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Fair warning - this is kinda long? At least for me? ^^
If you’d like some background music - I’ve been listening to this while writing this… thing ^^

The Great Lake is calm today. There’s only a gentle breeze. It caresses Draco’s face softly as he watches the clouds on the horizon. They’re dipped in pink and gold from the evening sun, which has already vanished behind the mountains. Draco can already feel the melancholy rise from the pit of his stomach. He clutches his knees tighter to his chest as his eyes search the sky. When he finds what he’s looking for, he just stares.

The evening star.

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what if they met in highschool

tord being that unaccepted exchange student who nobody spoke to

and edd being the freak who was always quiet, drawing, but was actually pretty sassy and cool

what if tord used to sit next to him just to watch him draw in lunch because his doodles were pretty cool