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  • me: okay i should throw away this useless item, it's garbage
  • brain: but what if you need it?
  • me: it's literally a piece of string, i'll never need it
  • brain: you should keep it
  • me: why
  • brain: You Gotta
@truecrimehothouse @congenitaldisease @bundyspooks You gotta watch this.

It has Anna Nicole Smith, CHARLES MANSON, OJ Simpson, AND MORE!!!! Gotta watch it. So worth it. (for those interested, Charles Manson is toward the first half of the video, and Anna and OJ are toward the end.)

friend: I understand that you have a mental illness, and I understand that you can’t control these things and that’s totally okay.
me: *exhibits a minor symptom*
friend, shaking and crouching down in a corner: ca n yoU fuckiN g CHILL OUT damn sTOP bei nG mentally iLL for tWo minU TES of youR DAMN lifE !!!!

Every Article About Misophonia (that is not written by someone who actually cares about the topic)

Hey, have you been 🙌🏻ENLIGHTENED🙌🏻 about this cOoL nEW dISoRdeR?!? (But like, it’s totally serious.) Anyways, so you know that TOTALLY AWFUL feeling when there’s FINGERNAILS ON A BLACKBOARD?!?!? Well it turns out, it’s bECaUse oF tHiS NeW DisOrDeR! And well we’re on the topic, here’s a list of generally unpleasant pictures that would be triggering to anyone who actually has this disorder and would likely be googling it ❤

We live in a society that romanticises “the dark side” of someone, to an outsider it may be entertaining to watch. But for that person, it’s internal hell. Everyone loves a bit of drama, to watch it, to live it, as a result of an addiction to poisonous chemicals within ones own body. Yet to glamorise negative aspects of life, denies them of the happiness they would find in the light of who they really are. There’s nothing beautiful about pain. Theres nothing sexy about anger and violence. There’s nothing delightful about depression. There’s nothing cool about mental disorders. There’s nothing enchanting about isolation.

You know what is beautiful? The beating heart inside of someone that continues to beat just for them, despite all else.
You know what is sexy? Not some man that owns a gun and beats people up for looking at you. No, someone who understands the value of life, the value of a human being, the value of you.
You know what is delightful? The simple joy of waking up in the morning and being happy to be alive.
You know what’s cool? An imagination so vivid and real that all things that make logical sense, no longer makes sense. That someone is able to create a whole another divine world, just by imagining it.
You know what is enchanting? The walks through the forests alone, finding meaning in all things, being so amazed by mystery that you can’t wait to share it with someone you love.

Romanticising the negative parts of life does no justice, to the people who actually have to live them. All it does is keep them trapped in a dark place, that they don’t deserve to be. I don’t even know what the point of this is, all I’m saying is if someone’s identifying with the negative parts of themselves, show them their true selves so that they can learn to own their best qualities and live a happy life as they deserve.
“When we treat people as they are, we make them worse. When we treat people as they ought to be, we help them become, what they are capable of becoming.” - Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Just love one another, shower each other in love, radiate love, embody love, speak words of love, handle with love and everything shall be love😊💗🌸💗

30/03/2017 | 9:53am

Taking a day off school today to recharge. It’s okay to need to rest, recovery is a long road and I’ll get there one day. Trying to stay positive is a little hard, but with support from my boyfriend and others, I’m sure to get there. My comfort box is coming in handy too, it’s helping me out a whole lot. I took some Kalms, and right now I’m watching some anime. Hopefully, today is going to lift my spirits ❤

feeling: tired

Things to not do to a bpd person

1. Use their favorite person against them

2. Use their favorite person against them

3. Use their favorite person against them

4. Bringing their favorite person into a argument as a fucking weapon against them is the lowest thing you can possibly do, so you better think the fuck twice before you get the nerve to even mention them because it will not be pretty. Using someone they care about more than anyone else in this world to hurt them is possibly the biggest mistake you can make.

There’s always three options when you think your friend is mad at you
1) They actually are
2) You’re just being paranoid
3) You’re not talking to them because you think they’re mad at you but actually they’re not mad at you but they’re not talking to you because they think you’re mad at them since you’re not talking to them