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What do you ultimately hope to get out of these callout posts for unseenmockingjay?

uhhh why do you care? why do you ask me that on anon, too?

“ i told this to people who wanted to buy a theme from her and i know a lot more than described in this post. “  maybe read because that ? should ? answer this omg? i want people ?? to be ? aware of that? wtf man why do you think i write that ?

The 'believes in conspiracies' squad

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What about Moonraker?

What about Moonraker?

Didn’t they go into outer space in Moonraker

Hollister POT Update

when you realize you gotta get your shit together & don’t take shit from no one. thanks @sugardaddyjournal​ – 

for the past few days Hollister has been hitting me up A LOT, and its been cool convo but it always leads to no solid arrangement. He was ready to see me at a hotel, but when i corrected him that it was a simple meet up to lay out our arrangement, suddenly he had “meetings” to tend to through the week.. he wants an escort-y vibe (and theres nothing wrong with that, but he should say so from jump), but with the way he’s so stressed out about where to meet (to avoid feeling paranoid and being caught), i realized he doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing no matter what help i gave him (i was basically giving this fool consultations on what these things are. way too much of my text-time).. even if it is my first real SD arrangement, i’m more aware of my wants than he is. if he smartens up then maybe we can see what lays ahead. but for now, he’s on the back burner.


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Summary: Bts and a cool convo where Jimin isn’t invited (real life group convo that has happened to me)

Hope this is good, I used a website instead of my phone CAUSE MY DAD AND MY PHONES MIGHT BE SYNCED. ANYWAYS start requesting!

Heres our if you were dating Jungkook!

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Let me tell ya’ll how much men ain’t shit.

I live in Brooklyn, so traveling to Manhattan (anywhere in Manhattan) takes me about an hour or more based on using the public transportation.

So, I talked to this attorney who super liked me on Tinder. we spoke on the phone, and besides the fact that he asked 50 million questions, convo was cool. he confirmed plans with me. he said he found me cute & looked forward to meeting me. cool. so the following days after the phone call, i didn’t really hear from him but he would answer my texts (red flag). so then i peeped that he unmatched me on Tinder (red flag). my sister was like oh just leave it, maybe its nothing. so i hit him up just to confirm our plans & he said, yes we’re set to go. i made reservations. i’m like okay cool. i noticed he still wasn’t making conversation really but i left it alone.

the day of comes and i write him, “hope you’re excited to see me later” & he wrote “yes, very excited. see you there” .. so .. i get ready. i’m looking good, ladies. good enough that i put my photo on snap & i had a few guys writing me asking to take me out or how they wanna hang out. this is no lie. so i’m like okay, if they think i look good then this guy should too.

I make my way to West 4th, to this “$$$” Italian restaurant. Attorney guy is running late so i wait. Finally, he walks up and hes giving me this weird look. he’s like, “Lex?” I’m like yes, why do you look so surprised?

this white buffoon says to me, “you look nothing like your pictures.

i’m like HUH???????? Ive never heard that in my life. He says, “yea, i can’t go through with this.” & he turns and starts walking away.

SWEET BABIES, LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING. I HAVE NEVER EVER BEEN REJECTED LIKE THAT BEFORE. this sounds cocky, but no, i am a fine piece of ass, okay??????? i am completely NATURAL all over. from head to my fucking toes. I AM TALL, I HAVE CHILD-BEARING HIPS, I HAVE BIG TITTIES, I HAVE A BEAUTIFUL SMILE & LONG ASS REAL HAIR THAT TOUCHS THE END OF MY BACK. i don’t even wear that much makeup & I HAVE CLEAR BROWN SKINN. and to hear this WHITE PASTEY OLD ASS MUTHAFUCKA say that shit to my face had me DUMBFOUNDED. 

I was just so so .. surprised i wasted my time like that. i could’ve been studying, i could’ve been eating somewhere else, i could’ve been fucking napping. but yet i traveled out to be disrespected. sigh. so i met up with another SB & we went to a bar where we were hit on! I bumped into my tattoo artist, told him what happened & he’s like, “wait, so what if you didnt look like the picture? you’re still hot.” I’m like THANK YOU. i’m confused af.

Sigh. so badly, i wanted to hit up this fool and just go off. but its not worth it. some of my girls were saying maybe he was just plain broke & couldn’t go through with it. WHO KNOWS but there are too many men out here claiming a lifestyle they are not ready for.

shit like this really makes me wanna just throw the sugar bowl lmao.. my patience is wearing the fuck out.

i really wanna start a group/network for marvel (but specifically stevetony) fanartists??
i say stevetony bc i think itd be cool to gather all the people who like drawing it and can speak multiple languages so we can reach out to all the other fans of the ship who dont speak english and possibly be able to do collab anthologies or something and have it be available to eng speaking/non eng speaking parts of the world

(i say stevetony bc its the otp im interested in and have comnections in the most lol)

okay, starting to ease into the possibility that Vriska’s cool now.  her convo with John has made me start thinking that while she def. had character development post-death, it did lead to some pretty terrible consequences with help from Aranea.  so…maybe she just needed to get punched?

(however, if you have any intention of getting shirty with me for not trusting her at first let me remind you I have a damn good precedent for it)

also rose and roxy are still EFFING ADORABLE OMG and john and dave and karkat, dorky as hell <3

now I’m curious as to what’s going to happen between now and the final battle(?)

Are you woke as hell? This nw is for making friends who hate the patriarchy and capitalism to band together in a raging fit of teen angst. Also to talk abt the four losers above in the picture :-)


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