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So like how come we aren’t talking about how Matt Lanter is gonna be in Pitch Perfect 3? I know theres a lot going on right now in this fandom but Anakin Skywalker is litterally in Pitch Perfect

what a to-do

@sal-si-puedes tagged me to give the first five things on my writing to-do list–which, thank you Aqua, but also oh man my to-do list is sooooo loooong. (Shorter now! But still so long!) But, okay. First five, in… some kind of order.

1. The Big Fucking MOL!AU.

We’re so close to having chapter one done. So close. I went through and rewrote a little and edited some sections to make them flow better, but now I need to actually write the next scene, and good lord is it being resistant. Still. It only really needs another 5k, probably, and in theory I could knock that out in an afternoon. I just need to sack up, really. Isn’t that always the case.

2. Prompt: ‘conduit’ sex.

This is a dual prompt from @winchestersinthedrift & @silver9mm, because unbeknownst to them they asked for the same thing on the same day. Great minds with but a single thought, ladies, and I promise I haven’t forgotten. One Winchester has sex with another person, because he can’t have sex with his brother. Easy in theory, and we’ve all read dozens of early-seasons fics where that’s the case, but managing it in late-seasons, while sticking close to canon (always my preference), while making sure that whichever Winchester isn’t just using the girl as a convenient hole, while keeping everyone in character… it’s taking a lot of thought, let’s say that. Plus, writing het! Becky, you fiend. Still, I’m determined.

3. Prompt: cockslut!Dean.

This I am genuinely sort of !! about, because of, erm, reasons. Again, trying to keep it in character is going to be a wee bit of a challenge, but… not much of one, I don’t think. …Ha, yeah. Fairly easy, actually.

4. Genderswap curse-fic.

Dean (of course) is turned into a girl. I’ve been thinking about this one for easily two years now, turning it over and ironing away at the details. The main thing is that I want a genderswap story where the boys instantly falling into an incestuous bed is not at all easy, and the curse is hard, and the curse is actually stupid, because nothing about this should be a cinch. I think it’d end up being about 20-30k by the time I wrapped it up, though, so I’d need to give it some elbow room.

5. Kinks!verse.

Two additional ficlets keep lingering in my head, so: a) a scenario where the boys get a little too relaxed, visiting Jody, and she figures out that they’re together and has a well-deserved little freak-out (sidenote: I can never ever believe those fics where someone who knows they’re brothers ‘finds out’ and then somehow is okay with it without massive struggle)–I just love the idea of writing Dean’s reaction to her reaction, all by itself; b) a scenario in s12, when Mary has returned and isn’t what Dean wanted or expected, and he drags their vague D/s & feminization just a little deeper in a weird sort of rebellion. A corset will get involved. 

Writing it out now, Aqua, I immediately want to just quit my job and settle down to get some real work done. :)  Alas, mortgage payments. 

Let’s see what’s on other people’s lists, hm? @wetsammywinchester, @withthedemonblood, @silver9mm, @themegalosaurus –? What are you all up to?

i get to see my dog again on monday!!!
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We’re in space, Chica!

@markiplier and Chica in space suits, with background and transparent.

I did some research on space suits and did a pretty proper design for Mark. Chica isn’t as lucky; Soviet dog space suits are hard to draw. Hers is actually based on a NASA space suit. 

Mark just loves space so much.

(Bonus messy gif that shows how I usually do art:

I am sorry and you’re welcome.)

Hey, look! I posted a non-spoiler SmashBros-related drawing!
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