cool feel bro

you know what’s sort of fascinating. the word “feelings”. i think about this a lot. about how it comes as sort of a mocking idea, a shadow of reality. oh, did i hurt your feelings? 

men, of course, don’t have these things. these dirty moths that bang around inside of heads, these girly feelings, these gay feelings, these not-cool-bro feelings. men are drinking a beer and watching tv and not traumatized by anything, not even her and her hair like a noose. when they want to crack open and tell their best friend that they are a million mirrors, all reflecting empty: instead they say nothing. they turn angry. angry is not a feeling. angry is a better place to be, the top of the roller coaster. nobody says you’re a fuck up if you’re angry. it’s sort of brave. at the bottom, because you come down, eventually, we all do, you wake up and people ask. what happened to you. is all this because of your feelings?

women, of course, are only these terrible creatures. ruled by it like werewolves. howling and sad and animalistic, chewed up by them. sobbing as a way to escape, because nobody knows how to handle feelings. this make us weak, flimsy, a bed to lie down on but not sleep, you’ll catch feelings. when it is a bad day, when it is a bad life, when we are complaining, it is because of our feelings. this is how we turn mouse-quiet too, learn to mask anger lest it be mistaken for that-time-of-the-month feelings. we cry over our best friend but we don’t cry in a funeral, unsure how to look strong and sensitive, hating ourselves at seven for crying in front of the neighbor, baby feelings, loving ourselves at twenty for holding it in when he sneers oh, does misogyny trigger your feelings? hating ourselves again when we feel a little colored out of the lines, holding our passion in like a breath, quietly sifting crazy feelings that maybe aren’t so crazy to begin with.

feelings. feminine connotations. impolite in proper society. when they ask how you’re feeling, you say “fine.” don’t cry, it will spoil the cake. don’t be so whiny, it won’t happen anyway. don’t feel, it’s not your place.

how to win an argument is easy. “oh, i’m sorry, did i hurt your feelings?” a spat word. a word that drips with venom, a word you shove the plate away with, no thanks i’m not hungry. empty of them. feeling is being in contact with the world, being stroked by it, having things get into skin and lips and behind eyes. strength is the opposite; the unsoft, the untouchable, the ethereal above-ness, no wound can utter the name of you. 

i’m in my feelings. yeah, i have feelings for you. open word. gaping. an already-forming bruise.


“Sometimes you will think you can’t take it another day. But if you hang in there, one step at a time, you will be able to accomplish more than you ever imagine.”

–Taya Kyle

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It just occurred to me, I've never seen twin fic in the Yuri on Ice fandom? But can we take a moment to imagine how Victor would react to two Yuuris?

if victor woke up and there were two yuuri katsukis on this earth, i think he would short circuit.  he would turn into grandpa from charlie and the chocolate factory. he would never get out of bed again.  

idek any other twin fic besides drunktuesdays’ “cool story, bro.”  i feel like that is kind of the fic that made twin!fic a Thing? i would try to stray away from that similar kind of storytelling, but i think it would be interesting to write a story where like, everyone has an evil twin, and yuri plisetsky finds out that he’s the evil twin. otabek loves him anyway, and they probably become supervillains. 

How the functions get fed up with each other
  • Ni: With all this information I have at my disposal, I know that this is the most likely possibility!
  • Ne: Cool story bro, but what about the 78 million OTHER POSSIBILITIES?
  • Ti: This all makes sense in my head!
  • Te: Cool story bro, but how does it work in the WORLD WE ACTUALLY LIVE IN?
  • Fi: This is how I feel!
  • Fe: Cool story bro, but how about how OTHER PEOPLE feel?
  • Si: I'm informed by my past experiences!
  • Se: Cool story bro, but what about what's happening RIGHT NOW?

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Niggas who blog so much about money are usually broke. You a broke ass nigga. I feel it.

Cool story bro… if that’s the case u must be scary since ur saying this anonymously right?? I feel it 😂

➵ ➵  Marth

Marth (マルス, Marusu, alternatively translated as Mars in the anime), the Hero-King, is a character from the Fire Emblem series of video games. He is the central protagonist and Lord-class character of the original game, Fire Emblem: Ankoku Ryū to Hikari no Tsurugi and Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem, as well as their respective remakes. 

  • someone: twin peaks is so weird and random lol
  • me: *thinking* (it’s actually kind of a really important narrative about the everyday perpetuation of abuse and violence against women and children through a surreal lens but fine, simplify it as wacky and bizzare and ultimately meaningless)
  • me: *strained smile* ahahaaa yeah idk

i am so so sorry