cool flash drive


KeySmart - Pocket Key Organizer With A Couple Of Extras

KeySmart is a perfect thing for those of us who have a large set of keys. It’s a compact key holder modelled after the Swiss army knife, with two frames and your keys in-between. It can expand to hold a 100 keys.

Need to find an Explosm fan the PERFECT holiday gift, but they seem to have everything from the store? I bet they don’t have this! This 8GB USB keychain has ALL of Season 1 on it as well as a bunch of never-before-seen stuff, all packed into a cool flash drive with a glowing crotch. How can you say no to that?

If you use coupon code “CHEVYCHASE” when you check out, you also get 15% off your whole purchase. You don’t have to tell anyone, though. Let them think their Christmas gifts were full price, we won’t tell.

in case you forgot what happened last time on aos:
  • trip went on vacation
  • the cavalry is really good at dodging missiles
  • bobbi bought a cool new flash drive that she’s going to show lance!
  • fitzsimmons cuddled at the end
  • trip went on vacation
  • ward was being the best boyfriend ever and brought skye to see her father!!
  • skyes father was being the best dad ever and helped skye see her true power!!
  • skye found out the true story of how her mom anya was killed by sky people!!!
  • trip went on vacation
  • skyes dad tried to kill her other dad
  • ward gets shot like five times and then runs off into the sunset with agent 33
  • trip defused four bombs and celebrated by going on vacation
  • raina threw a party in the underground city and like everyone decided to come on down 
  • mack and coulson got crunk at the party
  • skye started to turn to stone but then she went fuck that and flipped her hair and now she has totally awesome super powers
  • we found out that raina is actually cat woman
  • trip went on vacation
  • some fuckboy with no eyes wants to go on a date with skye because he heard shes a 10 on the richter scale