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It just occurred to me, I've never seen twin fic in the Yuri on Ice fandom? But can we take a moment to imagine how Victor would react to two Yuuris?

if victor woke up and there were two yuuri katsukis on this earth, i think he would short circuit.  he would turn into grandpa from charlie and the chocolate factory. he would never get out of bed again.  

idek any other twin fic besides drunktuesdays’ “cool story, bro.”  i feel like that is kind of the fic that made twin!fic a Thing? i would try to stray away from that similar kind of storytelling, but i think it would be interesting to write a story where like, everyone has an evil twin, and yuri plisetsky finds out that he’s the evil twin. otabek loves him anyway, and they probably become supervillains. 

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Niggas who blog so much about money are usually broke. You a broke ass nigga. I feel it.

Cool story bro… if that’s the case u must be scary since ur saying this anonymously right?? I feel it 😂

so right before the dress rehearsal in this huge convention center started the keyboardist in the band goes “I wish I had an instagram so I could take a picture and show all my friends… except I don’t have an instagram. And I don’t have friends.”
It was honestly the most relatable thing I’ve heard all week tbh

➵ ➵  Marth

Marth (マルス, Marusu, alternatively translated as Mars in the anime), the Hero-King, is a character from the Fire Emblem series of video games. He is the central protagonist and Lord-class character of the original game, Fire Emblem: Ankoku Ryū to Hikari no Tsurugi and Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem, as well as their respective remakes. 

  • someone: twin peaks is so weird and random lol
  • me: *thinking* (it’s actually kind of a really important narrative about the everyday perpetuation of abuse and violence against women and children through a surreal lens but fine, simplify it as wacky and bizzare and ultimately meaningless)
  • me: *strained smile* ahahaaa yeah idk

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I bet you don't even love Michael you're just playing with his feelings

Cool story bro, where are your facts?? Like receipts and all that jazz. You wanna talk, come off anon and we can 🙃🙃

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Can u do dean thomas and seamus finnigan? (that came out wrong oops)

Either way the answer is HELL YES

  • Okay so I know people joke about Harry being so oblivious that they could have been dating all 7 books but I don’t think it was actually til after the battle of Hogwarts
  • Well okay, backtrack a little. During the fourth year Dean found himself inexplicably jealous and distraught when Lavender asked Seamus to go to the Yule Ball with her, but then that didn’t go anywhere and Dean was like oh okay yeah. It’s all cool. Just normal bro feelings. Nothing gay here.
    • (Lavender totally asked Seamus instead of the other way around. Lavender doesn’t have time to wait for dumb boys to get shit done. Girl wanted a date.)
  • And fifth year passed without incident
  • But then sixth year  Dean started going out with Ginny and I think Seamus is probably a LOT WORSE about handling jealousy in a mature way? You thought Harry was bad; Seamus was trying to find a non-verbal breakup spell for moooonths. 
  • And then came seventh year and I think Seamus would have been the only one that Dean told before he went on the run. Seamus BEGGED Dean to come hide out at the Finnigan house, but Dean wouldn’t have it. He didn’t want to put Seamus in danger.
  • Then Dean showed up for the battle and the book actually says, text, that Seamus like gives a roar of joy and goes to hug him or something; I chose to think this means he snogged the hell out of him but Harry was too preoccupied to notice.
  • So basically what I’m saying is they took their sweet time getting together and then at the end when they were both still alive they just sat in the rubble holding hands like a couple of dorks.
  • They spent the next year figuring out what they were gonna do with their lives. There wasn’t much rush; I’d like to think the wizarding world as a whole was pretty gentle with the younger generation who got dragged into the war.
  • I’d like to think Dean’s art skills didn’t go to waste and that there’s a nice wizarding art store somewhere in Diagon Alley he can work in. Seamus is working over in Quality Quidditch Supplies, maybe. 
  • So basically once they actually got their dumb selves together they were the chillest couples ever; I mean they’ve been bffs and living together for  years, so it’s not like it was that much of a transition getting a place in Diagon Alley. They live like 5 minutes away from their jobs, so they have nice slow mornings, take their sweet time kissing each other goodbye, walk each other to work most days.
  • They totally take their lunches together too. These two might be sickeningly sweet, actually.
  • They do dinner with each of their parents once or twice a month; they like keeping in touch with the family. Holidays get divied between the families as evenly as possible. 
  • Seamus still has his little jealousy problems from time to time, but by the time he and Dean are at Harry and Ginny’s wedding (party! of! the! decade!) he’s pretty much over it. 
  • Probably one of those couples who have been together so long no one remembers that they’re not technically married. They finally made it official a few years after they adopted the first of their kids.
  • There’s a whole gaggle of Finnigan-Thomas kids by the way; three or four, so they have to get a bigger place in the countryside. They end up about a ten minute’s walk from Seamus’ mum. Dead strongly suspects this was arranged by Team Finnigan behind his back but just shakes his head and grins.
  • Seamus is totally the dad who embarrasses the kids by standing up and yelling too loud at Little League Quidditch and football practice
    • Dean insisted the kids be allowed to play football if they want. It is too a proper sport, Seamus, shut up.
  • Seamus is like 5 feet tall but is the most aggressive big spoon on the planet. He’ll walk up behind Dean and wrap his arms around him and try to rest his head on his shoulder but he’s too short god bless him
  • They’re the cutest, basically