cool chandeliers

Here comes another…

Versailles or the Hermitage? Georgian or Victorian era poetry? Warm or cool climates? Cinema or DVD/blu-ray? Pen or pencil? Paintings or tapestries? Wood or stone floors? Tattoos or piercings? Piano or strings based classical music? Chandeliers or candelabras? Going to bed at 5am or waking up at 5am?


AH you guys! Thank you so very much for the love on my room! I’m completely obsessed and so excited and seeing everyone else’s excitement and questions just makes me feel really good so thank you! 

Per your requests, I took a few more photos for those who asked! Click on each picture to see captions for information. Please feel free to message me for links on where to buy anything you see, I still have mostly everything saved! And I am always happy to take more pictures anyone wants :)

Also I apologize if anything is blurry, I had a certain little puppy biting my ankles why I was taking them.

Also, I tried not to take any pictures of any artist’s work head-on so to avoid reposting. 


witchy: invites me onto their terraria server of their own free will, out of the goodness of their heart, offers to make me a quartz room bc i like it, gives me cool chandeliers

me: falls down a hole and decides this is my house now, builds an awful tunnel system, and most importantly this


Results dropped a couple of weeks ago - I got a first in all my modules bar one and averaged a first overall. Couldn’t have asked for much better honestly. Safe in the knowledge that I don’t have to retake anything, I’m working as deputy stage manager at my theatre company. I love that I’m getting more responsibility there. And in my spare time I’m visiting new places, going to talks and meeting up with friends. How cool is the chandelier in this cinema @fiercelittlestudyblr and I spent the other evening exploring?!