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“After this, they’d take off running, hand in hand with two plane tickets in their name and their bags already packed.

Jupiter in Retrograde on ao3 now

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Tag your Millian posts please. I don't want to read something about a ship I don't care about. I thought you were CS but it's clear you're just a hooker. You're probably hyped for S7 so that Hook can have a new romance, it's your kind that disgust me. No respect at all for Emma or CS.

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(Fem!Nine)"It's snowing outside. You need a scarf." Without waiting for a reply, Rose drapes the one in her hands around the Doctor's neck, pulling her hair out from underneath it and adjusting the lapels of that leather jacket. "I don't really think I do." Despite the protest, the Doctor willingly lets her drape one end over her shoulder, her fingers brushing cool skin, and button up the jacket, a quiet smile on her face as she meets Rose's gaze. Maybe she enjoys this just as much as Rose does.


Namjoon Scenario: Talk About Love.

Request: hello! could a request a namjoon scenario where you’re an interviewer for a magazine and your boss wants you to interview bts in which your ex-boyfriend (namjoon) is in and all the questions have to do stuff with love and first loves since it’s a Valentine’s Day issue and it’s kind of awkward but they still love each other?

Genre: Fluff / Romance

As you examined your calendar for the entrant month your eyes couldn’t help but linger on the day every couple wished on having together, where men went all out with gifts, where girls dolled up and prepared special things for their significant other. One of the most commercial days of the year, Valentine’s Day.

You saw the fourteen as a mocking number on the calendar, some months ago you would have been excited for that day to come, but today the only thing that came to your mind was the horror movie you would be watching that day.

What was another Valentine’s day alone? nothing, it didn’t have to mean anything, just another day of the year, but at the back of your mind you knew you wished you could spend it differently.

But your plans for February were changed suddenly. Until now you had a more or less free agenda, just your usual work covering showbiz for the magazine; that was until your boss decided to give you a special interview to do for Valentine’s Day. You took it without hesitation, thinking that work would be great to make up for the lack of plans for that day, that was until you saw who exactly you would have to be interviewing.

-Bangtan Sonyeondan- you read the email with all the details. It was a special interview with BTS in which you had to inquire about their recent concerts but also you had the task to ask and get all the information you could about Valentine’s Day related issues, love issues of course.

In all honesty in other case, with another idol group, this wouldn’t suppose much of a challenge since questions about love tended to be mainstream for magazines and television, if only your ex boyfriend wasn’t the leader of said idol group.

It had been almost seven months since your break up, a lot of time to recover for some people, and you honestly felt better with the situation, but there was also a part of you that knew very well you still had feelings for Namjoon. Your relationship had ended mainly because of your complicated schedules, you were working hard to be able to have a good performance as one of youngest writers for the magazine, and he was incredibly busy because of his job as an idol. It was complicated and after a terrible fight you had decided to part ways.
You knew the rupture had been because of both of you, but you resented him nonetheless, wishing that he’d have fought for you at the end, but he didn’t.

With those thoughts in mind you were now in the midst of coming up with the questions for the interview, in was the night of the 13th, so you had to come up with them since the interview was the next day in the afternoon.

In your mind you had the typical, “do you have a Valentine this year?” “What would be your ideal Valentine’s Day date?” “What would you like to receive?” Those were typical and expected questions for you to make, but you also couldn’t help to think of others. “Would any of you choose to have a date with an ex in Valentine’s Day?” “Why would you choose to not fight for love?” “Why you Kim Namjoon have not called your ex girlfriend and the girl you supposedly loved for these past seven months?”

You died to know the answers to those questions, but of course you couldn’t just ask.

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Just now in the subway I saw an older man (maybe late 60s? early 70s?) wearing a very feminine black fitted floral-lace women’s pleated blouse.

Not hating on his game, per se, but I do wonder if he realizes it’s not just a cool summer button-up shirt?

I mean, I’m the one over here sweating so, he’s obviously on to something…

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Tsunami, azure, aquamarine?

tsunami: describe a dream outfit of yours

i love clothes far too much and anyway i’d love some cool jeans that are black on one side and light pastel pink on the other, and like a cool button up shirt where ive rolled the sleeves up to my elbows that’s a light blue with black flowers all over. i have pretty black flats that show a hint of lacy white socks and anyway ignore me

azure: what is something that you do that makes you happy?

i really love seeing my plants grow!!! they’re perfect tiny green ones who grow pretty leaves and sometimes flowers and I have a lot of tiny babes and a huge one that’s probably taller than almost anyone now and they’re my favorite disasters i love them

aquamarine: describe your dream date

fun fact ive never actually been on a date or involved with someone non-platonically so i have no idea what i like but i think going somewhere with lizards would be cool i have no idea sorry ?? all i know is id probably be dying the whole time but in a good way

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