cool cal

My future son, Cal: who was i named after?
Me: you were named after Callisto, one of Jupiter’s moons
My future son, Cal: oh cool
Me: *in my head* after Tim Roth’s character in Lie To Me and also my fursona

Cool Cal’s New Era

Adam Wiles has run out of fucks to give. He doesn’t give a damn about making it to #1 on corrupted charts. If a tune only makes it to the Top Ten briefly that’s good enough because he’s gratified by the admiration of music critics. He wants you to know he’s a serious musician who plays multiple instruments. He’s demonstrating that he’s an innovative music composer who defies genre categories. He’s toned down the beat & softened the electronic effects to prove he’s a music producer that showcases the talents of his collaborators. That gnarly beard shows he’s more than a frat bro-fuckboy-sex symbol. He’s an artist. Dammit, give him some fucking respect. He wasn’t bragging about making the “best music in his life.” He was stating a fact that feels obvious to him. He’s got attitude.  If his music doesn’t make you feel “fucking incredible”, ah well, there’s something wrong w/ you! 

If you listen to Olé, My Way, & Slide, one after the other, you can hear he’s been moving in this new direction since early 2016. Even TIWYCF muted the standard elements of the EDM genre when he started work on it in 2015. At long last, he’s moving towards what he always wanted to be—a music producer in the background. But he won’t be like Max Martin, the favorite producer of pop superstars. Cal wants to be known for working w/ counter-culture artists like Frank Ocean & sub-cultural influencers like Migos. He’s going to promote newbie’s like Jessie Reyes, Kehlani, & D.R.A.M. by playing their distinctive voices like musical instruments. The world is full of too much drama right now & Cal wants to soothe our nerves & uplift our spirits. Give praise to Cool Cal, the King of… whatever this new genre ends up being called. Neo-jazz? Retro-funk? Rap Renaissance? Who knows what label will be invented to describe what he’s creating? He’s still one step forward in the future while everyone else is competing for what he’s already left behind.