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A Pair Of Headphones (Seven Minutes In Heaven With Seventeen)

(A/N: it’s one thirty in the morning and i’ve been up since six. writing this whole thing i’ve felt very off my game so sorry if it’s crap. i know nothing about electronics/headphones and i tried sounding smart #thanksgoogle so yeah spot that in there. hope you enjoy this pointless marshmellow fluff. -Tanisha<3)

The Introduction 

I think (Y/N) should go first.” The words echoed through your mind as you felt around in the cool fabric of the pillow case, grabbing for something to capture your attention. A string wrapped around your wrist, tangled among everything else, and you snagged it between your fingers, wanting to see what it was. When you pulled up, you found resistance, the string entangled in a few other objects within the bag, and you shook it a few times; Dino gave you a funny look at your struggle.

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headcanon that Junkrat and Roadhog technically have separate rooms in the overwatch base, but within fifteen minutes of being there Junkrat blew a giant hole through their connecting wall

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Just looked through and also would like to request 51 😊

51. “I’m your husband. It’s my job.”

She pushed the damp rag away from her head, brushing him off once again as he went to put it back on.

“I don’t need it, I’m fine,” Carol croaked stubbornly.

Daryl snorted at her ignoring her protests as he pressed the cool fabric back to her forehead.

She was too weak to even resist him, sighing in frustration at his persistent care for her.

“Daryl go to bed, you’ve been by my side all day, I don’t need taking care of,” she said with a sigh as he ran the pad of his thumb gently across her cheek.

“I’m your husband. It’s my job,” he replied pressing a kiss to her forehead.

She couldn’t help the small smile that crept on her face at his words. They’d been married a few months now but actually hearing him call himself her husband made her feel giddy inside.

“In sickness and in health,” he murmured, touching the back of his hand to her cheek, trying to work out if she’d broke her fever yet.

“I best not hear any complaints when you make yourself sick from being around me so much,” she warned with a weak smile.

“Dixon’s don’t get sick,” he chuckled, picking up a glass of water and handing it to her expectantly.

She raised a brow at him as she took small sips before settling down to sleep, “we’ll see Dixon, we will see.”

The next morning when she woke she was pleased to feel she’d finally broke her fever.

She glanced over at Daryl who had fallen asleep in the chair during the night who was now looking much worse for wear.

She tried to contain her laugh that was bubbling within her at the sorry sight he looked, glaring at her with weak unamusement as sweat rolled down his neck.

“How you feeling?” she asked as she stretched out her muscles that finally weren’t aching.

“Don’t,” he grumbled, moving himself with force until he was tucked into the other side of her bed.

“Is it my turn to take care of you?” she asked, cuddling up to him gently, her hand coming up to push the hair off his face.

“Don’t need takin’ care of,” he murmured defiantly.

She snorted at his echo of words, echoing his own back to him as she placed a soft kiss to his temple.

“I’m your wife. It’s my job.”


Fandom: Star Trek (AOS/TOS)
Prompt: @starshiphufflebadger1 requested a fic where the reader has freckles and Bones adores them.
Word Count: 1375
None; fluffy through and through!
Rating: Teen+
Author’s Note: This was almost smut. I really, really wanted it to be smut, but I held back because I love the fluff, too.  If there’s an interest, though, I may consider writing an alternate ending!


You’re completely exhausted after your shore leave but you couldn’t be happier as you collapse onto the couch in Leonard’s quarters, the cool fabric of the cushions in stark contrast to the heat of your sun-bronzed skin.  You’ve left your bags over by the door to deal with later and you’re grinning lazily as you beckon Leonard over with a wave of your hand.

“Just let me put a few things away, darlin’,” he calls from across the room.  “I’ll be there in a minute.”

“Noooo,” you whine.  “I need you, Lee.  Your luggage can wait.”

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♫All of Me- John Legend// Marauders Era: Remus x Reader

Request:  hello! can you maybe do a young remus lupin imagine with the song all of me by john legend?? thank you so much, your writing is the best.

A/N: I’d just like to apologise again for how long these are taking, I promise I’m getting through them as fast as I can! Much love xx

The crescent moon floats in the darkened night sky, creating paths of light across the grounds of Hogwarts, followed by roaming moths and curious animals. A single sliver of bright white light slithers into the room through the open window, gliding over the hardwood floor and up to the tangled white sheets covering the bed. It glistens upon intertwined feet as only hushed chuckles ripple the stillness of the cool Autumn air.

The fabric feels cool on her body, a complete contrast to the warmth of his skin, warming her soul as he tightens his arms around her. She hears the sound of the love song that his heart beats to and closes her eyes, a gentle smile spreading across her face as he strokes her hair and places a soft kiss on the top of her head.

“Pinch me,” Y/N whispers, her voice barely audible, yet still reaching his loving ears like a forgotten melody, prompting a surprised giggle to fall from his lips.

“I’m not kidding,” she looks up at him, a feigned frown on her face as he admires the ethereal way the moonlight caresses the features of her face.

“Why would I do that?” his murmur is raspy and meaningful as he wonders at the beautiful girl.

“Because this has to be a dream,” sadness clings to her faint voice as she considers the possibility: “Why would someone like you ever even look at someone like me?”

There’s a glimmer of tragedy in the grey of his irises as he saddens at the words that have just rolled off her sweet tongue, thinking about the devastation of perfection seeing flaws in the mirror. His eyes meet hers and he places his hand under her chin, lifting it up slightly before he kisses her softly and passionately, unsaid words of reassurance pouring into her soul.

They pull apart after a small infinity, and his eyes meet hers once again as he whispers: “There’s nothing about you that I don’t find myself falling deeper in love with every day.”

She felt the illusion of breaking hearts vanish with his words, as she pressed her head to his chest once again, listening to the steady rhythm of his heart, beaming like the burning sun.

Little Bird - Part 4 - Smut

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

Author: @dumbass-stilinski
Warning: NSFW 18+
Pairing: Stiles Stilinski/Reader, brief mention of Void/Reader
Words: 1,552
AN: Okay, so I know I said the last part was the actual LAST part, but I fucking lied. I couldn’t leave y’all hanging like that so due to popular demand and many threats on my life and your sanity, I’m actually not done. THERE WILL BE ONE MORE PART. I’m planning on making the next part the last. I don’t want to drag this out but I know you guys need a resolution here and I’m going to get it to you. I was planning on doing one big chapter, but it felt right to end it here. Enjoy, and let me know what you think!

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 5

You sighed and flipped your pillow over, the cool fabric soothing your hot skin. Your eyes were wide as you glanced at the clock beside your bed, the harsh red glow telling you it was nearly 4am. You couldn’t sleep. You hadn’t slept in days. You couldn’t remember the last time you’d had a good night sleep.

That wasn’t true. You could remember. The last time you’d slept well was the night you’d spent with him. The night you’d slept with Void.

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