cool composition



a redraw of an omega flowey i drew sometime last year! im going to put the original under a cut cause it was a pretty big picture but,,, im rlly proud of this!! i also practiced with some cool 3d effects, im not sure if it looks better with or without them but,, i think they look cool so im posting it with them!

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art advice I learnt from my two years of art college

☆draw a lot. it doesn’t have to be big, difficult, or daily. but when you get inspo, doodle some stuff!

☆love your art bc honestly? there’s so many different art styles for different audiences. you’ll have a niche. just have fun!

☆having fun is the biggest part of making art! we were told the process is more important than the outcome. so just have some fun putting paint everywhere or being wild w colour, who cares if it looks ‘bad’, art is subjective anyways

☆if something inspires you, ask why! is it the colours? composition? linework? cool! use that in your own stuff. it also helps you not make an exact copy, and instead add your own original spin to a process!

☆yeah but seriously have fun

Week 15: Stairwell  |  © @inyoureyes69

DC is a city of monuments and grand staircases, but I chose this one at the National Gallery of Art because it is my favorite DC museum and I recently stood on these stairs for the historic Women’s March on Washington, DC in January.  Taken with my Canon EOS Rebel T3i and edited in Lightroom.

Such a cool composition! The lines and contrast work so well in black and white too! Striking image @inyoureyes69! - RK