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I see a lot of really nice posts about feminine trans boys, and I want to make one for tomboyish trans girls:

masculine trans girls are as beautiful as they want to be. beauty isn’t everyone’s goal. if cis girls are allowed to wear baseball caps and jerseys and jeans, so are trans girls. short or buzzed hair doesn’t stop you from being a girl. it’s cool to be a cis tomboy, which means it’s cool to be a trans tomboy. anyone who says you’ve gotta be hyper-feminine to affirm your gender? they can go get fucked. you don’t have to conform to gender roles. you don’t have to be beautiful. you are you, and you are a wonderful woman.

To anyone who says “[Character] is [insert]sexual and everything else is wrong because I said so! uwuwu”

To anyone who says “[Character] is obviously [insert gender identity here], so if you’re viewing them differently, you’re the worst uwuwuwu”

To anyone who harrasses others and/or talks shit about them because they headcanon something differently and thus, want to invalidate these people’s opinions in any way.

i feel like we need to get this point across? 

boy positivity posts are for boys, be it cis boys or trans boys or intersex boys or transmasc people, etc. they’re not for you to go ‘correcting’ them to **********girls.

i’m not saying that girls don’t have it difficult, because they sure as heck do. i’m saying that boys can also have mental health problems and body image problems and sexuality and gender problems, and so on and so forth.

it’s really not helpful if you lot go around invalidating shit and ‘correcting’ our positivity posts to girls.


(also reminder: boys and girls and nonbinary people alike, you rock!)

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Do birds make you more attractive to the opposite sex?

This is a difficult question to answer specifically, because obviously, and statistically, birds make you more attractive to literally everyone. Are you a human? Have you seen this mysterious stranger with a bird? Are you suddenly and inexplicably intrigued?? Are you the opposite sex? Same sex? Any sex?? Gender? Any gender??? EVERYBODY??!? GET ON IT

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Please draw Jehan #148? But like a normal boy not nonbinary or girly looking XD

Dude, man, pal, boi
gender isn’t real

here is manly man jehan
(“longest jehan boy ever” -anon)

If you ever feel the urge to comment “This is cool beans for cis people too!!!” on transgender/non-binary positivity posts

“These voice pitch changing tutorials are good for voice actors!” “It’s also okay for cis people to change their name!” “Binders in this giveaway would be so useful for cosplay!”

This is where you should put your commentary instead:

If you’re gay, it’s cool
If you’re lesbian, it’s cool
If you’re bi, it’s cool
If you’re pan, it’s cool
If you’re ace/aro, it’s cool
If you’re trans, it’s cool
If you’re het, it’s cool
If you’re cis, it’s cool
If you’re a female, it’s cool
If you’re a male, it’s cool
If you’re arab/muslim/black/white/latino/etc, it’s cool
Whatever your religion, race, gender, sexuality is, you are valid and accepted, it’s cool

If you’re homophobic, it’s not cool
If you’re transphobic, it’s not cool
If you’re biphobic, it’s not cool
If you’re panphobic, it’s not cool
If you’re racist, it’s not cool
If you’re a nazi/fascist it’s not cool
If you’re misogynistic, it’s not cool
If you like being an asshole to people, fuck off, it’s not cool.

If you have any type of prejudice against anyone, just because they are and think different than you, you can go fuck yourself, because that’s you being an asshole.

I will not tolerate anyone like that, or worse, so if you are any of those things above, you can fuck off and unfollow me. I don’t need you in my life and neither do those people in the first list.

@ cis people: stop perpetuating the standard that in order for a trans person to be “cool” they have to allow you to casually misgender/deadname them, allow you to ask disrespectful questions/make offensive jokes, always ignore or calmly deal with transphobia, etc. trans people do this for a multitude of reasons, a lot of the time because constantly dealing with bigotry like that is exhausting or we feel uncomfortable/unsafe speaking out or correcting people, but we should never have to - especially not in order to be seen as “cool” or “chill” by cis people. trans people should never be measured against a metric of how convenient they make it for you to be transphobic.

this may be Just Me™ but can we not like
headcanon all “masculine” girls or “feminine” boys as trans? if it helps you persinally with dysphoria thats cool but if youre cis then uh…

youre kind of very obviously implying trans women are inherently more masculine than cis women. same idea for trans men. hell, this even applies with headcanoning only androgynous/not heavily gendered characters as nonbinary too. youre literally saying that trans people are BASICALLY the gender they were assigned at birth, and/or that your gender somehow must reflect on your mannerisms or physical appearance.

what im saying is stop being transphobic and associating bodies and personalities with genders for no reason other than outdated gender roles and lack of understanding of the fluidity of gender.