cool combo's

mmmalso i love doing photo effects on sai

and making my eyebrows seem bigger than the useless line they are

Game set and Match!

Well Mr Tennant, or should I call you ‘The Doctor’ Hows this for a cool suit and Glasses Combo, not forgetting the natty hat? I’ve got  the whole Wimbledon, Summer Vibe.”

“Ah Mr Hiddleston, or should I call you ‘Loki’ ? I think you will find, and lets face it as a Time lord I would know. That your outfit is so last year, and this year we are all Checks and sunglasses”


(pictures not mine I just played)

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lets get furry

you wanna make really nice lookin fur?? don’t know how all those furry artists do it???? allow me to educate you then

1: Lay down your base color! This is important and should be darker than the color you are aiming for.

2: Take that boss ass acrylic brush and set that thing as follows.

notice how we already are picking out our desired shade of lavender!

3: on the same layer as your base (if you are uncomfortable, make a duplicate so you don’t have to worry) and start making little strokes in the direction you want your fur to go. Put these strokes into rough rows and make sure you space them out enough for them to be told apart.

5: Keep going until you’re done! Want some cool dyed tips to your fur? Just choose a different color! Let’s start adding some cyan tips.

Just rinse and repeat until you’re satisfied! Don’t be afraid to play around with blending either, it can lead to some cool combos! 

ok so i felt like a reaper/zenyatta fusion would be a rly cool looking combo, and that was my only reason for doing it, but like.. i have a lot of time to myself at work ok i started thinking about them a lot and i have.. a few thoughts to share if you would lend me the time… *rolls out a comically long scroll of paper*

it starts when reaper is cornered and needs a little boost to his power, he grabs zenyatta, being a frail healer, and force fuses with him. zen is horrified by what he sees and feels when he’s fused with reaper, but being who he is he doesn’t try to fight his way out of the fusion, he thinks this may be an opportunity to help a tortured soul. once they’re alone, reaper realizes just how good it feels to be fused with zen. the steady flow of calm and gentle thoughts helps to ease his mind just as much as the new healing aura does to his body. when zen tries to actually communicate with reaper about his problems and find the root of why he feels as he does, reaper blocks him out entirely, and if pressed, threatens violence. eventually zen exhausts himself entirely from feeding all of his positivity into reaper and getting nothing but negativity in return, and they can’t hold the fusion anymore. reaper finds himself in agony once they’re apart and tries to force zen back with him, but it wont work. he’s beyond frustrated, the pain of his constantly shifting cells has returned full force after being dulled for so long, and he goes to lash out physically only to stop cold when he realizes zen is laying there still trying to talk him through things even as his voice glitches every other word, pushing an orb of harmony towards him with the shakiest hands. and reaper just breaks because this isn’t just some tin can sitting before him anymore, this is someone– a person with their own soul– who, against all reason, cares about him and wants to see him be the best he can be. so he finally listens.

bonus sad:

I’m having way too much making all these flower and rose dice. Yes my shop is still in vacation because I want to focus on these orders for a bit. But I will have a TON of new stuff once I get that done ;) Don’t worry you will have LOTS of heads up! In the meantime I’m gonna start spamming all these cool color combos everyone picked out!! ❤️😍❤️


stucky musicians au

bucky is a world famous piano player and music composer and steve is the cute guitar playing boy next door who bucky manages to charm into falling in love with him (feat. sam as steve’s enthusiastic best friend)

requested by @opeggycarter

I’ll try to keep this spoiler free and this is only a half baked idea atm, but War for the Planet of the Apes has an interesting undercurrent related to ability, specifically communication abilities.

The humans (the antagonists) murder humans who can’t speak and see them as subhuman.

Conversely, the apes (who we are supposed to be more sympathetic to) meet each ape where their personal abilities of communication are. Sign? Cool. Speaking? Cool. A combo? Cool. Let’s do this thing. Apes together strong.

And of course, we know which civilization eventually prevails in their cannon.