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if you ever wonder what it’s like to take a walk with aang and I…

pretty much just this

so i’m doing a little digging into my local history - the kind most locals have forgotten about - and i just discovered that in the sound around the beach where i used to walk my dog as a kid, there was apparently a battle between the viking/norwegian ruling class in the twelfth century, for control of the islands ??

i get to see my dog again on monday!!!
in celebration, i’m doing a commission sale this weekend! $5 off all pets! :D check out the deets here


sale’s over! thanks to all who bought commissions! i’ll be finishing them up tonight and tomorrow c:

I wonder if we’ll get pics of the New Glorified Dog Sitter whilst L is in UK. I honestly couldn’t be happier if this stunt could all be done on media and social media and L would not have to breathe the same toxic air. It’s pecualiar that she’d been in LA for a month now, all hidden. And congrats LouisTM for managing a whopping two weeks of being single 👏


We’re in space, Chica!

@markiplier and Chica in space suits, with background and transparent.

I did some research on space suits and did a pretty proper design for Mark. Chica isn’t as lucky; Soviet dog space suits are hard to draw. Hers is actually based on a NASA space suit. 

Mark just loves space so much.

(Bonus messy gif that shows how I usually do art:

I am sorry and you’re welcome.)

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