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I use this height range as my basic guide for the average of each caste. The lower a land troll is on the spectrum, the more likely they are to be shorter. Psionics also play a role in height/body type, because energy going towards your brain powers means less energy being spent on growing, so low bloods have a more wild range of heights, although the average still falls into the “short” range.

The higher you go on the spectrum, the taller your average height tends to get, so there’s this intrinsic bias that taller trolls are higher on the spectrum, regardless of where they actually are. If study participants are shown two yellowbloods of exactly the same hue, but one is four inches taller, the results of the study will show that the taller troll gets ranked higher on the spectrum the majority of the time, even if the trolls participating aren’t aware that they have that bias!

Seadwellers tend to have a muuuch larger average range of height just depending on the part of the ocean they come from, the type of fish/sea creature they take after, ect ect. But if you’re a land troll, you don’t need height as a quick cheatsheet to guess if they’re higher on the spectrum than you because they’re going to have fins or gills and probably be slightly uncanny valley to you as well. 

And if you’re a seadweller, it’s probably some sort of sport among the nobility to sit there and nitpick whose blood is higher than whose, I don’t know, that seems like a fun game that would result in bloodshed and probably perfect for the kids of a ruling class in a warmongering society.

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I just found your blog, and I wanna say, Ari is awesome, and it's so cool seeing another fantroll with the same symbol as one of mine! (mine is an oliveblood, tho) Keep up the great work!

[[thank you so much aaaa !! 💕 HELL YEHA SATURN TROLLSONAS 💜💚 tbh i lov olivebloods, i dont think i’d fit as one but i have such a soft spot for them bc i love the leijons :’^)

gives me room for fun bloodswaps tho i’d say gjdkndgs]]

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Project Enter The Fantroll RP-sphere is a go

time to kick this blog “back” into commission. the word back is in quotes because i never really used this blog to begin with – i made it, then quickly forgot about it, leaving it to while away eons in the dark abandoned, alone, and postless.

now that i no longer have an alternative am eager to roleplay some candy corn-horned children again, it’s time to change that. i will be sprucing up this blog in the days to come, but for now i meet the minimum quota of having 1 (one) troll aboard this sorry excuse for a ship, more to follow shortly*

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um that’s pretty much it. thanks for reading