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a redraw of an omega flowey i drew sometime last year! im going to put the original under a cut cause it was a pretty big picture but,,, im rlly proud of this!! i also practiced with some cool 3d effects, im not sure if it looks better with or without them but,, i think they look cool so im posting it with them!

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Hey! Some Korrasami for the soul.  (Do not repost)

I didn’t really have a plan for this going in but I suppose it is a very good image that displays the helplessness Asami felt at seeing Korra become a shell of a person because of the devastating effects that the Avatar State (without spoiling anything) had on Korra’s psyche. Anyway, that’s a bit too deep because either way I thought it’d be a cool composition to try out and I was right! Very fun to draw. 

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I just finished editing and printing the score!!

For those who don’t know about it. I composed a improvisation-like classical piano piece inspired by Arcanine’s NicoMaki fanfiction ‘Trying to keep it cool’ (AO3 link:
Just trying to portray that magical scene of Maki playing in a thunderstorm night at Nico’s request. (It got out of hand, it’s a bit difficult to play so now I’m studying like an idiot xD)

I hope to have the recording soon!! And read the fic if you haven’t, 100% RECOMMENDED!

in coups’ jacket

(it looks better when you click on it; idk why it’s so blurry :p)


So I had an assignment to watch a 3 minute clip I like and do some quick sketch drawings of the layouts and camera work, so I chose the forgiving scene from Zootopia. There is so much little things that they do that you don’t even notice! For one, in the beginning, it showed Judy looking down from an upshot, and then shows her going down to “his level,” which is setting up how she’s getting off her high horse and humbling herself. In that middle jpg there, is flips between the same two camera angles like six times. If this was any other scene this would probably be shoddy camera work, but this masterfully builds up tension as we and Judy don’t know how he’s feeling about all of this. It’s the same shot, he hasn’t moved, how is he feeling? We don’t know. We’re also looking down on Judy, a more meek position than previously looking up at her.

 And then we finally get that release from tension as it cuts to Nick, much closer, and seeing him happy. Then at the end the composition changes from Nick on left, Judy on right to them both being smack in the middle, thanks to a subtle camera pan.

Anyway, this is just me being a huge storyboard nerd while trying to do an assignment. This was really fun, I have to do this again sometime on my own time! 


This duchess of yours will soon discover the true burden of peace.