Zodiacs as Bitches

Aries: loud bitch
Taurus: hungry bitch
Gemini: sarcastic bitch
Cancer: awkward bitch
Leo: bitchiest bitch
Virgo: quiet bitch
Libra: cool bitch
Scorpio: bITCH
Sagittarius: funny bitch
Capricorn: ambitious bitch
Aquarius: secretively sensitive bitch
Pisces: weird bitch

alright so a lot of people have done this but i thought i’d give it a shot!

so here’s the deal: like or reblog this post and i’ll write your name on a slip of paper. over the summer, i’ll put the paper in various places: on telephone poles, at the mall, at mcdonald’s, wherever. hopefully you’ll get some new followers and maybe make some friends!

(note: depending on how many notes this gets, it might take longer than just over the summer. don’t worry. i will get to all of them.)

                               ~StripperStarSquad Network~


  • Must be following the admins stilettostrider​ and i-am-going-ghost
  • reblog this post (likes dont count)
  • fill out the application
  • be willing to give out your skype 
  • apps will close on January 17th (a month basically) 

If you’re chosen:

  • track the tag #stripperstarsquad
  • you get cool new homies B)
  • you get more followers & selfie reblogs 

so apparently wendy provided backup vocals for the ice cream cake rap part????