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so I was at uni on the way to the bathrooms and I was speedwalking down the stairs because I was running late and I passed literally through the middle of a group of like four to five students and I heard one of them saying “oh my god, hi!!” but I continued walking because I had an agenda, but a few seconds later his voice registered and I was like shit I think I know this guy he probably meant me and I heard his friends laughing and being like “who was she are you sure you even know her lmao” and he was like “yes we did like three projects together??” and by this point I was sure he meant me but it’s too late and awkward to walk back and set things right so if you were wondering how not to make friends in uni this is the answer


NCT asking you out for Valentines♥ : have a drink, a sweet romantic date or a cute date at the amusement park?

TMNT Boyfriends: Confessions/Jealousy.

Raph was absolutely furious.
It wasn’t like his brothers didn’t know about his feelings for Y/N. He had confessed them to Splinter weeks ago, only to later learn that his brothers had “accidentally” overheard.
Mikey had spent the entire time teasing him, making little comments here and there and faces behind Y/N’s back.
He had thought that it couldn’t get any worse then that. But Mikey loves a challenge and had been able to surpasse all annoying limitations.
“Come on, man!”
“I win! Ha, ha!!”
Y/N pumped her fists in the air, smiling gleefully.
“Girly, how are you so good at this?” Mikey asked.
“I dunno. Another round?”
At that moment, Mikey gave his brother the most smug look in history. He knew that this was making Raph’s blood boil (and that he was going to pay for it during training) but he could care less. It was entertaining, watching his jaw clench and fire dance in his eyes.
“Hold onto that round, Y/N. Imma go get some snacks. Want anything, Raph?”
“You sure?”
Mikey gave a quick nod towards you, as though to say
“Would you like some of her?” and smiled. And Raph hated him even more.
“I’m good, Mikey.”
And I’m also going to murder you, is what he wanted to add.
Mikey sauntered out of the room, leaving you alone with Raph.
“You okay there, Big Red? You look a little tense.”
Raph softened, just a bit, and said
“Just tired or somethin’.”
You slid over to his side of the couch, giving him some of your blanket.
He smiled, draping the green material over his legs. He suddenly realized how close you were and fought the urge to wrap his arm around you and pull you closer.
“I get the feeling that Mikey is pushing your buttons.”
“Ain’t he always doin’ that?”
You laughed and said
“True. Is it anything in particular?”
It was the perfect moment. Mikey was gone, you were close, and he had the guts (hopefully) to tell you how he felt.
“Um…yeah. It’s personal though.”
“I can keep a secret.” you replied.
“…I like ya. And he knows, everyone knows. Sorry if it’s weird or somethin’.” he said quickly.
His heart was going wild and his face felt redder then his mask. But when you smiled and took his hand in yours, it became a he’ll of a lot redder.
“I was hoping it was something like that. I like you too.”
“Hell yeah.”
Raph put his arm around you and, when Mikey finally came back, he smirked at his younger brother.
“Well, well! Isn’t this a Kodak moment?” Mikey quipped.
“You have five seconds, space case.” Raph said.
Mikey dropped the bag of chips on the couch and took off, leaving the two of you behind. You heard him leave the lair and said
“Are you gonna…?”
“Nah, it’ll keep him out of my hair for a couple of hours. I think Godzilla is on anyway.”
You laughed and leaned against his chest, wondering when Mikey would finally realize the truth.
(It was two hours and sixteen minutes later when Michealangelo realized that Raph was not, in fact, chasing him. He didn’t find it funny.)

reblog and put in the tags what hallucinations you experiance

im curious, and sometimes hearing them can be pretty interesting. heres for me

i mostly experience auditory hallucinations, being i hear whispers and people talking when its very quiet, sometimes i hear things in my ear, or weird sounds that sound very distant

in the dark i see things moving on the walls, and i feel bugs crawl on my back when my phobia of moths triggers

not all of my hallucinations are bad though. i sometimes hear kittens purr!

-mod abandon


- What kind of person was I?
- You’re a jerk who thinks you’re better than everyone. You say hurtful things and you hurt people. You think you’re always right and always want to look cool. You’re rude and say horrible things but you’re actually always right. You don’t have to but you do crazy things and make cowards like me feel ashamed. You crush us.
- Is that a compliment?
- It is.  

anonymous asked:

"Older woman" he's only four years older? And if that were the case, why was she babysitting someone her own age?

Why hello there Rude Anon!!! *waves* How are you? Bitchy and Bitter? Can I get you a midol? 

Just an FYI, I got into the beer that’s left over from my birthday weeknd, so I’m not exactly in the mood to be super nice. I’m supposed to be making my kids school lunch right now, but instead I’m taking the time to talk to you!! Lucky you!!

Now there are MANY different ways to approach me on this, but I am going to assume that you are a child and don’t know much better. Or if you are my age (34) then you should know better and just have no manners. Below is my post, copied and pasted. As well as a link to the original post:

Ok so I just had a Sam one-shot idea…

Sam and am older woman, who is Dean’s age? And her parents used to babysit Sam when Dean went off on hunts with John…. and years later she runs into Dean and “Little Sammy Winchester” and Dean’s hitting on her but well Sam manages to get her attention???

I dunno, would anyone read that? 

You can find the original post here.

As you can see, I highlighted the important parts. Like “who is Dean’s age?” (note the question mark anon! It was asked as a question). Now me being the lovely Mature Spring Chicken that I am, I find that a lot of Supernatural fics, the reader insert ones, seem to have the “Readers” aka girls around a certain age, early to mid twenties… am I the only one who sees that? I always try to write my reader inserts as older, but that is because I am older… I’m 34… and I don’t like reading myself as a 20 year old… but that’s just me because well I’m not in my twenties anymore. And… (now this is important)… I am sure that some of my friends and followers who are my age or older will agree with this…. I have not seen a fic where Sam is with someone older than him. The closest I have ever seen is S3 Ep6 when he’s Gert’s “date”  and then again in S11 ep11, when Mildred flirts with both the boys and Sam mentions having a thing for one of the Golden Girls. Other than that, all of Sams girls have been young and hot. And since Sam is only 33 right now (his birthday is May 2, 1983) and Dean is 38…. meaning that the Reader would be 38… and while I am not 38 right now, if I was, I would be very flattered if a younger, hot guy like Sam Winchester would be interested in me. So ya, she is older than Sam because she would be 38… not 33 which means that she is older than him. Got that anon? She is older than him. And all the other girls he’s been with. And am I going to write him being with a 60 some year old woman? No. Because just… no. But can I write a 38 year old divorcee whose husband left her for a 22 year old? And how she feels like her clock is ticking? And that no one would look twice at her? I can write it that way because I fucking lived it. And I am still living it. I know what it’s like to be tossed aside for a younger woman and I know how it would make me feel if a guy who was younger than me who looked and acted like Sam Winchester flirted with me and wanted to be with me. I would feel like a fucking GODDESS. I would feel like the most lucky girl in the world, and you know that Sam would treat her right. As would Dean, but this fic is about Sam. 

Now for the second part of your “question”… And if that were the case, why was she babysitting someone her own age? Once again, below is what I said in the original post:

And her parents used to babysit Sam when Dean went off on hunts with John. Ok anon, you obviously did not read the post very well, so lets’ break it down, shall we?  And her parents used to babysit Sam when Dean went off on hunts with John… her PARENTS. Got that anon? Her Pah-ar-ents. Do we understand now? She wasn’t the babysitter! Her parents were!! Still need me to explain? OK!!!….. Say Sam was between 8-10 and Reader was 12-14… at that age, she (now this is from experience of being a 12-14 year old girl once) she could either be super nice to Sam in order to get close to his older brother, or she would too busy with her friends and school to worry about the young boy her parents sometimes babysat… and once again anon: Her fucking parents!!!! Not once in that whole post did I say that SHE was the babysitter. Have we got that cleared up yet? She wasn’t the babysitter… her parents were!!!!! Got it?? I never said that Reader was the babysitter at all.  Have I made that clear yet? 

So to summarize: If I was a 38 yr old divorcee, who felt like she was past her prime and undesirable to men, thanks to her ex leaving her for a perky 22 year old cocktail waitress… and I ran into the kid my parents used to babysit, and he was all grown up and looking good… and he recognized me, flirted with me.. wanted to be with me… I’d say “life is short” and go for it. And this fic is more directed for the people who are like me (well over 30). And to those who can relate to being cast aside for a younger version. And this is going out to every woman, so she can feel like the goddess that she is. 

What I will not do is write a 38 year old Reader and 21 year old Sam, because I have a kid who is almost 21 (well he’s in his late teens) and for me, I could never be with a guy that close to my sons age. So that is why I will not write it that way. 

And even better? Now this is the most important part anon….. It’s my fucking blog. My fucking idea and I am the one who will be writing it. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to read it!!! It’s as easy as that!!! I am not forcing you to read my fic or even be on my blog. You made the choice to send me hate mail, judging the idea that I had… when all you had to say was “Huh… not for me” and moved along your merry way. Instead you came in all rude and poked the bear. So guess what? Ya gotta deal with the consequences!!!! Did you learn your lesson? And learn how to read? I can only hope that you did. If not, then make the right choice and unfollow me, because I will not put up with this crap from anyone. 

And one last lesson for you? 

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So piss off if that’s how you decide to talk to someone without actually reading what they wrote. *waves* bye now!! 

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