cool exit

November 2015

YG: Okay so let’s have Winner comeback in January with an amazing album titled EXIT!

Staff: Cool! What’s does EXIT mean? Is it like a code, or is it them finally exiting to a new level of fame and stardom?

YG:*puts fingers on staff’s lips*

YG: Shushh my precious child. Be very patient. It’ll all make sense in a year.


Everybody needs at least one forced marriage in their lives, okay? Especially when the two participians are prince Derek Hale, an alpha of the famous werewolf pack and prince “Stiles” Stilinski just a human.

Did i ever said how much i love Gray?? he’s so cool, handsome and stylish it’s so much fun drawing him (besides he’s one of my fave characters so far)

also i wanted to announce that i’m aiming to do some experimental comissions, would anyone be interested?


This is what Misha Collins has posted on Facebook in relation to the happy, happy news of marriage equality in America ❤️💛💚💙💜 #lovewins