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I Carry In My Arms by Ben Hur
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Two more books to my bookshelf.

I got to see these really cool rocks. It’s composition is Hematite and Jasper but the formation itself is more commonly known as Banded Iron. It just blows my mind that these rocks are over a billion years old*. It’s absolutely beautiful to see and to think that this rock has seen so many living creatures and was around before any life on Earth. It just blows my mind.

*edit* thank you to @earthstory for the correction! :)

as a follow-up on katanas

what’s really cool is the composition of the blade. so you’re folding the steel like 20 times to get the carbon composition kinda uniform, but you’re also using like 3 different grades of steel, welded together, to hopefully give the more brittle, high-carbon steel a little more backbone and spring to it. this won’t help the issue of the edge chipping, but it will make the blade more durable and keep it from snapping straight through. you put softer, more flexible low-carbon steel in the core and back of the blade, then layer the more brittle high-carbon steel to the leading edge, where the hardness will make a difference.

it’s really fascinating

Art for art’s sake

Ahhhhh so many artists like to compare themselves to people they think are better, or worse, than them. Well we all have our different talents, strengths, and weaknesses. There will always be someone better than you in something and there will always be someone worse. Stop comparing yourselves to others and focus on the strengths that you DO have, and enjoy the art you make for art’s sake. 

I appreciate all art that you put your honest effort into, for a good purpose, no matter what level you think you’re at! :D