cool doodles


“This mah squad, better move aside boy”

Instead of studying for my test, I doodle my predictions for the ep “The new Crystal Gems” while I was listening lots of We Bare Bares songs so yall better listen to this song while seing this thingie


Mimikyu and Pyukumuku doodles!~ 

Rock, Paper, Scissors is easy when you’ve got hands, even if we normally don’t see them! xD That was my first doodle intention and then I got a bunch of random ideas… So the rest are those ideas in action..

Funny enough, the high-five is my absolute favorite of the set xD

Fascination, a lady with large eyes. And hands everywhere. Nothing related to me, but I wanted to make something about consent. Or more non-consent. Did it to cool down from a very cool animation project I’m helping on. :)


I was walking in a nearby neighborhood the other day and it blessed me with the Kuroo shirt.