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Snapchat adventures after the mail arrived today— the prints came out better than I could have hoped omggggg!!

This is the biggest comic project I’ve ever worked on and it’s beyond amazing to finally have physical copies of it– I’m happy as hell rn 🎉🎉✨✨

  • Me: It's okay to be unsure of your gender/sexuality!!1! It's totally cool to be figuring yourself out!
  • Me @ me: except you bc u need to get ur stuff together and figure out what the heck u are right now immediately

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Poodle Emoji Review

A neat, proper, and composed woman. A iconic portrayal of a poodle. However, upon closer inspection I can see a face that hints at hidden stress and anxiety. I can’t help but feel concerned for her, she must have a lot on her mind. Needless to say, she has a wonderful tail pomf. The pomfiest.


Wow! What a small, soft, cute and fluffy friend. So pink and round, and wonderfully huggable.


Quite a bold and unique young lady with her distinctive pompadour hairstyle and a hint of a casual and relaxed personality with her lolling tongue. Impractical foot pomfs, however.


Soft, pure, innocent, and an overall sweetheart. Such a pleasing collaboration of white and pink, with a cute pink button nose to match. This is a cutie that loves to make people smile.


Doesn’t have the best sense of style out of the group. I would recommend for her to change hair stylists. But my biggest concern is why does she only have three legs? Her hind legs look broken too! What happened to her? Regardless of whatever it may be, she has my respect for holding her head high and soldiering on despite her physical handicaps.

2/5 overall, but 5/5 for being a trooper

Looks more like a bedlington pupper than a poodle, but still a humble friend, nonetheless.


A pretty young lady, with fur like cotton candy, but she tries too hard to be like samsung. Judging by the look in her eyes, she is insecure and constantly paranoid by how others perceive her. She needs to be assured that she is a wonderful and well-liked individual that needs to threat not by what others think of her.


What a happy pupper. Look at that charismatic smile! She looks like a supportive friend that will always be happy to see you. Pure, clean, and fluffy, like an embodiment of clouds on a bright summer’s day.


Now this looks like a cool, modern, and down-to-earth lady, with a posture that means business. Unfortunately, her stoic persona comes across to others as being a bit cold. This is not her intention however, for her heart is still in the right place. Again, she also has impractical foot pomfs.


Another serious lady, but more casual than the former. Sense of style is questionable at best; what is up with her feet? Are the paws? Pomfs? We just don’t know. She looks like she’s on the lookout, a watchdog. She may not be the pomfiest, but that doesn’t make her any less of a reliable friend who will always watch your back.


She looks so traumatised. My dear child, who has hurt you? Who has hurt this little girl? They will be catching these hands. We need to shelter this pood from the wicked at all costs.


A fashionable and self-assured girl, her hair bow and brimming smile says it all. She may not sit well with everyone; some may interpret her as smug and pompous, consumed by her own vanity. But I just call her confident.


List of My Favorite Star-crossed Myth Smut Fanfictions

All stories and credits to @iluvsexyvoltageguys - Best SCM smut stories ever!!

(New ones will be highlighted)

Warning: Mature

♈ Krioff x Reader

The dedicated body of yours……I’m afraid I’ll break you.

1. Mr. Silver - Part 1

2. Only Yours

3. Say You Missed Me

4. Make You Scream

5. Teasing = Punishment (4some warning)

6. Mr. Silver - Part 2

7. Punishments x3 (4some warning)

【♐ Tauxolouve x Reader 】

That feeling for you is eternal. It will never, never change.

1. Sexy Shower Time

2. All You Had To Do Was Ask (3some)

3. Wish Granted (3some)

4. Appreciation

【♎ Zyglavis x Reader】

You must be sick of seeing me naked by now.

1. A Visit From Zyglavis

2. Marking His Territory

3. Valentines Day with Zyglavis

4. I Need You

5. In Your Room (4some warning)

6. Good Girl

【♏ Scorpio x Reader】

Warning: This guy is super dangerous!! Watch out before you read

1. Handcuffs

2. Chill Out

3. Spice It Up (3some)

4. Teasing = Punishment (4some warning)

5. In Your Room (4some warning)

6. Forgiveness

7. I Need This Right Now

8. Who Do You Choose? (3some)

9. Punishments x3 (4some warning)

10. Scorpio’s Trap

【♊ Dui/Shadow Dui x Reader】

Warning: This guy is as dangerous as Scorpio!

1. I Do What I Want

2. Anything For You

3. Anger Management

4. Teasing = Punishment (4some warning)

5. Who Do You Choose? (3some)

6. Dui Isn’t Here

7. Punishments x3 (4some warning)

8. Pleasure Spiked With Pain

【♍ Partheno x Reader】

Twisted nerve, twisted love.

1. Lust in Paradise

2. All You Had To Do Was Ask (3some)

3. In Your Room (4some warning)

4. Valentines Day with Partheno

5. Wish Granted (3some)

【♌ Leon x Reader】

Let’s hear more of those moans.

1. Leon’s Shirt

2. You Give Me Fever

3. Advances

4. My Room (My Birthday Gift! I Love it SO MUCH❤❤)

【♋ Karno x Reader】

There’s no way I can keep my cool when you look like that.

1. Missing You

2. Valentines Day with Karno

3. The Morning After (3some)

4. I Thought You Deserved a Surprise 

5. Bad Influence

【♑ Aigonorus x Reader】

I have no intention of ever letting go of the woman I love.

1. Party Favor

2. The Morning After (3some)

3. Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

New stories are coming out yeah❤



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