Liam isn’t as bad as I thought.” I smile.

“As long as you don’t like him.” James raises his brows.

“I don’t.” I defend.

“Good.” James mutters.

“He’s just a kid.” I say. “That’s why we picked him, right? Because he’s dupable.” I chuckle, but I don’t think it’s funny, at all. It’s wrong on so many levels. Infiltrate a pack just to destroy them. What if someone did that to our crew?

“That’s right.” James laughs. “I can’t wait to destroy them, one by one. God, I’d just love to see the look on Scott McCall his face once he realizes he’s got nothing.”

“That seems a bit cruel, don’t you think?” Anna, James’ little sister, frowns. “They’re still human.”

“That’s what they want everyone to believe. But at night they go out killing innocents.” James likes to add drama to scare his sister off. It works, her chubby face loses its smile, replacing it with a deeper frown than before.

“I could have a sleepover, see if that really is what’s going on.” I suggest. It’s a little hard to believe the group of friends attend school every day and kill every night. Especially Liam, I’ve been watching him at school and he’s so clumsy he trips over his own feet.

“What? You don’t believe me?” James looks offended. He always does. He’s the leader of our squad, and he doesn’t appreciate anyone questioning him.

“Sure I do, I just wanna see for myself.” I shrug.

Surprisingly enough, James actually liked my idea and praised me for the initiative. He gave me enough money to rent a hotel suite, and came up with a believable story. There was a fire, and the insurance company lets me stay in a hotel for a couple of days. My parents are out of town for business, and I don’t wanna be all alone in the hotel room so I invite my new friends.

“So who else is coming?” Lydia asks as she looks around the suite.

“Everyone.” I smile. “Well, not everyone, obviously.” You roll your eyes. “The pack. That’s what you call it, right?” I say it so casually I almost believe I’m just making innocent small talk.

Lydia stops, frowns at me. “Yeah..”

“Where did that name come from?” I ask. “It’s a bit odd, most group of friends go by ‘squad’ nowadays, right?”

“True. Scott and Stiles are pretty cool now, but freshmen year they were quite nerdy.. as in comic book nerdy. They came up with it, I guess they’re still into that sort of thing.” Lydia shrugs.

Great excuse. They really have mastered all the lies, like James said. For a moment there I’m so disgusted with the person in front of me. How could she just sit there and pretend to be my friend while lying to my face? Then I realize I’m doing the exact same thing.

Scott, Stiles, Liam and Mason show up, but I’m not in the mood for a fun sleepover anymore. I’m grossed out with myself. And with James. How could he make me do this? Why have I ever agreed?

You always do what I ask, that’s why I love you.

James spoke those words to me when I was fourteen years old. At the time, I was flattered. Or, better said, I was head over heels for the guy and hearing those words meant the world to me. But that was years ago, and right now I don’t understand how I could have ever been so gullible. A guy tells me he loves me, deep down I know it’s probably a lie, yet I do everything he wants.

“Are you okay?” Liam asks in the middle of a movie I haven’t been paying attention to. I look around the room to find everyone else asleep.

I nod. “Yeah, fine.”

“It’s okay if you’re not.” Only now I realize how close he’s sitting. How could I not have noticed this before? Or knees are almost touching, our faces only inches apart. His bright blue eyes look darker under the dimmed light. They’re honest and kind. “I mean, there was a fire, you must be a little shaken.”

Crap. “Actually.. There was no fire.” I confess. How could I lie to him? “I made that up.”

“Why?” Liam frowns, but he doesn’t move away from me.

Because, truth is, I am actually a hunter, undercover to destroy your pack because my group leader hates yours. You and your friends are probably all gonna die, my crew just wants it to happen slowly, painfully, because there would be no thrill in killing you all in your sleep. “Because truth is, my parents dump me in a hotel room every other week. I hate being alone, can’t stand it.” It’s not a complete lie. My parents actually did dump me, with James and all the other kids. They’re off killing supernatural beings in the bigger cities, leaving Beacon Hills for us kids to practice before we go out into the real world. And I feel alone all the time, even when I’m surrounded by the crew. And since I met Liam and his friends, the feeling has only intensified. I’m not like the rest of my crew; I want to feel like part of a family. I don’t have the desire to kill.

“Okay, but why did you lie?” He’s still frowning.

“Because it’s pathetic that I don’t have a family, or friends to hang out with.” I confess.

“You have us now. We can have a sleepover every weekend.”

And that’s exactly what happened from that moment on. Liam has been coming by the hotel room every day, staying over every weekend. Sometimes the others join him, mostly he comes by himself. We spend the evenings talking about anything and everything.

Meanwhile James is breathing down my neck. I’ve got prove that the pack doesn’t kill innocent people, but it’s never enough for him. He still wants Scott dead, and preferably the rest of the pack with him.

“What are you doing here?” I hiss at James, standing by my locker, books in his hand.

“Say hello to your newest classmate.” He smirks.

“Excuse me?”

“You’re not getting the job done fast enough, so I thought I’d join you and your new group of friends.” He says, air quoting the last word.

“Hey [Y/N], who’s this?” Liam asks, walking up to me. He moves to put his arm around me but I quickly step aside.

“I’m her boyfriend.” James says, smirking.

He’s my crew leader that wants you dead. “Actually, he’s my brother.” I snap.

Liam frowns. “Okay… Nice to meet you, I guess.”

“Yeah okay, bye now.” James glares at Liam, who walks away.

“Was that really necessary?” I cross my arms over my chest.

“What does it matter what the kid thinks?” James frowns.

“Well now he thinks I’m a lying slut.” I mutter.

“Why would he think that?”

“Because I said I don’t have a boyfriend!”

“Good thing I’m your brother, then.” James shrugs.

“Oh shut up, the damage control was already too late.” I roll my eyes. “See you in class.” I say, walking off.

In class, Liam keeps switching his gaze between me and James. It’s uncomfortable, to say the least. He passes me a note; Hallways. 10. Then he raises his hand and asks the teacher to be excused.

Ten minutes later, I do the exact same thing. The hand rise, the question, picking up the bathroom pass, strolling out of the room. I give James a glance, he looks at me, furiously, but stays put.

“Hi.” I say when I find Liam.

“So is it true? He’s you’re boyfriend?” He doesn’t even try to conceal his bitterness.

“No, he’s not, trust-“

“Trust you? Because you’ve been so honest before, right?” He scoffs.

“I did tell you the truth, Liam.” I say. Lies, lies, lies.

“Then who is this guy?”

“It’s complicated.” I mutter. “But he definitely isn’t my boyfriend.”

“Then what’s complicated? Because I thought that you liked me.” Hurt is written all over his face. That’s the moment I decide Liam can never find out about my mission. He can never know. He would be devastated.

“I do.” I say. I shake my head, “You need to forget about me, we would never work.”

“Fine, whatever.” Liam doesn’t walk back to class.

Back in the class room, the first thing I notice is James’ empty seat. Where the hell did he go? The minutes pass by slowly until the bell rings, and I practically fly out of my seat. In the crowded hallways it’s impossible to find James. Instead of James, I knock right into Liam. “Sorry.” I blurt out.

“For what exactly?” His blue eyes don’t hold their gentleness anymore. They’re distant and wary, cold almost.

“For knocking into you.. and for what happened earlier.”

“Hmm okay funny.”

“I don’t understand?” I frown.

“How do you feel about this?” He reaches into his pocket and takes out an envelope.

“What’s that?”

He opens the envelope and takes out an iPod and a handwritten note. “Please don’t pretend like you have no idea.” He shakes his head, crumbles up the paper and tosses it, along with the iPod, at me before walking away.

Confused, I unfold the note and instantly recognize the handwriting; it’s James’. File 3, is all it says. The iPod isn’t locked, I put the ear buds in and play file 3.

“C’mon James, I can do it. I can be persuasive, I’ve done it before.” My voice comes through the ear buds, and I instantly remember this conversation.

“Solo missions, sure, but you have to infiltrate this pack, it’s different.”

“So I’ll date one of them.” I suggested.

“You know what, that isn’t a terrible idea.”

“Okay, so Scott or Stiles?”

“Both taken.” Someone mumbled from behind me.

“Hmmm, what about that Dunbar kid?”

“What? He’s like fifteen.” Someone giggled.

“Sixteen, actually. Which makes him the perfect target. What kid doesn’t like having an older women go after him?”

“Okay I’m not that much older.”

“Perfect.” James smiles. “Here’s your application files for Beacon Hills high school. You start next Monday, all your classes are the same as Liam’s. Make sure you spend as much time with him as possible. Get to know the pack, get them to trust you, and then, when the time is right, we will kill them off, one by one.”

Oh god. I take the ear buds out and stuff the note and the iPod away in my bag. I hate James. How could he do this to me? And why? It endangers his mission. Unless he found another way to destroy the pack without my help.

That evening I sleep at the base, like I did every night before Liam and I became friends. It’s almost like everything is back to normal. I’m part of a crew of kids that have never gone to school and only care about killing the supernatural. I don’t belong here, but where else could I go? I have no one.

“[Y/N.] Get up.” James barks. I do as he says, like always. A quick glance at the clock tells me it’s 11 PM. Everyone is up, staring at me with blank expressions. Like I’m something they’ve never seen before.

“You are no longer part of our crew.” James speaks.

I frown. “Excuse me?”

“You fell in love, love is wrong.” Little Anna says. “You are wrong.”

“No.” I choke out. “Please don’t do this.”

“You did this to yourself.” Someone calls out. Almost like a cue, everyone begins shouting about how disgusted they are with me.

“The rules state you should be executed. You’re lucky I like you.” James shrugs.

“So that’s what this is about.” I cross my arms. “You’re jealous because I like Liam and he likes me back.”

“Hmm, that’s the thing, though.. he doesn’t.” James smiles. “Not anymore.”

“Asshole.” I mutter. I grab my backpack from underneath my bunk and stuff it with the few personal items I have. I brush past James and the rest of the crew, slamming the door shut behind me. The cool air of the night helps to calm me down a bit, but then it rises my panic. It’s cold and I have nowhere to go.

The only place that comes to mind is the school. I circle the building, hoping to find an entrance, but every door and window is locked. Guess the school has taken precautions after everything that took place in this building.

I finally settle down underneath a tree. I pull the hood of my sweater over my head and hug myself to keep warm. After a while of shivering and crying I finally fall asleep.

“[Y/N].” Someone shakes my shoulder with a lot of force. I open my eyes, confused by my surroundings, then jump up. Stiles and Lydia are watching me with careful eyes. Behind them a group of students are taking pictures and giggling.

“Hey, move along!” Stiles calls out to them.

If this happened any other day, Stiles would have been knocked to the ground before he even got the chance to touch me. It’s one of the primary rules to always sleep with one eye open. I guess the exhaustion from crying got to me, because I haven’t slept this deep in years. “What time is it?” I ask Stiles, still slightly confused. I rub the sleep out of my eyes and run a hand through my hair.

“Did you sleep here?” Lydia asks.

“Yeah – I mean, no, of course not.” I shake my head.

“You did..” She mumbles. “Why?”

“Did you boyfriend kick you out?” Stiles asks.

“God, he’s not my boyfriend. He’s not my anything.” I sigh.

“Liam told us everything, [Y/N].” Lydia says.

“Well that’s great, maybe you guys can start a support group called I hate [Y/N], I’m sure lots of people would like to join.” I snap.

“We don’t hate you.” Lydia shakes her head.

Stiles shoots her a look, “She wanted all of us dead.”

“I didn’t, actually.” I say. “All my life I believed I knew the difference between what’s good and bad. My supposedly friends forced blood onto my hands. I never knew how wrong they were because that was the only life I knew. Then I met you guys, and I went to school for the first time, and I made friends. Genuine ones. And yeah I ruined it, but I would never intentionally hurt you.” I wipe a tear from my eye and haul my backpack onto my shoulders. “I’m sorry.” When they don’t respond, I make my way into the school.

Classes are torture. Sitting beside Liam and not talking to him is killing me. It goes on like this for days.

Lydia lets me stay with her for as long as I need. She’s forgiven me, and Stiles is working on it. He doesn’t trust me, but he doesn’t hate me either. Scott doesn’t want anything to do with me, neither does Liam.

“C’mon, [Y/N], we have a surprise for you.” Lydia smiles one afternoon.

“I hate those.” I sigh.

“I promise you won’t hate this one. C’mon.” She grabs my hand and drags me out into her backyard, Stiles following behind us.

“What is it?” I ask.

“You’ll see. It’s in the cabin.” Lydia smiles.

I frown at her, then turn to Stiles but he just shrugs. “Fine.” I roll my eyes at them, then smile. As I walk towards the cabin, I find myself thinking this could be a setup. They could have been pretending to forgive me to gain my trust and kill me. I quickly shake the thought, that isn’t me anymore. My life doesn’t have to revolve around paranoia.

I open the door to the cabin and step inside. I hesitate when I see Liam waiting on me. So this was a setup, just not the one I expected. “Hi..” I frown.

“Hey.” Liam nods. “Surprise?” he tries.

I smile. “Definitely.”

“Yeah..” He stuffs his hands in the pockets of his jeans. “I realized something earlier today,” He starts, but doesn’t finish his sentence.

“What’s that?” I encourage.

“You walked out of your life because of me.” His voice is soft and gentle, all anger dissolved.

“Yeah,” I nod. “I did.”

“And you’d do it again.” He states.

“There’s not much left to walk out on.” I chuckle softly.

“But you would.”

I nod.

“Then wouldn’t it make me the biggest idiot in the world if I walked out on you?” His eyes are staring at me so intently I can’t bring myself to move. I want to step closer to him, pull him into a hug, do whatever. But breaking this magical eye contact would be a waste. So I stay put.

“That’s for you to decide.”

He smiles. “I’ve made my decision.”