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Interview about Team Rocket

Hello my friends,

the company I’m working for (part-time) asked me to do an interview and talk about my spare time. I agreed and told them that I really enjoy writing fanfictions and publish them online.

So basically, I did an interview about Team Rocket :)

Wow, it seems so unreal. I just watched the video and it looks quite nice. It’s me telling them why Jessie and James appeal to me. It shows me drawing Mangas and reading one of my oneshots (Lay all your love on me) out loud (well at least the first paragraph).

ID #76903

Name: Roisin
Age: 22
Country: Ireland

Hi! My name is Roisin (like Row-sheen) and I’m Irish! I currently have no idea what I’m doing with my life, left college as I didn’t know what I really wanted to do and university is so expensive in Ireland. I’m fluent in English, Irish and French, trying to learn some Czech and Spanish :)

At the moment I’m working for a really cool company and climbing up the corporate ladder but I don’t know if that’s what I want to do for the rest of my life.

I love traveling. So much. I’m trying to brave a solo trip around Europe this year where I hope to meet loads of new people.

I’m a massive Harry Potter fan, 100% Slytherin 🐍

I’d be looking for someone who could potentially inspire me to get my life together, to have wonderful Harry Potter related conversations, who I can potentially meet on future adventures!

Preferences: Age: 21+

A Walk In The Park - Chapter One

Disclaimer: Fiction.

Warnings: None for this chapter!

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Notes: Long ass chapter! Lemme know if there any mistakes and I’ll fix them. <3

Chapter One

The sun was shining brightly, so after a quick stop at Starbucks for my much-needed fix, I decided to take the park route to work. I shrugged off my jacket, since the weather was warm, tucking it into my messenger bag.

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uru-viel  asked:

Darcy/Thor for the prompt "New neighbor is a hottie, oh my blob, what do I do?

Pairing:  Darcy Lewis/Thor
Prompt:  #20.  That old cliche: “New neighbor is a hottie, oh my blob, what do I do?”

A continuation of [this ficlet], prompted by @webuiltthiscityonescargot

She made Chicken Parmesan.  

It was literally the only thing she could think of to make that she had all the ingredients for.  

Darcy really hoped Thor liked Italian.  Or at least a yuppy Jewish girl’s interpretation of Italian.  

She made the meal in her mother’s Pyrex and had to take it over with pot holders because she had woefully underestimated her time.

Kicking at his door with her foot, she was half expecting him to have already forgotten the girl next door when he opened it with a jovial smile, offering to take the hot dish from her.  

After she shook her head, citing its extreme hotness, he simply led the way into his kitchen.  

It was cardboard box city in all the rooms, but it looked like he’d gotten everything moved in.  

They ate at his counter, in two stools that absolutely did not match one another, but Darcy wasn’t about to judge.  

“So what do you do?” she asked, chewing thoughtfully and sipping at the beer he’d pulled from the fridge.  "Like… for work, not in general.“  

"I… uh… I work with my father’s construction company.”  

“Cool.  Cool, cool, cool…” She mentally kicked herself for saying ‘cool’ four times.  Definitely uncool.

“It’s really not…” He said with a small smile.  "I’d rather do anything else, but it’s hard to find work.“  

"Tell me about it…” she mumbled, taking a bigger swig of the beer.  

“What do you do?”  

“I am an intern at this big law office in the city. I get paid nothing, I get crapped on constantly.  And all because I really, really wanted to switch careers.”

Thor made a face.  "I’m sorry.“  

"Not your fault, my dude.”  

He was quiet for a second and Darcy wondered if she’d scared off another one with her cynicism.  Honestly.  You’d think it’d be more commonplace nowadays.  

“This is good,” he said, laying his fork down on his empty plate. “Or it was, rather.”  

She laughed.  "Thanks.“  

"I should be the one thanking you, shouldn’t I?”  

“I suppose?  How were you going to go about doing that?” She grinned a little.  Coyly.  Sue her, he was adorable.  

“Um, I guess I could serve dessert?”  

Darcy squinted over at him.  "Is that innuendo?  Because you had so much going for you, babe.“  

"No, no, no…” He waved his hand erratically.  "It’s not.  It’s definitely not.  I have ice cream.“  

She laughed and reached for his frantically waving hand.  "Dude, chill.  I was kidding. And just to be completely straight with you, innuendo will not be frowned upon.”    

“That's… that’s good to know, because I’m told I’m very good at it.”

annabvth  asked:

hey i was just wondering what type of engineer you are and what led you to choose it (i want to be a super kickass engineer/writer like you when i grow up)

Okay so what I got my degree in, what I tell people I do, and what I actually do are three different things so bear with me.

I got a bachelors in mechanical engineering with minors in biomedical engineering and applied mathematics. That basically qualifies me to go everything and anything. I chose that whole mess because I knew that I wanted to do something related to the medical field but wasn’t sure exactly what. The mechanical background sets you up to be the jack of all trades, which is a pro because you can do anything but there’s a thousand mechanical engineers and it’s not specialized.

That’s the point of the biomedical minor, to help me specialize and be a better candidate for medical jobs. The applied math minor is because I could.

I tell people that I’m a biomedical engineer because I pretty much am. I work for a medical company doing things on medical devices.

Now technically my job title is process engineer. Day to day I monitor and improve a manufacturing process. Now the stuff that is made goes into medical devices but really I’m responsible for the parts of the whole device. My company is really cool in that I get to work with the teams that actually design the final products. 

I got into process engineering because all of my coursework was very theoretical and not very hands on. So one summer I got an internship at this place that makes seals around doors and windows for airplanes and while I did not like the company I loved the work. 

Process engineering is very busy and at my company always interesting. We get to work on new products, improvements, design work, getting new equipment, and upgrading the stuff we have. 

I hope that kind of explains everything. If not you can always ask more questions!

greetings friends! i know lots of you are looking for jobs and may have an interview coming up soon! i am hiring manager for the company i work for and after having multiple shitty interviews today (yes, you’d be surprised how shitty some people answers are), i decided to put together a little tip post for things that will impress the person you are interviewing with! 

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yesterday i asked my boss if i could sit in a dark room for a couple of minutes to try to relieve my migraine and she said yes and then brought me a cool compress for my neck… its so wild working for a company that doesnt shame you, inadvertently or not, for having health needs… i truly and deeply hope that every funking business on the planet gets the dang message asap

Who the fuck cares where you went to school or where you work? The question is: Is your everyday experience good, healthy, beautiful? Because I have to tell you, while it might be cool to work for a company like Google, Apple, or The New Yorker, if your job is stupid, stressful and your boss is an asshole, there is nothing good or prestigious about that. While it might seem right to go to a school like Berkeley, if classes are overcrowded and students are nervous, anxious, religious zealots from Orange County, are you sure you want to go there? What’s good about that? To believe in prestige is to privilege abstract, collective impression over palpable, daily experience. To which I say: fuck prestige. Do what serves your everyday vitality.
—  Daniel Coffeen
Late Night Thirst

For the ones who didn’t read the original one on AFF. 

Ship: HunHan
Characters: 34yrs!Sehun, 16yrs!Luhan, 16yrs!Baekhyun
Rated: NC-17
Warnings: age gap, gerontophilia, ephebophilia(not to be mixed up with pedophilia) daddy kink, rimming, spanking, cock worshipping, orgasm denial, face-fucking, dirty talk, biting
Status: complete. oneshot.
Wordcount: 5500+
Luhan always loved making new friends, and when he actually made a new one, sleeping over at their house and playing silly games with them was better.
But he didn’t expect encountering something even better during his stay when he walked into the kitchen in the middle of the night, just to see his friend’s hot father standing there only in a boxer. 


The other smirked at him, and Luhan couldn’t help but nod. 

It is always a good feeling to make new friends, especially if you are new in your school, with new people. This is exactly what Luhan though when he befriended Baekhyun and after a couple weeks of friendship, the latter invited him over in their house, so they could spend more time together. Being the loner he always felt like he was before, he took the offer to prove himself that he wasn’t completely a loner, and he actually did have friends. Friends, that is Baekhyun, and only Baekhyun. He wasn’t an ordenary boy who could befriend everyone, or the one everybody wanted to befriend. He usually wore pastel colored hoodies and shirts, and too tight pants; how everybody else would say: girly clothes. He wasn’t bullied for it or something like this, even when he heard a few times that someone yelled “faggot” after him. Nobody really wanted to be friends with him, because he was just naturally weird,. Well, that was until he met Baekhyun for the first time in his new school. When Luhan first announced home that he was going to sleep over at his friend’s house, his parents almost laughed at him, but when they saw Luhan leaving with a pillow and a backpack packed with pajama, toothbrush and his favorite stuffed animal, they bid him farewell with a serious and shocked face, believing that the teen indeed had a friend and told the truth. When the latter first arrived at Baekhyun’s place, he saw nothing, but an ordinary house with an ordinary garden, suspecting that there was nothing out of order with Baekhyun’s family. The only thing he knew about the boy’s personal life, that he was living with his father, no mention of brother’s or a mother for that matter. Baekhyun always told him how cool his father was, working as a CEO of some company, that he  couldn’t remember the name of, but he never mentioned more, things like name or age. And who was he to ask the boy to speak tell him more? Pushing the doorbell with his slender finger, he waited a few seconds before a tall and unbelievably handsome man opened the door and looked at Luhan directly in the eyes. Luhan gulped, the man was more intimidating than anyone he met before in his life. He had neatly styled black hair, sharp jawline, thin lips, beautifully sulptured eyes and nose, wide shoulders, and mascular body. Summed up, the male looked like he just stepped out of one of Luhan’s wet dreams. “He-hello. I’m Luhan, Baekhyun’s friend.” Luhan said nervously, extending his arm, signaling the man that he wanted to shake hands with him, but the man stayed motionless. Luhan saw that the man’s eyes wandered onto his hair, looking at the tiny ponytail on his head, pointing to the sky. He looked back at Luhan’s face after a few seconds, with a slight smile on his stotic face. Luhan furrowed his eyebrows and pouted, thinking that this man was laughing at his appareance.
“I’m Sehun, Baekhyun’s father. Come in.” The male -Sehun- stepped away so Luhan could come in. Luhan stepped into the house, the first thing he saw was that everything was black and white, and even the house looked intimidatingly neat. Just like Baekhyun’s father. He wondered how could Baekhyun live in a house like this. Everything looked expensive, and it gave off the “you don’t want to touch it because you are afraid that it will become dirty if you lay your finger on it” feel. He stepped out of his shoes, and before he could do anything else, Sehun spoke again.
“Baekhyun is currently shopping, he must be back in a few minutes, until then, why don’t you take a seat?” Shivers run down on Luhan’s spine. He man’s voice was so deep and sexy that Luhan wanted nothing more than to hear it calling his name between moans. When Luhan realized what Sehun said, he choose the elegant black leather sofa, tracing the cold surface with his fingers. He stopped, when he saw the spot next to him deepening. He looked up at the man who was staring directly at him, eyes lingering on his face. He looked back into the man’s eyes, and he wanted to look away but his head just didn’t want to move. They stayed like this for a few moment, nobody saying anything, just staring. The man looked nothing like Baekhyun, he looked so dominant and strong, but most of all too young to be a father already.
“So, Luhan. How old are you?” The man broke the silence, tilting his head to the side a bit.
“Si-Sixteen.” Luhan answered, feeling like the air is suffocating him.
“And- And you, sir? If it’s okay to ask.” Luhan asked curiously, still stuttering. He dared himself to look at the other’s exposed collarbones for a second before looking back at his face, and licking his lips unconsciously.
“How cute, you look a bit younger.” He smiled for a mere second.
“I’m thirty-four.” Sehun spoke again and smirked, because he caught Luhan staring at his lips, while he answered, and the young boy gulped, seeing something strange light up in the other’s eyes, not really knowing what it could be, and what caused the smirk on Sehun’s lips. He sat there staring at the male as he stood up again, never breaking eye contact with Luhan. He faintly heard Baekhyun yelling something like “Dad, i’m back… Holy shit I hope you didn’t scare him away.” He didn’t focus, though, the only thing he saw was Baekhyun’s perfect father, staring at him with a smirk. “See you around then, little one. Tell Baekhyun, dinner is at 8pm. I hope you will enjoy your time here.” Sehun spoke to him one last time before turning, and walking away. Luhan allowed himself to look at that glorious body again from behind, and he couldn’t miss the perfectly shaped butt, the muscular thighs, and those wide shoulders. He caught himself drooling over the sight, and then he slapped himself for thinking about his friend’s dad in a way he shouldn’t. After finally gathering his thoughts, he managed to get up too. Baekhyun run to him, dropping the shopping bags on the floor. He placed his hands on Luhan’s shoulders, shaking him a little. “Luhan, did he scare you? I swear he is nice..okay actually he isn’t but still. He won’t eat your baby soul!” Baekhyun said still shaking Luhan.
“You are right. He really is nice.” Luhan said quietly with a dreamy smile on his face.
“What the fuck?” Baekhyun looked at him, with a shocked expression, letting Luhan’s shoulders go.

It was a couple of minutes after eight, when they were storming downstairs with extra speed, because as Baekhyun said “Oh, fuck fuck fuck, dad will kill me if we miss dinner with him.” So they had to save their asses, and after 15 minutes later, they actually managed to sit down at the table in the dining room. Sehun already sat there, looking at the two with a frown. Luhan sat down on the seat what was facing Sehun, Baekhyun was seated next to his fater. Sehun wasn’t really mad at them, they were only 15 minutes late, so the older male said it wasn’t a big deal, and Luhan felt himself lightening. He didn’t want to anger his only friends oh so hot father, even if he thought that the male would look even sexier -when possible- if he was angry. They started eating, and Luhan somehow couldn’t take his eyes off of Sehun, but Sehun was no exception. They sometimes caught each other starting, and every time they did, Sehun would slightly smirk at him, and would let them stare at each other longer, if it wasn’t for Luhan, who looked down his plate, continuing to stuff his mouth with food, breaking the burning eyecontact. They mostly ate in silence, it was only Baekhyun who always had to say something, even if it was nonsense babbling about some of his friends, mostly Chanyeol, or how he is glad that his father didn’t scare away Luhan, earning death glares from his dad for that. They finished with the dinner sooner than expected. Luhan couldn’t decide, if he was glad that their weird staring contest ended, or he was sad because of the same reason. He made up his mind, and choose the first one. He again spaced out, and didn’t notice when they stood up from the table, Sehun walked over to him and placed a hand on his back, too close to his ass be appropriate and innocent. 

“See you later, baby boy.” The male whispered in his ear, sending shivers down Luhan’s spine, with his deep and sensual voice. Luhan noticed that Baekhyun wasn’t there, because he placed the plates in the sink. He closed his eyes when he felt a puff of hot breath close to his neck. He waited for a few seconds, but nothing happened. When he opened his eyes, the breathing and the hand vanished. He saw Sehun smirking at him, and licking his lips before turning to Baekhyun again.
“I want you two in bed at midnight at the latest.” He said strictly, almost glaring at his son. The younger boy gulped and nodded, because doesn’t matter that his dad was only 34, the older male was a hell of a strict father. Sehun then walked away, not even glancing back at them. Luhan wondered if the male really wasn’t mad at them. “Is he always this cold towards you?” Luhan asked as quietly as he could.
“Usually yes, he is this cold towards everyone, not just me. I’m wondering why he doesn’t give you the cold shoulder too.” Baekhyun answered, pouting in the meantime. When he was done with the plates he grabbed Luhan’s hand and dragged him upstairs, and Luhan again pushed back the memories of that owner of the voice that whispered “See you later, baby boy.” so mysteriously.

When Baekhyun and Luhan got back in the younger’s room, Baekhyun hopped down on the bed, letting his back bump against the sheets, Luhan took a seat on the floor, playing with his fingers. Baekhyun sighed on the bed, actually sitting up afterwards, just to look at Luhan.
“My father likes you. What kind of creature are you?” The brunette said, eyebrows in a frown. He poked Luhan’s head twice, like he was some kind of alien.
“Why is it such a big deal that your father likes me?” Luhan stared at him with wide eyes.
“He doesn’t like anybody. He is like, poker face,” Baekhyun imitated his father’s usual facial expression “twenty four-seven. I’m sure he doesn’t even like me, i wouldn’t even wonder if he hated me. But he smiled at you at dinner, everytime you said something with that cute voice of yours. When I say something, he would be like ‘Would you just shut up please?’. Maybe he should just be your daddy instead.”  Baekhyun chuckled, patting Luhan’s honey-brown hair, ruffling it a bit.
“Don’t be so silly.” Luhan smiled at him with reddened cheeks, punching weakly his friend’s arm. Baekhyun smiled at him with his typical bright smile. Oh, how much he wanted to say “I wish he was.”
“How about we watch that movie we wanted?” Baekhyun asked him, after a few seconds of silence. Luhan nodded crawling up on the bed too. Luhan was awakened by a little snore next to him, and a body snuggling up to him a bit more.

They actually ended up spooning each other in Baekhyun’s bed, with their normal clothes, because none of them excepted falling asleep during the movie,  so they didn’t bother changing into their pajamas. Luhan released Baekhyun’s body, and looked for his phone next to himself, and when he found the device he took it in his hands and unlocked it, hissing at the damage that the screen’s lighting caused his eyes. He looked at it once more,  reading 1:14a.m on the screen. 'So it’s only 1 in the morning. Maybe Sehun is already sleeping, and won’t notice if I go and get some juice for myself.’ He thought while getting out of the bed as quietly as his featherweight and pillowed feet allowed him to. For his luck, there was no crack on the wooden floor while he got out of the room, closing the door behind him. He even reached the ground floor, without a single crack of something, or any other noise. He tiptoed to the kitchen, quietly stepping in it. His journey was too smooth till there to be true. Because when he switched on the lights, there was something he didn’t expect to see. There was Sehun, leaned on the kitchen counter with his elbows, drinking something that looked like orange juice, with only a boxershort covering his private parts. His body was like one of those models on the covers of those magazines he often relieved himself to while looking at them. He traced his eyes over all of the man’s muscles, from his chest, his arms, stomach with not so prominent abs, but they were there nonetheless. His shoulders were more wider like this, and Luhan felt his mouth watering despite the fact that he came because he wanted to drink something. He let his eyes wander on the man’s crotch, and legs. In the next minute felt like he didn’t drink anything in his whole life, when he saw that there was a big bulge in the male’s pants, signaling him that the latter indeed had a hard-on. Luhan couldn’t stop staring at Sehun’s covered dick, standing proudly contained by the soft stuff of the boxer shorts. This only until he heard a husky voice asking him something.

“Thirsty?” Sehun smirked at the teen, leaning against the fridge, not caring about the cold surface. Luhan gulped loudly, licking his lips right after and nodded unconsciously. He took a few steps towards the man, feeling actually thirstier than ever in his life.

“For daddy’s dick?” Sehun whispered in his ear after pinning him against the cold surface of the fridge, placing one of his legs in between the younger’s. Luhan’s felt like he was burning on the inside, his heartbeat fastened to its full speed, and his body felt numb. He couldn’t speak nor move. He felt the elder’s hot breath on his neck again, lips brushing against his soft skin. Luhan tilted his head to the side, so the male could have more access. The honey-brown haired boy moaned when the older sank his teeth into the flesh of his neck lightly, biting the soft skin and sucking on it a bit, when he didn’t get any answer from the boy.
“I asked you baby. Answer daddy. Do you want his cock?” He felt a wet muscle licking his vein on his neck, and the way the blood rushed to his lower regions. “N-no.” He chocked out, trying not to sound so desperate.He knew this was so wrong. So, so wrong. But he couldn’t stop that needy whimper that escaped his mouth when the elder spoke again.
“Don’t lie to daddy, petal. I saw how you looked at me. I clearly saw how you imagined yourself sucking on my dick, and then letting me fuck your beautiful face the first moment you saw me.” Sehun said caresing his cheeks with his fingers before taking his chin in his hands, turning the boy’s face to look at him. Luhan still felt numb all over his body, but he actually managed to look in the other’s lustful eyes, dominance radiating from the man’s whole being, he found himself unable to deny the words the elder said, so he choked out a whisper like “Yes, daddy.” So quietly, if there wasn’t just the two of them in the middle of night, Sehun would have eventually missed the baby’s words. Luhan opened his mouth, letting out helpless whimpers, completely submitting to the older, forgetting all the reasons why this was wrong. Forgetting that 18 years agegap, the fact that he was his only friends father,and that he himself was only 16 years of age. He just wanted Sehun to have his way with him. Sehun saw his chance and attacked the teen’s lips, kissing him hard, pushing him more on the fridge’s door, feeling him up with all of his body. He shoved tongue in the latter’s hot cavern, devouring it will all his strength. Sehun smirked in the kiss, when he felt Luhan responding to the kiss with the same amount of passion. He let both his hands wander from Luhan’s sides all the way down the boy’s ass, and squeezed it hard, pulling their crotches together, feeling the younger’s erection on his.
“Excited, aren’t we, baby?” Sehun whispered in the teen’s earlobe, lips brushing against it, making Luhan gasp. Luhan never felt so helpless in his life, nor he felt so aroused. Sehun was making him feel things he never felt before, and he couldn’t say that they were unpleasant, because they weren’t. Luhan placed his hands on Sehun’s shoulders, holding on them for some support because he felt his legs trembling. Not waiting for an actual answer, the older male continued whispering in his ear.
“How about you get on your knees, baby boy? Let me help you with your thirst. I have some tasty juice only served for you. ” Luhan felt his legs giving up, as he heard those words coming from Sehun’s thin lips. His voice dropped so deep that Luhan could actually cum only from listening to it. He was also painfully hard in the confines of his sweatpants, but paid no attention to it. When his knees met with the cold tales on the floor, he placed his hands on Sehun’s hips, slowly pulling down the boxershort the other was wearing. The older’s cock sprung free immediately, the tip brushing against Luhan’s lips in the process, bumping into his nose in the end. Luhan looked up at Sehun, and saw him smirking and staring at him with the dark orbs filled with pure lust and dominance. He looked back at the proudly standing manhood in front of him, taking in every detail. The perfectly curved tip, that long vein on the underside of it, and the large size. He felt his mouth water at the sight, he licked his lips, and pushed his face onto the shaft, caressing both sides of his cheeks with it, loving the warm feeling it gave. Sehun moaned in satisfaction at the younger’s action.
“Daddy, it’s so beautiful.” He looked at Sehun again, this time with sparkling eyes and reddened cheeks.“Then take it in between your beautiful lips, and suck it like your life depended on it.
"Luhan did exactly what his daddy said. He took the head between his lips, swirling his tongue around it, then taking more of it in his mouth, absolutely loving the taste of his daddy. He started bobbing his head, sucking the whole girth, tongue pushed against the underside. Sehun groaned louder when Luhan hollowed his cheeks, sucking harder, his eyes never breaking contact with Sehun’s.
"Fuck, baby. You suck dick like the best whores.” Sehun said and grabbed a fistful of Luhan’s soft honey-brown hair, pulling it as he started thrusting in the boys hot mouth. He felt Luhan almost choking as the tip of Sehun’S dick came in contact with the back of his throat. The elder saw tears forming in Luhan’s eyes, and a stripe of saliva flowing down his chin as he fucked his face harder, and faster. The teen’s jaw started to hurt after a few minutes, and he accidentally let his teeth brush against Sehun’s whole shaft, and let out a quiet sob, as he felt Sehun pulling his hair with more force when he came hard in his mouth. Luhan moaned at the sweet bitter taste of the substance, as he swallowed it all. He wiped the trace that accidentally flowed down his chin with his finger, and licked it erotically, looking straight into Sehun’s eyes.
“Daddy’s juice tastes better than anything I ever tasted.” The latter said, trying to get on his wobbly legs again. Sehun felt himself getting hard again at the sight of the boy standing again, stripping himself teasingly, and sitting down on the surface of the kitchen counter, opening his legs, showing off his rock hard manhood and clenching hole.
“I didn’t expect that you will be such a cockslut baby. I thought you would show at least a bit resistance. What a shame. Being so desperate for your best friend’s father’s dick.” Sehun said, placing his hands on Luhan’s thighs, massaging them a little, sinking his nails in the soft skin, what made Luhan whiper.
“I can show resistance, if you are into that. I can even scream, if you want me to…Daddy.” Luhan added with a teasing smile on his swollen lips.
“No need. Now on all fours baby.” Sehun letting go of his thighs. Luhan did as Sehun said, he places his elbows and knees on the counter. He turned his head, so he could look at Sehun again.
“Don’t you dare screaming, moaning, or anything like that. I don’t want to hear your voice at all. Understood?” Luhan nodded his head and bit his lower lip in anticipation. That was when he felt a slap on his exposed skin. Luhan wanted to scream so badly, but he resisted the urge to do so, not wanting to anger Sehun.
“How many slaps do you deserve for being such a whore at the age of sixteen?” The older asked, placing a kiss on the cheek he slapped before.
“I don’t know daddy.” Luhan whimpered at the feeling of Sehun’s mouth so close to his cleching opening. He so badly wanted Sehun’s lips on it. Or more like, his dick in it.
“How about eighteen? Because that is how many years are between us.” The black haired man said, giving the younger’s hole a kittenish lick. Luhan gasped at the contact. He wanted to moan so badly, and his neglected cock was aching. Not really waiting for approval, Sehun’s hand came in contact with the soft skin on the boy’s bottom. “Count them baby.”
“Two.” Luhan said, gasping for air. He actually liked the way Sehun started spanking his ass, some slaps were strong, some were softer. His cock was leaking with precome. He reached for his dick, but before he could have touched it, Sehun grabbed his wrist, pulling it behind his back.
“You aren’t allowed to come until I say so. Is that clear?.” The older male hissed, clenching his teeth together and released the boy’s wrist. The next slap was the strongest one, and it hurt so much, big tears started flowing from Luhan’s eyes. By the 18th slap, both of his asscheeks were painted with a lovely red color. Luhan looked like a total wreck, his hair, that slipped out of the cute ponytail, were sticking to his tamples, his swollen lips bleeding in more than one place, his doe eyes red from the crying. Sehun leaned to kiss his eyelids after the last slap. He kissed the teen’s cheeks, jawline and at last the red lips. He kissed the teen passionately tongue exploring the hot cavern. Luhan kissed back with all of his might, running his fingers through the male’s black locks.
“Let me reward you for being such a good boy. Daddy’s baby.” Sehun pulled back, caressing Luhan’s face for a while, before moving back to his position before, that is behind Luhan. He parted the boy’s ass and licked up a fat stripe on the crack. Luhan gasped again at the feeling of the wet muscel circling around his hole, teasing it to no end.
“Daddy, daddy, please.” The boy cried out quietly. Hearing his baby’s begs, Sehun drove his tongue in the boy’s opening, moving the wet muscle in it in circular motions. After minutes of eating out the teen, his dick was rock hard again, and he definitely needed release, so without telling the boy he slipped in two fingers, replacing his tongue with them. Luhan couldn’t obey his daddy anymore, so he moaned loudly at the feeling of the two fingers moving in and out of him.
“Oh, daddy. More, please more.” He said, between moans and whimpers, catching his breath. Sehun was more than glad to fulfill the teen’s wish, so he added one more finger, curling them in the boy, scissoring him. Luhan almost screamed when Sehun brushed his fingers against his special bundle of nerves, making him almost come on the kitchen counter’s surface, without his daddy’s permission.
“Da…daddy…I want you inside me. Please, fuck me!” Luhan screamed out, completely forgetting the fact that this was his first time, and that he was going to give his virginity to a man he barely known for a day, and that his best friend was asleep upstairs, that too. He was going to regret this later on, but he just didn’t know yet, because of the lust that clouded his mind.
“If you insist, baby.” Sehun pulled out his fingers,  and Luhan whined at the loss, but he felt something much bigger filling him up just seconds later. He almost let a loud moan slip through his lips but instead he just opened his mouth gasping for air. The fingers from before weren’t that much of a challenge for him, because he fingered himself quite often, but Sehun’s dick was so much bigger and thicker than a couple of fingers. Sehun grabbed the boy’s leaking erection, pumping it lightly, trying to distract him a bit. When he felt Luhan bucking his hips a bit, he pulled out till only the tip was in, and slammed back in with full force. Luhan was a moaning mess, he didn’t care anymore if anybody will see them, he just wanted his Daddy to do him hard. Sehun started thrusting rapidly, and the boy moaned shameless mantras of “Oh god, yes, Daddy.” “Faster.” “Harder.” And “So good daddy, don’t ever stop.”  Sehun felt close his release, but he just didn’t want to end this so soon, so he just stopped thrusting into the teen’s tightness. Luhan almost screamed in irritation, but he just glared at Sehun with teary eyes. Before he could actually voice out his frustration he felt two arms around his waist, scooping him up from the kitchen counter. He circled his legs around the elder’s hips, so Sehun can hold him without pulling out. The black haired male started to walk in the direction of the stairs. Luhan buried his face into the crook of the other’s neck, placing wet kisses on it, and biting it. When Sehun took a few steps on the stairs, his cock hit that spot in Luhan again, what made the latter bite his neck so hard that it started bleeding.
“Holy shit.” Sehun felt himself shivering from the pleasure the bite caused him. Nobody bit him this hard before, so he was actually surprised how much he enjoyed it. He felt his cock hardening even more, if that was possible. He stayed still for a moment.
“Luhan… If I hit that spot, you do this again, okay?” He felt Luhan nodding, while the latter lapped at the blood with his wet muscle, tasting the irony taste of the substance.
“Good boy.” Sehun gave a small slap on his ass playfully. Luhan chuckled and give a small peck on the other’s mouth, and moved to the other side of his neck. Sehun started walking again, and felt Luhan biting him again instantly. Sehun groaned at the feeling, wanting to fuck the latter into oblivion already. He was sure that the bites will have a gorgeous purple-blueish color the next day, and that his son will notice them, and actually question the origin of the wounds, but right now all he cared about was to fuck that glorious boy who was almost bouncing on his cock, into the sheets on his bed, so hard that he didn’t mind if they break the furniture or wake up Baekhyun. He started walking faster, almost running up the stairs. Luhan unintentionally bounced on his length gasping for air. His vocal cords seem to be shut down. Sehun slammed Luhan against the door of his bedroom kissing him passionately again. He clumsily opened the door and closed it right after he pressed their bodies through it. He laid Luhan down on his bed almost crushing the latter’s smaller body with his own. He broke off the kiss, both of them gasping for air. Sehun looked at Luhan’s pleasured face, hair standing in all the possible directions, some strands sticking to his sweaty forehead, the ponytail still standing proudly, red and plump lips hanging open, desperately screaming for air. Sehun didn’t know how, but the boy still looked so innocent and pure even like that, with his dick buried deep in his ass. This innocence and pureness were that grabbed Sehun’s attention the first time he laid his eyes on the boy in the morning. He desperately wanted to ravish all of this. Maybe it was Luhan’s angelic face, the soft, cute hair, or the tiny smile that lingered on his lips, or the voice that didn’t stop chanting “Daddy.” right now.
“Oh, fuck baby. You are so beautiful, do you know that?” Sehun said as he started thrusting again into the boy’s heat. Luhan instead of answering started moaning again like a shameless whore. “Daddy, hit me on that spot again.” Luhan cried out when Sehun placed one of the boy’s legs on his shoulder and started slamming into the boy in a different angle. He started abusing Luhan’s prostate instantly. Luhan couldn’t stop moaning his name. The headboard of the bed slammed hardly against the wall. Sehun’s thrusts got erratic and uneven when he felt his release close. He started sucking a big patch on the smaller boy’s neck, and bit it on the other side, just like he did to Sehun earlier.
“Daddy. I’m so so close. Can i come, please?” Luhan breathed out desperately, scratching the male’s back.
“Yeah, come for daddy.” Luhan cried out in pleasure and came between their stomachs. Sehun followed right after Luhan’s insides squeezed his dick, filling his up to the brim. He kept thrusting for a few seconds riding out his orgasm. He heard Luhan whimpering under him, so he pulled out softly and rolled over next to the boy. He looked at the boy’s face with a smile, but it was gone the moment he saw big tears rolling down the younger’s rosy cheeks. Sehun furrowed his eyebrows, not really understanding why the boy is crying now.
“Luhan?” Sehun asked in an indifferent voice, coming out harsher than he actually wanted. The boy wiped his tears with his hands, and turned to face Sehun.
“Why are you crying, baby?” Sehun asked, looking straight into the boy’s tear covered orbs. Luhan forced a smile on his face, turning back to stare at the ceiling.
“Even I don’t know. Maybe because I lost my virginity to a man I just met, who is actually my best friend’s dad, is eighteen years older than me, and doesn’t even love me, when first times should be about love and care I got a one night stand with rough sex.” He looked at Sehun and saw that the males face displayed hurt and guilt. Luhan’s heart clenched when the other inched closer to him, and pulled his head on his chest. Luhan started crying harder when Sehun murmured a quiet “I’m so sorry”, but he just couldn’t push away the man. He felt too safe in the arms of the elder. So he just sobbed on the man’s chest as the latter softly stroked his cheeks and back, till he stopped crying. Sehun started placing butterfly kisses on the teenager’s cheeks, eyelids, jaw line, neck and at last he kissed the boy’s lips chastely. He felt Luhan kissing back, almost immediately. The kiss didn’t last long because Sehun pulled away.
“Why did you kiss me back?” Sehun asked somewhat astonished. Wasn’t Luhan supposed to completely hate and despise him? He got his answer when the boy got top of him and placed his hands on both sides of his face smiling at him deviously. “That doesn’t mean that I regret anything, or didn’t enjoy the whole thing. I actually want more.” Luhan giggled before going down on Sehun’s neck, licking and kissing it, while grinding his ass on the male’s crotch.
“You little liar.” Sehun laughed wholeheartedly before gently pushing the brat off of him. Luhan started pouting, which Sehun kissed away in the same second. “Baekhyun usually sleeps until 11am. You can sleep here with me and we can have a quick good morning sex if you want.” Sehun suggested while moving their bodies so, that he can spoon Luhan. He hugged the boy’s sticky, sweat covered torso from behind, and Luhan nuzzled closer to his, pushing his ass onto his crotch on purpose once again.
“Can’t wait, daddy.” He said before drifting off to sleep with a smile on his face. This sleepover turned out better than he ever expected. 

Having friends was a good thing, indeed.

My work “Uniform”

So we actually don’t really have a “uniform” or a strict dress code we just have a few guidelines like

  • You always need two accessories (glasses count and so does the apron we have to wear so… check)
  • Try to wear at least one article of denim (the apron is denim so again… check)
  • No yoga pants or leggings as pants (reasonable)
  • No flip flops, open toed shoes, and no uggs (ironic seeing as the company started in Australia… er sorry in *ahem* ‘Stralia, but again understandable)

They also say their main aesthetic is 1950′s prep and I am already making mood boards and collages of fashion ideas like… Yo this is the best

rayadraws  asked:

The company works with cyborg stuff?? That’s so cool. Have you seen if there are any actual cyborgs working there?

yeh the tech support guy has super boss cyborg eyes and one of the office goons has an arm. i think most people get em to look like they’re NOT cyborg parts so i dunno bout anyone else.

Supercorp convo (2)
  • Honestly, how Kara would out herself as Supergirl to Lena:
  • Lena: you know what'd be cool
  • Kara: (you and I together) what?
  • Lena: if Supergirl, in her hidden identity, works for my company. That'd be so cool oh my God what if my assistant is Supergirl and she just has this ability to completely change her appearance when she has to save lives I'm going to go call-
  • Kara: IM SUPERGIRL THO *pouts* *crosses arms*
  • Lena: ._.
  • Kara: o.o
  • Lena: *smirks*
  • Kara: ((((oh shittttt)))))
advertising in videos!

It’s a wednesday morning, and I have a thought that I wanted to put into writing. 

I have no problem with collaborating with companies and brands as they allow me to throw my creativity around a lot more than if I had to fund the film out of my own pocket. 

What I do have a problem with is how some brands approach YouTubers. I could write an essay on this, but I only really want to address one recent offer I got recently that I had no interest in pursuing. 

I’m sure a lot of you have noticed that audible (a website for audiobooks) have sponsored a bunch of YouTubers, in return, they get a mention in how ever many videos a month they’ve been contracted, which is totally fine. That’s how these things work, and I’m glad those YouTubers have managed to work with this company in a way that works for themselves.

However, when audible approached me, I got a very cold, unwelcoming mass e-mail from them. The key thing to point out was that they said to me that “we have reviewed your channel, PJTheKick, and have deemed it acceptable to promote our website”. So much is wrong with that. So much.

Let’s break it down;

“we have reviewed your channel” - they haven’t engaged with anything I’ve ever created, they’ve looked at all the numbers and added me to the list of YouTubers for their mass e-mail. 

“PJTheKick” - well that’s so wrong it’s funny. They want to collaborate with my side channel… my side channel that is notorious for videos that are spontaneous, unplanned, snippets of my life… garbage in some ways. Some of which are a few seconds long. Some of which are literally 1 second long. Sometimes I’ll post every day for a month, sometimes I’ll post once every two months. That’s the one you want to work with…? 

“have deemed it acceptable to promote our website” - this is just about where I stopped reading. I’m not a freaking robot, talk to me in a language that I can compute… beep boop. I’m so glad that I’ve reached your strict expectations to a degree that has bestowed this fantastic opportunity before me.

I don’t like working with robots. I like working with human beings, creative human beings, who want to work with me for specific creative reasons and not because of numbers. 

Working with companies is a very cool thing to do as a filmmaker, but also has to be dealt with very preciously as a YouTuber

That’s all for now, thanks for reading!