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in honour of march being #trypod month, here’s everything you need to know about podcasts!

what the heck even are podcasts?

podcasts are audio shows that are either in episode or radio format, which you can download and listen to whenever you like, for free!! there are both fiction and non fictional podcasts, so there is something for everyone

why should i listen to these?

podcasts are similar to audiobooks and radio shows in that you can listen to them anywhere, on your phone or computer, and are ideal for commutes and journeys (i personally listen to most of mine on the bus to and from school). most podcasts are made by people as a hobby rather than their job, so you can support them by listening as well 

where can i find podcasts?

pretty much every podcast ever is available on itunes and spotify, and many apps for non apple devices

cool, can you give me some recommendations?


welcome to night vale [weird and spooky fantasy] is about a small town in america, where a lot of weird crap goes on, but here in night vale this is generally completely normal. this is pretty much how everyone gets into podcasts, and is a really good starting point for listening to fiction podcasts

the bright sessions [sci-fi] is about some folks with superpower in therapy trying to learn about themselves, their powers and how to control them. honest to god this is my most favourite fiction podcast ever, i love it with all of my heart and cannot recommend this enough. 

the orbiting human circus of the air [fantasy?] is about an old-timey radio show that broadcasts from the top of the eiffel tower. this is honestly such a joy to listen to, and has some wonderful stories with really interesting ways of telling them

wolf 359 [sci-fi and comedy] is about a small crew in a space station, orbiting the red dwarf star, wolf 359. it starts off pretty light hearted and gets pretty wild pretty quickly, so buckle in for a bumpy ride. (they did a live show and recorded it and put it on youtube and it is honestly such a gift seeing zach jump back and forth arguing with himself.)

the penumbra podcast [noir/fantasy/western/horror] is really queer. its great. the main stories follow a non-binary pi named juno steel, but there are other stories on the feed too that are well worth a listen (and season 2 premiers really soon!)

eos 10 [sci-fi and comedy] is about some doctors in space. its hilarious (the main plot arc starts with a boner that just will not go away) and the characters are super interesting. its been on break for a really long time, but is on its way back soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

the strange case of starship iris [sci-fi adventure] is new and really cleverly done. im still blown away by how cool the end credits are, everytime i hear them. its also about gays in space which is cool also ;)

the adventure zone [comedy and adventure] is barely a fiction podcast as it is 3 brothers and their dad playing d&d. if you have never played d&d, or think its boring, then dont let that deter you, because this podcast is the funniest one i have listened to. it starts a little slowly, so be prepared for that, but it really picks up a few episodes in, and griffin’s story telling gets SO good, i really recommend this one as well


spirits is 2 women chatting about really cool myths and legends, both old and new, from all of the world, whilst quite tipsy. this was the first podcast i listened to and i fell in love. i personally recommend the “japanese urban legend” episode its super creepy and super cool

dead pilots society is a table reading of tv pilots that are bought by companies but never made. they so far have all been comedies and include well known writers and actors, and are great for long journeys, as well as one time listening if you don’t want to get too emotionally involved in anything

my brother my brother and me  is a really bad advice show and really good comedy podcast run by 3 brothers (the same ones in the adventure zone minus their dad) who answer questions and give terrible advice that is hilarious to listen to. they also made a tv show on seeso recently, which you can also check out the first episode on yt!

international waters is a quiz show between british and american comedians which is interesting and hilarious, with different contestants each week to keep it fresh and interesting

i have a ton more i could talk about (including my own which premiers on april 1st) but these are some of my highlights. if you want any recommendations, feel free to message me or drop me an ask!

ppl aggressively scream about not caring about a “big heterosexual reveal” and I’m here like??? what??? did I miss? Maxwell and Jacobi scene cements them as a brotp? We all knew Minkowski had a husband since ep 15? Where is it? Where’s the reveal? All I see is a good, action filled episode where Renee, after almost getting killed, learns that nobody is waiting for her back home.

Where is this “het bullshit,” as you insist on calling it?

au where sams the king of hell and one of his higher ups caught an angel snooping about and when sam thinks hes got himself a nice hostage it turns out this angel is a bloody cheerful idiot who hasnt visited earth since ancient roman times and is too peppy to even care sams been keeping him hostage and simply talks sams ears off until he ditches the guy up on earth, only for dean to blip in all the time with all these cool new devices he wants to try with sam - like a phone with the thing known as a selfie.  sam vehemently denies the fact he enjoys the attention


Logitech K480 Keyboard

The K480 connects to up to three devices via Bluetooth simultaneously. All you need to do to switch between the devices is turn the dial at the top left. And when I say ‘regardless of platform’, I mean it. They can be Windows, Mac or Chrome computers. If you use it for tablets or smartphones, it will not matter if they are iOS, Android or Windows. The Logitech K480 works with them all.

fun idea: instead of saying “(behavior x) is just a crutch,” when you mean, “it’s is a temporary solution to a bigger problem,” just say, “(behavior x) is a temporary solution to a bigger problem.”

alternatively, find a metaphor that actually makes sense, since crutches are incredibly useful medical devices that allow people to lead full lives while a limb heals. along with that, long term mobility aids (walkers, wheelchairs, canes) allow people to lead full lives instead of being stuck in bed all day.

so the next time you’re talking about mental health or the economy or whatever it is, and you want to convey that (thing) is a temporary and ineffective coping method…just say that instead.

mobility devices are cool and useful, and aren’t harmful coping methods at all. they are creative and effective solutions to daily problems, and they make life a hell of a lot more livable for a lot of us.

tl;dr mobility devices are awesome, they don’t deserve the stigma they get, and your metaphors are shit.


There’s the deceptively soft snick of the door closing as he’s setting the cooling device, (Raven’s creation of course,) and then Raven’s voice over the radio cutting off from her long winded explanation with, “Shit shit shit.”

“Raven?” He radios back, “everything ok?”

“The room you’re in… Bellamy you set off the automatic locks when you set the bomb.” Raven says, voice tight and brief, the way it goes when she’s scared and can’t admit it. “There’s a countdown going that I’m trying to stop. Here-”

The radio goes quiet for a moment and then Monty’s voice crackles over the line. “Raven’s trying to stop the countdown,” he says softly.

“Countdown to what?” That’s Clarke, across the plant from him where she went with Jasper to set two more cooling bombs.

“It’s…” Monty’s voice wavers and then Bellamy hears the steely quality to it when he continues. He knows that voice. “It’s the countdown to the room flooding with radiation.”

“What?” Clarke snaps. 

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You guys all made an abomination very happy :P

I got (and I am still getting!) lots of wonderful, funny, and sweet messages about having Fatal on your devices. He’s quite tickled and doesn’t really know what to do with himself. He’s just so flattered.

Fatal also promises to behave and to not do bad things to your mobile device, kindles, or desktops :)


Flote M2 Tablet Floor Stand

If you are an avid user of iPads, tablets and e-readers, wouldn’t you be interested in knowing which tablet stand was voted “the best tablet stand ever”? After all, stands are an incredibly practical addition if you are using your tablet in bed, on your favourite chair or a sofa or while watching TV. So, “the world’s most elegant / best tablet stand” is Flote M2 Adjustable Floor and Bed Stand.


Fontech: A technique to operate devices using thermal energy called fon power that fifth and sixth fonons produce, to get various effects. Devices developed using fontech are called fon machines and their use has become widespread from military purposes such as weapons to use at home such as fonon-type heating and cooling fontech devices.

Fontech - Tales of the Abyss 3DS Official Complete Guide