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  • me: it's probably just something low-key and professional like "thanks for the support" or "they'll like s5", nbd
  • also me: bob high key confirmed canon romantic bellarke and admitted that they already filmed the blarke sex and 5b is just 6 bottle episodes of blarke being domestic as hell and said blarke are soulmates. wow what a hero.

So I finally broke down and actually read the flat dreams fanfic (I know I’m like a year late don’t judge me ok) and I really wanted to draw some scenes from it! Scene is from here of @pengychan‘s fanfic (and more fanart to come soon!!) 

I was thinking about this today while I was jogging, but I never see any posts about physically handicapped/disabled demigods.

Like, when I work out or run, I have to take it slow, because I have a heart murmur that acts up when I’m too active for too long a period of time. As a demigod on a quest, that would be a massive liability to me. So like….

What about blind demigods? Deaf demigods? Demigods with heart problems or in wheelchairs? Like….idk how do they adapt to BEING a demigod, something that, as we’ve seen, is INCREDIBLY hands on and physical

I have no doubt in my mind they could all do it, but I’d be intrigued to have a character who, in our world, would be babied and treated as an invalid, but in the demigod world THRIVES.

Children of Hephaestus in wheelchairs that fucking trick them out with every known weapon in the world they can fly and shoot lasers and shit and if you DO get close enough for hand to hand the kid has a fucking knife and a killer right hook

Blind children of Demeter who pull a Toph and use their surroundings as an advantage, able to “see” so long as there’s ground under their feet.

Deaf children of Apollo that are boss at music because they can feel the vibrations of whatever they’re playing.

Children of Ares and Hermes who, because they have heart problems, can’t do as much that’s physical, but they’re the best strategists and thieves.

Idk. I’ve seen a lot about demigods with PTSD and depression and anxiety, but I’ve seen nothing about physical disabilities that are incredibly common in the real world. I don’t think Rick has had a demigod with a physical disability yet (unless you count Jason needing glasses, which is a whole other can of worms because glasses and sweat don’t mix) (I could have forgotten about someone tho esp with the KC books bc I haven’t read them in a while)

Just a thought *shrug*

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We keep saying Dean's "emotionally compromised" and I keep feeling like I'm on a procedural cop show

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A procedural cop show where Sam is the long suffering partner and best friend to Dean who is in love with the leader of the forensic team Castiel and gets all excited whenever there’s a chance they need to call him in.


I thought I would try a different style of flat lay today. These notes are an extension to my summer studying notes on the gender topic of psychology (from my A-level revision guide) 🌿
•green zebra mildliner
•black pentel touch sign pen
•light green and black sarasa clip 0.5
I wanted to do one of those cool flat lays that include things that correspond with the colour of the notes but this was the only green thing I could find!😂

Let me know what you think of this🌿💚