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So on pg. 8 of Red Queen, Mare is at the arena watching the First Friday Feat and she feels the electricity in her. Maybe everyone feels it, idk, but I thought it was really cool! You really do learn something new each time you read it!

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“Silent tears hold the loudest pain”

                Silence is the most powerful scream

The most Uncomprehended and yet the most human and pure in the whole manga. He was deprived of thelove of his family and betrayed by the person he admired the most. All this while suffering a huge inferiority complex. Be it first with his brother, and his best friend naruto

The lack of monologue from his side are what usually makes peope believe that he was an asshole emo , when the poor guy was literally empty inside, what madehim continue living was the despair to kill itachi and avenge his family. Something that mattered more than his own life. (because apparently for the america is cool to cal evrybody emo but ok Idgaf)..

This until team 7 came in and literally gave him life again

And this is where his humanity is mostly visible, he is torn between his fear to love and be loved. He alredy did and lost everything, what would happen if he actually loses everything once again.

That’s why bonds are a weakness to sasuke

The boy biggest fight has always been with himself. To be able to love and recieve love once again or to avenge and finally die alone and miserable?

This is the real sasuke, the precious Uchiha boy who cares and treasures love more than anyone else



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summary things get tense once calum finds you and luke getting it on…

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step dad || calum hood

“Babe, I’ve got it. I’ve been around the kids.” Calum assures, practically ushering his new wife out the door.

“Ok, but Ella doesn’t like chicken nuggets and that’s all Garrett will eat.” She insists.

“I know baby.” He smiles.

“Calum are you sure? You’ve never been alone with them for a whole weekend.” She sighs. “No, you know what. I’m staying home. It’s too soon.” She drops her bag.

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