cool fantroll

Project Enter The Fantroll RP-sphere is a go

time to kick this blog “back” into commission. the word back is in quotes because i never really used this blog to begin with – i made it, then quickly forgot about it, leaving it to while away eons in the dark abandoned, alone, and postless.

now that i no longer have an alternative am eager to roleplay some candy corn-horned children again, it’s time to change that. i will be sprucing up this blog in the days to come, but for now i meet the minimum quota of having 1 (one) troll aboard this sorry excuse for a ship, more to follow shortly*

if you’re a fantroll blog: cool. and nice. do reblog this so i can follow you all and populate my dash with those sweet sweet open rps and the like.

um that’s pretty much it. thanks for reading

pidge-ocs replied to your post

Judging by that art, I feel as if it’s a really old post (but I’m also on my phone so I couldn’t find a time stamp even if I wanted to), but I’m also certain that anyone who was part of the ‘megaclique’ deemed themselves “too cool” for fantrolls and won’t risk coming back since people who have been here for a while know what shitty things they’ve said and done :p

it was posted 40 minutes ago, amigo