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The Hinterland: Cabins, Love Shacks And Other Hide-Outs

This time of the year is perfect for thinking about warm and cozy cabins and planning your outdoors retreat. If you’re looking to get away from a busy and stressful lifestyle and want to get an inspiration for it, we strongly recommend you check out this book. The name is The Hinterland: Cabins, Love Shacks And Other Hide-Outs and it’s published by Gestalten.

Shout out to Pollux, son of Dionysus
  • He lost his twin brother, Castor, in the Battle of the Labyrinth.
  • After he loses his brother, he’s the only one left in his cabin.
  • He calmed down the other demigods when they were worried about a possible spy.
  • Even after breaking his right arm in the Last Olympian he was willing to fight with his left which basically would’ve been suicide.

I can still fight with the other hand.

we love you Pollux! <3

Percy Jackson X Reader

Summary: The reader and Percy have swim in the lake. Fluffy.

Warnings: None.

You roll over and open your eyes. Percy stares at you, smiling softly.

“Morning Beautiful.” he whispers. His green-blue eyes sparkle in the warm morning sun.

You smile at his goofy morning look.

“Morning!” you say.

Percy kisses your forehead and steps out of bed. You sit up.

The Poseidon cabin is cool and smells like the sea. It’s decorated with souvenirs from Percy’s quests, and some nautical pieces. It is impossible to get bored looking at the things in his cabin.

You crawl out of bed. Percy has gone out to the deck over looking the lake. You go onto the deck and see that Percy is swimming in the brilliant blue lake.

“Come on!” Percy calls. He splashes water at you.

You pull off your shirt and jump in. The water is pleasantly cool. Percy swims up to you with ease. He places his hands on you shoulders and dunks you underwater playfully. You splutter for a few seconds before going for revenge.

“You’ll pay for that, fishboy!” you shout. Percy shoots off in the opposite direction. You attempt to go after him but he’s much stronger than you.

“I thought you were going to get me.” Percy laughs.

“Well in case you haven’t noticed, I don’t have the same fishy genes as you!” you retort.

Percy swims back to you and pulls you into a tight hug. You frown.

Percy looks at you with those beautiful eyes of his and pouts.

“Did I make you mad?” asks Percy.

“Maybe.” you grumble.

“How can I make it better?”

“Well, you could kiss me.” you say, smirking.

Suddenly Percy pulls you underwater and engulfs you both in an air bubble. The beautiful blue water surrounds you on all sides. Percy leans forward and presses his lips on yours. You return the kiss, wrapping your arms tightly around him, entangling your fingers in his messy hair.

You pull away and smile. Percy smiles too.

“Better?” asks Percy.

“Much.” you reply, pressing your lips against his once again.

So I wrote a fic based off this really cool idea by @cindersart (make sure to check out their blog!) love hearing from you guys, I read all your comments, so make sure to let me know what you thought! I had originally posted a longer version, but switched it to the shorter one. If you want to read the original let me know. p>

Thalia missed her best friend.

She sat in the shower stall of cabin one, cool water pouring over her skin. A rag was tossed aside, laying in defeat. She couldn’t get the stupid words off her skin no matter how hard she scrubbed.

This sucked. Sure, she had planned on getting tattoos as soon as possible. But they were supposed to be things she decided on. A sleeve depicting the night sky, moonlight cresting behind swirling clouds. A lightning bolt on her left wrist. Maybe a Panic! At The Disco lyric on her ribs. But not this. These weren’t even tattoos. They were deep, dark pink scars.

“TS <3’s KG” was carved on her upper thigh. “Chris was here” diagonal on her back. A poorly drawn manticore on her lower stomach. Those were the worst. She didn’t mind the “Bring her home safe” on her wrist. And the “Thank you” on her hip was okay too. She felt like that one was addressed to her. Thalia supposed it could be worse. There weren’t any spelling errors, which was a miracle considering demigods had been the ones carving into her wooden flesh.

But then there was the one that bothered her the most.

“Family, -L” was carved the deepest, just under her left collarbone.

She prodded at that one once more. “Luke,” she whispered to no one. “Where are you?”

Thalia had asked for him soon after she had woken up. Annabeth was holding her hand, and she looked to the boy named Percy with a pained expression. “Annabeth, he’s not…?”

“No. He’s not dead.” She heard someone else murmur “might as well be.”

“Where is he?”

“Thalia, there’s time for explanations later. Let’s get you into camp. You can go to your cabin and clean up, rest up a bit. We’ll meet in the big house this afternoon before dinner to discuss everything.”

And here she was, two hours later, still in the dark. This wasn’t fair. Luke had been hers for years.

Thalia got out of the cold shower, toweled off, and put on some clothes Annabeth must have left out for her. A black tee shirt and jeans. Thank the gods she didn’t leave her one of those bright orange shirts.

She started rummaging around the cabin. There had to be one-

A golden drachma was sitting in the bottom of one of her dresser drawers. Perfect.

She walked back into the bathroom, started the shower, and tossed the coin in with a shaky hand. “Oh Iris, goddess of the Rainbow, accept my offering. Show me Luke Castellan.”

Her heart was beating out of her chest as the picture began to take form. He was standing with his back to her. Even without seeing his face, he looked so much older. His blond hair was cut short. His shoulders had broadened out. She had been gone a very long time.

“…Luke?” She said tentatively.

He turned around quickly, startled. His mouth hung open. “Thalia?”

“Oh my gods Luke,” she said, unable to hold back a few tears.

“You’re real? I mean you’re really here? Alive?”

“I mean, yeah?” She laughed. He smiled at her. “Luke, where are you? I’m at camp, why haven’t you come to see me? No one’s told me anything yet. I don’t even know how long I was a tree.”

Luke didn’t say anything for a minute. “Thalia, I’m not at camp.”

“Oh gods, are you on a quest? Are you safe?”

“No, I’m not on a quest,” he struggled with his words for a moment, until his eyes settled just above the collar of her shirt. “What’s that on your skin?”

“Oh. All the carvings people drew on me left scars. I think I know who this one is from.”

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t realize you’d ever come back, let alone that you would and it would leave a scar.”

Her heart felt like it would explode. He looked so concerned. Gods, she missed him terribly. “It’s fine. I like that one, and I can live with the others. But you didn’t answer me. Where are you?”

Suddenly, there was a bang on the door. “Thalia? It’s me,” Annabeth’s muffled voice carried through the door.

“It’s Annabeth. I’ll be back in a sec-” she turned to look at him.

“I’m sorry,” he said, and disconnected the image.

“What?” She asked, but he was gone.

Annabeth let herself in. “Hey. The meetings going to be at the big house in twenty minutes. But I thought I should swing by to see you before that for a bit.”

Annabeth walked to her, giving her a smile. It was a little bit sad though. Why was that?

“You’re so beautiful,” Thalia said to her. “I can’t believe how much you’ve grown. You don’t look that much younger than me now.”

“Thank you,” she was quiet for a moment, until she surged forward, giving the older girl a tight hug. “Gods, I’ve missed you so much.”

“How long was I a tree?”

“About six years.”

“I’m 18? That’s unreal. I don’t look 18,” she laughed. Annabeth did too, but it had that hint of sadness again. Thalia didn’t want her to be sad. She didn’t want to acknowledge the bad news she felt was coming. But before she could say anything else, Annabeth said “I need to be the one to tell you the truth.”

“The truth about what?” Though she already knew her reply.

“The truth about Luke.”


Everyone kept saying today was a day of celebration. They had won the war. There was an enormous feast at Camp Half-Blood, and an even larger fire afterwards.

Thalia didn’t go to the fire. She walked past her fellow sisters, cloistered together on one of the benches, straight for the Zeus cabin. She knew she belonged in the Artemis cabin. But there was something she needed.

She walked into her old cabin. The low lighting felt very cold tonight. There were still a few of her possessions scattered about. She walked forward to the dresser. Placed in the top left drawer, there were old pictures of hers that Annabeth had saved, and pictures from her year at camp and semester at school. She ruffled through them, until she found it: a blurry Polaroid of a blond fourteen year old, hand stuck forward towards the camera. His grin wrinkled the long, white scar that marred his face. His shaggy blond hair hung in his face. He had his right arm wrapped tightly around a twelve year old girl, pulling her in closely to him. She had a small smile on her face as well, and was looking up at him lovingly. Written in scratchy handwriting was “Luke and Thalia, Aprel 15.”

Thalia stared at the photo for a long time, before suddenly clutching it close to her heart. Sobs racked her body worse than any other time she could remember. She wept for the family she had lost. And for the first time, she began to regret her decision to accept immortality.


Things Mass Effect Andromeda needs in future DLC:

1) More alien races. We know the Quarians had an ark and that they were bringing the Drell and Hanar with them so either have that ark show up or bring in new species, cause just the two new ones ain’t cutting it.

2) Ship customization. Like why was this never a fucking thing? You’ll let me customize every aspect of my character, armor, weapons and Nomad, but I can’t paint my fucking ship or redecorate my cabin? Not cool.

3) Alternate costumes for party members, cause some of the default ones are fucking boring.

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Are you still at the cool cabin place that is cool

yep. but since i found a neighbor who’s wifi password is still the default, i can post again!

Coming Home
a Marlas fic written by Tracionn and theKASKproject
beta work done by Tiwtin
(read it on the AO3 | listen to the song we’re reffereing to)

Martin went to Zurich but he left a part of him behind in Fitton.
The question is: Will he get it back?

The manip was made to celebrate the result of collaboration with Tracionn, I was lucky to be involved in. 

It was a privilege to work with you, my dear! Thank you very much for being such a talented, creative, and adventurous fellow marlas shipper! ♥