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page 113 - Do you see this island? Look at how all the fields and enclosures work together, like a giant jigsaw. You can’t pre-plan this layout, it’s organic as shit. And do you know what happens if one of those little walls falls down? Not much. Resilience.And the island looks like a cool brain or the endless bifurcation of bronchial tubes.


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*sobs* thanks to that anon that say such nice things ilu too.


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Edd- Dang it Tom… You messed up my hair…


Tom- AH! Er;;

Tom- I-I’m going to the bathroom..!

Edd- Fine, whatever, I’ll be here,

Edd- I don’t care if it was rude. I was a bit flustered after he assaulted me, okay?

Edd- I’m glad someone gets it. I’m not going to be kiss Tom after he’s already dating someone. I’m not getting involved with that, as I’ve said before.

Tord- Hello?

Tord- Edd?

Tord- I’m back!

Edd- Welcome home Tord! It’s good to see you!