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Stolen Moments (M)

Characters: Jungkook x reader (ft maknae line & mention of Yugyeom)

Warnings: Mentions of war/death, implications of PTSD, angst & smut

Word count: 19,993

A/N: My best friend @sungvin97 convinced me to share my fanfic so please let me know what you think!

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June 1941.

You’d counted the days until you’d see him again.

The ocean breeze felt nice against your skin, a cool contrast to the sun hanging high in the afternoon sky. You looked up, shielding your eyes with your hand, as you watched a couple of seagulls fighting against the wind, one gliding in front of the other to hold back the full weight of the wind. You smiled, finding something beautiful about the act, and you lowered your gaze back to the ocean, immediately bringing your hands up to form a makeshift picture frame. There was nothing but blue, blue skies, blue clouds, blue water, blue everything, and it was beautiful to you. You wanted to hold onto it forever, the idea that there were infinite possibilities swimming in the depths of all that blue—infinite possibilities to reach beyond the sky, and infinite possibilities to scavenge beneath the sea—and all you had to do was imagine it, or take hold of it; it didn’t matter, it was yours for the taking.

You hummed to yourself, letting your hands fall to your sides just as a voice sounded behind you. You looked over your shoulders, towards the grassy hills beyond the beach, weaving along the pathway to the woman shouting over the howling wind. You could barely hear her as she continued to call to you, waving her hands in a circular motion for you to come to her. You stared at her, finding no reason to go to her when you were at peace right where you were. By the looks, you could tell she was rolling her eyes at you, annoyed that you remained as stubborn as you had been as a child, and she cusped her hands in a circle around her mouth, calling out to you for the final time.

“Y/N, he’s back!”

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One thing I will never be over is Oliver’s left hand when he wraps it around Felicity’s back right before he picks her up.

… his fingers graze her hair, a soft, cool contrast to her heated skin. She pants his name their breath mingling, making the air hot. She arches into him, pressing her lips to his temple  and forehead, dropping tiny, loving kisses along his hairline. She wraps her arms around his head, cradling him, pulling him closer. He wants to touch her everywhere and anywhere at the same time. He drags his hands her spine, reveling in how her gentle muscles react to his touch. He kisses her chest, tasting her, eliciting the most beautiful breathless whimpers from her. His tongue traces her collarbone before he dips his head, his stubbled chin slipping over the top of her breasts. He wants to lean her back and wrap his lips around one of her nipples, but at the same time he wants to keep her close, wants to feel every inch of her pressed against him as tightly as possible.

She’s life and light and sunshine and happiness and purity and it’s more addicting than he could have ever dreamed.


Her hips rock against him, her heated core grinding against his hardness, the seams of their pants pressed tightly together. Hot needy desire rockets through him and he moans her name in such a way that it makes her shiver, sending goosebumps erupting across her back. His skin burns for her, his body yearns towards hers…  


One hand slips down over her hip, sliding over her delectable ass that he’s been dreaming about for years now as he wraps his other arm around her back. She surrounds him, taking over everything, drowning him in her love and for that one single second, he lets go, he gives her all that he is, letting her in so completely that he doesn’t know where she starts and he ends. 

He needs to be closer, needs to feel as much of as her as he can, needs to cherish as much of this - of her - as possible because some tiny part of him knows that this moment - this precious, perfect moment where everything he never though he’d get, everything he never believed he deserved - won’t last forever…

The moment that really, really slayed me here was when his fingers slide under her arm, over the sensitive skin there, brushing against the inside of her left arm. It’s so intimate, startlingly so. They’re both naked, in so many more ways than the physical sense, and every single time I see his fingers slipping under there right before he picks her up, right before he digs his fingers in to hold her closer, it strikes me again how incredibly tender this moment is.

This scene is so magical, so intense, so intimate and gorgeous and beautiful and loving and it still kills me dead.

i spent like the last 2 or 3 days redrawing this

this really needs to be fullscreened.. and i feel like it’s off-center on gohan’s side???????? ahh well, i tried, and i think ive improved a bunch since i drew the first one so im super happy (*´▽`*)

theres a certain scene in moana I DESPERATELY wanna draw but i can’t find a reference picture of it anywhere ;A;, it’s when Grandma Tala takes her to her ancestors boats for the first time and it goes into that wideshot of the cave with them and the waterfall and the warm color of her torch is just beautifully contrasting the cool glowing blue of the waterfall and I just really love that shot and wanna draw it. but I need a good reference because I JUST saw the movie and the finer details are blurry to me orz


Connor Kenway x Reader

Words: 1042

A/N: This is just something stupid and random that wouldn’t get out of my head. I didn’t really know what to do with it after I finished so I just thought I might as well upload it.

How had it all gone so wrong? You sighed heavily into the darkness, the cool metal of chains contrasting to your heated skin. You could blame it on your skills or your distractions, but you knew what it really was. Your eyes moved towards the metal bars separating you and the man you loved. He was looking up to you with sad, brown eyes, apologies being spoken in the silence. Had the two of you not been so caught up in the breathtaking feel of one another, you would have been more aware. 

You would have heard Shay walking through the forest, the crunch of twigs beneath his heavy boots. You would have been prepared for the ambush. But you hadn’t been aware, you hadn’t been ready. And now? Now you were surrounded by darkness, your arms pulled away from your body painfully, the smell of alcohol and gunpowder heavy in the air. Now you were forced to stare into Haytham’s gray eyes, Shay to his right.

“Care to answer my questions?” Haytham asked, although he was aiming the question more towards Connor, despite his eyes being on you.

“Don’t,” you croaked to Connor, not wanting him to reveal the Brotherhood. He was torn, his mind telling him to keep quiet while his heart clawing at him to help you.

“It wouldn’t be the wisest decision to keep silent,” he drawled, circling you like prey. You didn’t back down, resolve in your stance. It was foolish, really. You had to keep yourself safe, had to keep your secret safe. Your eyes once again sought out Connor’s, the faintest bit of tears in them. Maybe you should have told him, but perhaps it’s better this way. If he doesn’t know, he won’t be able to blame himself for that as well. 

Your heart was screaming at you to keep it safe, do whatever it takes to make sure they’re safe. You swallowed the guilt thickly, knowing that Haytham would kill you should Connor not bend to the terms.

“Don’t touch her,” Connor growled, bared teeth shining brightly in the darkness.

“All I ask is for information.” Haytham shrugged nonchalantly, watching you closely. Connor once again looked at a loss, so confused as to what he should do. Every fiber of who he was, was urging him to help you, to protect you. But the results of giving Haytham what he wanted could kill hundreds. Was it so wrong to be willing to give their lives in return for yours?

“You’re a bastard.” You mumbled, a soft smirk pulling at his lips.

“I am asking quite nicely.” Had you felt a little better, you may have been able to say a better retort. However, your body choosing to be the absolute asshole that it is, you lurched forward, bile rising in your throat. You were shaking, dropping to your knees heavily as the acidic taste passed through your opened lips, a few hot tears mixing in. Haytham was watching you strangely, disgust written on his features. Unfortunately for him, you didn’t care in the moment, another gag making itself present. You could practically hear your heartbeat as your heart began to slow down once again. “That was rather unpleasant.” Avoiding Haytham’s wary gaze, you met Connor’s worried eyes.

“Connor,” you whispered, the lingering taste of vomit still on your mouth. You wanted to forget about the world and just lay down, wrapped in Connor’s embrace.

“(Y/N)?” He inquired, a large hand grasping the metal bar. Sighing softly, you left the comfort of his stare, looking up to the elder Kenway.

“If you wish to kill me, kill me.” You stated. “But do so knowing that you are killing your unborn grandchild as well.” The reality of the situation came crashing down on Connor and Haytham, both of them in various states of shock. Shay didn’t look much better, dropping his gaze to the floor.

“You’re with child…” Connor breathed, tears shining in his soft eyes. The normally stoic expression on Haytham’s features melted slowly, careful steps bringing him closer. Connor growled, pushing his weight against the bars as he attempted to keep danger away from you and the child, accomplishing nothing but making noise.

“I will not kill you,” Haytham admitted, almost a look of pride in his eyes. You watched warily as he unlocked the chains binding you, lifting you from the ground softly. He was silent as he moved closer to Connor, opening the door separating the two of you. Connor didn’t spare his father a second glance, wrapping two large arms around you in a protective embrace. He held you close, relishing in the feel of you against him. You happily returned the hug, watching Haytham all the while. There was almost a look of resignation on his features, his eyes alight with memories as he watched the two of you.

“Go,” he said simply, looking over to Shay with a look that told him to stand down. You blinked, not expecting such an act from the Grandmaster. Connor didn’t speak, only nodded once in thanks as he pulled you out of the darkness and back towards the light of day. He was still on guard but considerably more happy as you stepped into the streets, the warm sun beating down on the two of you.

“I’m going to be a father,” Connor whispered, a smile on his face. You couldn’t help but smile back, the feeling infectious. “We’re going to be a family!” He exclaimed happily, picking you up and spinning you around despite the looks of each passersby. You laughed, squealing a little at the feeling of flight. Connor immediately set you down, worry passing through his expression. “Did I hurt our child?” He asked innocently, looking down at your tummy as if a dragon was about to pop out of it at any second.

“Of course not.” You chuckled, linking your arm through his. He smiled sappily, pulling you closer to him. “Let’s go home.” You said, wishing for nothing more than a warm bath. This day surely had been confusing, but at least you had family. And who knows, maybe Haytham would meet your child one day. And maybe then, you could be a proper family.

Who’s up for another headcanon?

Tina’s absolutely terrified during her first pregnancy.  With her not living anywhere near her sister and her mother being dead (and “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” not to be written for another fifty-odd years) she feels totally clueless about how to handle what’s happening to herself and how she’s going to handle motherhood.  Newt, by contrast, is cool as a cucumber.  He’s raised dozens of babies (albeit none human) and supervised a handful of births, so the idea of having a human child to care for is more intriguing than fear-inducing.

That all falls apart the minute she goes into labor and the midwife shoves him out of the room, at which point he retreats to the case to anxiety-rant at Dougal about how he’s really afraid of how fragile human babies are compared to most animals and how he’s terrified of dropping the baby but that he couldn’t say that to Tina when she needed him to be the not-terrified one.  And he rants and rants until the babies are born (surprise, twin girls!) and ready to meet their papa, at which point he manages to pull himself together for his wife and make it look like he has every confidence in the world in her and himself (which is half-true–he’s got every confidence in Tina–but half-true is close enough for this Hufflepuff).


My tribute to one of the finest games ever made. I had a blast playing this game and wanted to create an illustration that conveys the mood of it. I included a black and white version as it looks really cool in contrast to the coloured version.

nemosland  asked:

okay I was reading some of those "who Buffy's nth death didn't cause a new slayer" and I am so sad that they didn't actually move forward with the idea of a Vampire Vampire Slayer because I've literally always wanted that. Though i'd have liked her as a season Big Bad, not a one of because THINK OF THE CONTRASTS AND COOL STUFF THEY COULD DO plus Vamp strength combined with Slayer strength and skills would be a powerful villain.

To have Sunday, a vampire Vampire Slayer, as the season’s Big Bad was actually one of the original ideas for season 4, I believe. And yes, it would’ve been awesome and EPIC. Definitely much more interesting than Adam + The Initiative…